Saturday, November 24, 2012

2012 Stocking Partners have been assigned

Hello Sweet Swapping Friends...
Are you on the Christmas Stocking list on the side bar??? If you are not and...If you didn't receive and email... send me a post.. I will get you a partner.. 
~ ~ Friendly Reminder..... due date for the Christmas Blocks is quickly approaching! Please finish them up and get them mailed out on time ;O)  I have finally finished up my 2012 Christmas Blocks yesterday... they turned out pretty cute considering my current handicap .. THE DREADED NECK BRACE.... Yeah speaking of that.. I only have to wear it about 6 hours a day now ;O) For the next two weeks.. then its off for good. I have tons and tons of PT in the up coming weeks..... I am sure it will be painful ;O( The few time that I have been taking the brace off... the neck hurts pretty good by the end of the day.) Can you say thank you pain pills ;O) THANK YOU!!
LOL ok back to my post ;O)
**Thank you everyone for your kind words regarding my Grandmother Peachy's Passing... I miss her bunches already!!! It was hard hearing the family not going to have lunch with Granny. They have already said it was really hard not being there with her. I think the first year of Holidays will be tough for all of us. Granny will be missed by 5 generations of family. Christmas will be hard for us all.. that was Granny's  favorite Holiday.**
I hope all of you had a great and enjoyable Thanksgiving Day.. I ate so much I thought I was going to pop.. count them "YES" count them I went to three different places and ate. I also brought home yummy yummy food. Awe the life of being a single gal :O) 
The Pitty, Annie and I delivered Turkeys to families in need again this year ;O) Here are a couple of photos of us doing our thing :O)
 Annie setting on boxes of Turkeys :O)
 Pitty and Annie waiting on me to get in the truck so we can go bye bye. LOL yes Pitty has her own buster seat so she can see out the windows! I also always carry around an old blankie just in case we get stuck out somewhere in a snow bank. ** PS don't mind the dirty truck**
 Pitty giving me that look... I'm bored already lets get this show on the road!

I haven't done any of that Black Friday shopping.. but I did look over my JoAnn's sale announcement.. and am kicking myself in the pants.. they had 8 yards of fusible webbing on sale for 2.99 a bolt on Friday only... darn it I missed out on that. Everyone knows how much I love to raw edge applique...
I am going to start on my Christmas Stocking today... I hope to have it completed on Sunday... LOL I know I will spend most of the day looking at ideas.... then of course I will ended up with my first thoughts on the matter.. Do you do that??

ON a final note:
I am wanting to hold different swaps this year.. if you have any ideas.. throw them my way PLEASE :O)
Nadine and I talked about having more Block swaps but with different themes...
Alien Blocks
Zombie Blocks
Cars/ Truck Blocks
Paper Doll Blocks
Pin Keep Swap
Seasonal Blocks
Seasonal Totes

Suggestions are always welcome ;O)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Swap Partners... Stockings

Hello sweet friends.. please be patient with me.. I will not be able to assign partners until the week of Nov 20th . There will still be plenty of time to make your stockings.. so please start them now!!  I have had a death in the family and am trying to see if I can make arrangements to go.... it's my Grandmother Peachy's funeral..... Thank you for understanding.

Grandma Peachy in New York 1986

 My sister said this so eloquently about my grandmothers passing..

She went from button up shoes and bloomers to being a Rosie the Riveter. She singlehandedly raised four children before anyone thought of the phrase "Single Mom". She wasn't famous, but in her own small ways, she influenced 102 years of history and 5 generations of family. You've earned a rest Granny...and I will miss you.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thank you the swap has filled ;O)

The link for the pattern: Here :O)

Hello Ladies... I am looking for one person to fill a recent opening in our Christmas Block swap. If your interested please send and email to If you were on the fence about this swap and didn't get signed up in time before the listing closed.. here is your chance to join in on the fun.