Friday, January 13, 2012

I am still very behind.. sorry!

Hello everyone.. I am still running behind but I thought I would show you my Christmas Stocking that I made for my Annual Christmas Swap... I had a great time making this little guy. I used variegated, and silver threads on it. I have to admit.. I made a mistake on it.. I discovered the mistake when I edited the photos. I didn't even notice until it was already in the mail. Do you see the mistake??
OH well makes it all the more one of a kind :O) 
I hope my partner loved hers.. I was very excited when I received my exchange from her :O)
I will modify this post soon to show all of you her lovely stocking!

I also made a fun craft apron for my daughter out of used jeans.... The center pocket has a zinger to attach your scissors and the pocket is to keep them tucked out of the way when not in use ;O)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I am so behind already this year...

Wow the title says it all....
I promised a Valentines day swap.. 
I have racked my brain trying to think of something new. 
I know a lot of ladies suggested siggy quilt blocks with sayings.. 
I have to be honest.. 
It was a great idea.. but I wasn't feeling that sorry!!!
I have decided its going to be something we have already done but with a twist....
You say to yourself what are we going to be making... 
We all know that I love .. 
LOVE to make mug rugs.. 
Yes you guessed it ...
we are making a modified version of a Mug Rug.
We are going to make........

Valentines Day Fabric Post Cards .. 
but mug rug size ( 8" X 10"size)

 I don't want these to be your ordinary mug rugs... 
 Let's make them like mini art quilts... 
Lot's of lace and embellishments... 
fun fun fun stuff.... 
A Valentines day verse or saying... 
They should be sort of like trading a Valentines Day Card...
I hope everyone gets the idea... 
a post card only mug rug size (8" X 10")
Once you decide you want to play along please start your project..
before you are assigned your partner... 
to have enough time to complete on time.... 
Since this is such a short turn around on this swap.

The sign ups start today Jan 7th and end on Jan 14th.

What Aunt Pitty Pat needs from you:
Phone number
Ship International
Send your email to 

Please include with your swap a sweet treat for your partner....

You must have your items in the mail no later than Feb 8th.

Here is a nice link to show how to make a fabric post card.. Patchwork Posse
Since ours are going to be bigger you will have to mail yours in a mailer.

As always thank you for your interest and suggestions..
I hope you have a fun time making your swap! 
There has been so much going on since the first of the year in my life....
Sorry I am so late posting this swap!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hello Block Swappers thank you for making 2011's Christmas Block Swap another great success. LOL this year everyone was on time and... I'm sorry to take so long in returning them... didn't want to return them during the busy postal rush. WE had one set of blocks lost in the mail and I didn't really want to take the chance to lose another set in the shuffle... I want to thank all of you for waiting until the Holiday rush was over. I am happy to say.... your blocks are on their merry little way to your homes now. I will send you an email if you owe postage in the next couple of days... As always you can pay me through my donate button :O)
Keep an eye out..... they should be at your homes soon :O)

I hope to announce our next swap next weekend ;O) It will be a Valentine's Day swap of some sort ;O)

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's over.....

I can not stay awake.. Mommie had me up to early!!!

The Holidays are now over and time to get back to the grind of the working class. I don't know about you but my Holiday was very busy... yet lots of fun. I spent a lot of time with family and friends.. I even put about 500 miles on the little truck visiting family this Holiday Season. There was tons and tons of smiles and laughter. 
The sad thing was... I fell asleep 20 mins to midnite on New Years Eve.. I could not stay up one more min....  I can see why.. I was up at 3:30 am because of a chronic illness. When I did get up I drove to see my Grans about 185 miles away, then back home the same day... after arriving home I went to spend the evening at a friends for dinner and enjoyable conversation....
 My wish for the New Year will be lots of fun swaps and meeting more of my internet friends in person. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's new ideas and fun projects... 
So you see my friends... life was busy but fun!! I hope all of you had a fun and wonderful Holiday :O)
M and The Pitty

Christmas Block Swappers.. If my plans work out..
I will be sorting blocks tonight and mailing them out tomorrow after work :O)