Friday, March 30, 2012

Don't Give Up on Me!!

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends, :O)
I am so sorry I have been away so very long... I have been having some problems with my past auto accident since Christmas. I have not been posting a whole lot during that time. 
I went yesterday and received the first of three injections in my cervical. The doctors are hoping this will take the swelling down in my neck and stop the shooting pains that are running down my arms and out my fingers. It feels sort of like lightning strikes to me... Can't hold on to stuff and for sure can't use a pair of scissors. 
Although I have pushed myself to get some of my started items done and also complete my Spring Mug Rug swap. I hope after the second injection that I am able to sew comfortably again... I sure miss my sewing machine. I love to create :O) Until then ladies know that I am here and I miss all of you and your wonderful notes and comments.. 

Until I see you again here is a very fun Tutorial for a Zakka Lunch Bag from EverKelly.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Great tip via E-mail

Hi Quilty Ladies,

  I have to share this info with everyone who made a jelly roll quilt or anyone thinking about it. We discovered at Spring Retreat that the jelly rolls with pinked edges make a mess - lots of little threads on clothes and floor  and dust in sewing machines.  Had this light bulb moment...  Before I unrolled  my jelly roll I vacuumed  the pinked sides.  I used the small  furniture attachment to the vacuum and lowered the suction. I held the jelly roll in my hand and vacuumed lightly over the sides. What a difference when I unrolled the jelly roll..  I don't know if this will help anyone else but it is the first time I didn't mind using my vacuum.  Is there a special vacumm just for quilters??? Lol


Friday, March 9, 2012

Early Sign Ups

Holiday Block swap rules

The rules will be the same for both Halloween and Christmas. 

Now that I am getting some interest in this block swap here are the rules...
A. UNFINISHED 12 ½ inch blocks using 100 % quality Cotton.
B. Halloween colors up to you and each block can use different fabrics (same theme though).
C. You will need to pick a theme. Only one theme for the group. If I have too many of the same theme I will request you to choose another one ;) Or I will suggest one to you :) Please look to see what has already been spoken for in group and choose another fun theme.
D. I have chosen " Unk I will have to think on this one ;) ”
E. Exp: I will make 12 UNK finished blocks (same theme)... size 12 ½ inches using any Halloween fabrics I wish.
F. You  may use any technique you want, some ideas; pieced, paper piece, applique, embroidery, fusing, whatever makes you comfortable. You can also send embellishments for the finished block. Do not add these, you have to quilt your quilt.. so please put the embellishments in a zip lock baggie.
G. Some ideas; Ghosts, Witch Hats, Black Cats, Frankies, Spooky Houses, Witch shoes, monsters..... The list could go on and on.
H. SIGN your THEMED blocks on the FRONT any way you would like, I will have to write because I do not have a machine that can embroider.
Oz, Kansas
That’s, all you need to do any more is fine and up to you.

3. I am trying to stay away from traditional blocks, I want this to be an “out of your box” swap.
4. Blocks are DUE not mailed... by  
DUE Date: it's Undecided at this time,
 you only have about three months to work on your blocks. That way you will have time to put you quilt together prior to Halloween!
5. US residents can send their blocks to me any way they want but they MUST go back to you in your self address stamped Flat Rate Priority Envelope, it is 4.95. ( I think this has went up recently) Your postal inspector will know what a Flat Rate Priority Envelope is, so no worries. No Bar Code for shipping.. this is not accepted at my post office .. it MUST be a stamp!
International participants, we can talk about shipping later. Most of my International participants pay via Pay Pal after I get the total due for return postage :)
In order to join YOU MUST E-mail me @
Please email to the above email account.

Please email the following:
Your full name
Blog link
Phone Number
And your Halloween theme (MUST be included) This is a first come first serve basis on the theme, so do not wait to long!!
I know this is a lot of information; I am always here to answer any questions.
I look forward to another wonderful fun Halloween Block swap!