Saturday, April 5, 2014

Good Morning sweet friends. Life is getting fantastic for me now that I have retired. I feel so much better and the step is lighter :O) First of all I would like to show you a photo of me and The Pitty yesterday when she was upset with my DD. DD had moved her blankies and this really upset the Pitty. The Pitty Stares at me when she is upset and wants something........

If I choose to not pay attention to her.  Then The Pitty climbs up on me to look straight into my face to say... HEY I am trying to get your attention!!!! Silly Puppie ;O) I have to say...... LOL look at that neck roll on APP.... I look like a huge turkey... OK OK.. yes I have been called one before!!! No Really its because the skin doesn't work properly after having the neck surgery.. .and yes old age too :O) 
Dang I think to myself how good should I look at the age of 60.

I would like to share today with you some fun project ideas for Easter that I have found on the world wide web... Please if you are a designer. Please send a note or put in comments you would like it taken down or just mention your name in the feed. People pass along things all the time without knowing the author. So Please Please let me know. I will take the item down or name the person... thank you in advance for understanding.

Aren't these Bunny and Chicks adorable... they would look so cute in a Bunny Basket ;O) Any child would love them :O)

Friday, April 4, 2014

My Return to blog land

Hello to all of My Followers here on Blog Land... I have recently retired and Hopefully I can get My little blogs back into action! I have missed my friends here on Blogger. I am so sorry I have been away so very long. It was due to health issues. Since I have retired I am feeling much better and hopefully feel like blogging a bit more. As always.... If you want to connect with me..... I am at AuntPittyPat on Face Book. Come on over and request a friend request. I also have AuntPittyPats Show and Tell and AuntPittyPats Sewing and Crafting Sales.. so come on over there and join in on the fun. 

*****PS new Lap Top helps a bunch. I was trying to make blog posts from my Ipad.. Not easy for an old gal like me to post from there....  So hopefully the task will be easier now that I have a regular computer to work with :O)

It's beginning to be spring and life looks so much more fun in the spring!
Here is a copy of a vintage pattern that I found while surfing on line ;O)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Annual Halloween Block Swap 2013

Hello ladies I know I have been very quiet on the little ole Blog. My IPad is the only electronic working right now. I am hoping I can purchase a new computer soon! I also miss my little blog. You can find me on Face Book.... Just click the link on my side bar :0) Now that that little bit is over :0)

I posted the Annual Halloween Block Swap up on Face Book .... I haven't received much of a response from my regulars that join in on the Holiday Block swaps.
The sign ups end today on Face Book ...But I will extend the sign ups one more week for my regulars on my blog...
Blocks will be as follows (12) 12 1/2" X 12 1/2". Any Halloween theme using 100% cotton and any embellishments that you want to tuck in Example.. Buttons, lace, charms
Blocks are due at AuntPittyPats house no later than the 2nd Sat in October for resort and return mailing.
Please send a self addressed and stamped envelope along with your blocks to APP's house. NO BAR CODEs. You will have to pay postage again if you send bar code stamp for postage...

**** Please send Email to my and let me know you want to join...
I have 5 slots filled from my Face Book APP show and tell page. First come first join :0)
If you are an out of USA and want to join.. You can pay your return postage via my Donate button on the side bar.

Please help spread the word.. Invite your friends:0)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Trouble with Blogger

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I am so sorry I have been away so long... I was having trouble getting into my account since they changed the layout on Blogger.. I hope I have that fixed now and can start posting again.. I have missed my little blog.
Hopefully something fun to post soon.
I did volunteer my time last weekend for Final Call Quilts... I just love the idea and the people that started this awesome non-profit group. I will be going back and helping with my sewing skills!!
If you would like to donate or know more about Final Call Quilts.
 The invisible link is not working.. so here it is :O)
Wishing all of my readers a..

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tote Handles

Carol asked how I make my Easy Peasy tote handles....
It's hard to explain without a photo.... I hope my Photo example helps.
First I decide what color I want my Main fabric. I cut this strip to 2 1/2" wide and desired length. (I cut these strips from centerfold to selvage on the material. I use my ruler and rotary cutter). Fold this strip in half and press wrong sides together with edges even to one side, and the ironed crease on the other side. Open the Main strip and fold and press the raw edges to the center as indicated in the photo.
This is the same way you would make a bias strip.
Cut a piece of batting 1" in width and the desired length. This batting strip is placed inside and down the center of the main fabric fold. Press all of this flat. Cut a 1 1/2" wide accent strip with desired length.
This accent strip is also made like a bias strip.

To construct.. Place the main fabric and batting with raw edges up. Next Pin the raw edges of the small bias to the cover the raw edges of the main fabric opening. As shown in the photo. Stitch down either side of the small bias to secure it and cover any openings.

I have found I love adding the accent trim to the handle.. but you can make them the old fashion way.
4 inch strips.. fold in half then fold in half and stitch down either side of strip to secure. If I do a handle this way I also add a bit of iron on interfacing to make them a bit stronger and not so wimpy.

I hope your not to confused with my instructions. Once you make one.. you will understand my concept.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Up-Cycle time again

Hello my sweet readers.. I want to first thank everyone for all their kind words and notes letting me know that I have been kidnapped and held in Scotland... I hope the problem is corrected now, and you won't receive any more emails... I am so sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced from that email....

As most of my readers know that Winter is not my friend.. nor is it a good time of the year for me..what with the usual aches and pains.. I still have pain from the surgery. The pain from the surgery is getting better... slowly but surely :O) The little ole nerves are just slow to wake up!

I have been trying for the life of me to get my MoJo back on... but so far this is it....

I did have a few days where I felt up to sewing so I decided to take a Hospital Scrub that I had and made myself a new tote bag. I am always taking things to Big Daddy O's and Momma Bears. I thought it was about time I had a new Book bag for it.

The tote is fully lined with tons of pockets on the inside.. the band across the bottom is separated by three pockets. I even used the original pocket on the back of the tote. I wanted accent colors bright to match the whimsical cute little Children on the fabric. The tote handles are made with my famous easy peasy construction.... Ms Nadine loves how I make my handles ;O) She has used this method several times on her own recent projects.... I hope you enjoy this fun Up-cycled project :O)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Am I in the TOILET?

What the heck is wrong????
 I have had two weekends where I could be sewing. I am just setting and watching TV.
I wonder what is wrong with me....
First maybe..... I am at a cross road... I don't know what I want to sew first. There are so many fun and interesting projects out there to sew.
What to do first....Is it to finish all the UFO's setting around? Or do I just wanna start a new project.
Second do I want to try and design something new?
Third am I just tired of sewing and need a break from it for a while? 
My Mo Jo left me about six months ago and I don't think it has returned yet!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A little Shout Out

My daughter is a stay at home mother of 4. She has recently opened a little Etsy shop. Please run by and take a look see at the wonderful products she has to offer.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Taking a Break

Hello my sweet blogging friends.... It's already the New Year and it seems like life still hasn't slowed down one little bit for me. I need to catch up on some honey do projects now that I am feeling better. I just fixed my sink that was broken since Ms Nadine C was here in Aug. I have several more house hold projects that need to get done. Can't be doing those if I am on the silly computer or sewing all the time.
I have given this a great deal of thought.. BUT........
I am sorry to inform all my sweet blogging and swapping friends......
I have decided to take a break for a while from Hosting swaps. The last few swaps I have posted, there hasn't been much interest. Don't get me wrong..I love swaps.. but it seems like swaps are becoming a thing of the past over this last year. Several swap mommies have stopped hosting swaps, due to lack of participation.
I will see what the year ahead brings.. I have not ruled out swaps entirely.
Having said that thank you everyone that has joined in on my swaps in the past. I have really enjoyed meeting you and seeing all of your wonderful projects!!
I am still always up to one on one swaps.. send me a post and give me a suggestion.
Happy Stitchin and No Rippin :O)

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve :O)

**** UP DATE****
The Christmas blocks are now in the mail. If you owe postage more than a $1.00.. please pay via Angel Fund Donation button here on the BLOG. It is located on the left side bar... Thank you :O)
Hello Sweet friends :O) I hope your Christmas Holiday was filled full of happiness and joy. I want to thank everyone for not getting to upset with me about not getting your swap blocks sent out last weekend. I now have them all sorted and packaged up to be sent out today. Thank you to everyone that sent along little gifties, cards, fabrics, patterns, sweets and special Pitty gifts as a thank you ....for hosting the swap. It's always nice to received the sweet gestures of appreciation.  
I am waiting a bit for the morning traffic to die down.. it has iced and snowed over nite. I want to be able to take my time going to the post office and back :O) 
This Holiday Season has been a busy one for me.. with losses of loved ones, illness, and helping others in need. I am hoping that the New Year brings bigger and better things for all of us. 
I forgot to mention that The Pitty and I delivered Christmas dinners on the Wed before Christmas. It seems like once the dinners are delivered.. it's only a day or two before the Holiday. That tells me that I am running short on time and better get it in gear ;O)
I have some pretties to show you for the time that my readers so graciously allowed me to have the weekend before Christmas..... I think the projects turned out amazingly fun and adorable. Look see what we did :O)
I might have this wrong in order.. but this is the Youngest Grand-Munchkins stocking.. it's for a little girl. She loves purple.

 This stocking is for the DH. Looks pretty manly don't you think?

 This stocking is for Grand-Munchkin number one girl.. she is a very girly girly :O)

 This stocking is for the Grand-Munchkin number two boy.. he loves playing the veggies and zombies game.. we thought the fabric was fun and interesting for him. He will laugh when he sees it :O)

 This stocking is for Grand-Munchkin boy number one. He is a rock n roll sort of guy. He loves skateboards and motocross bikes.. the fabrics sort of suit his personality... Sort of Hip-ster teen meets Santa :O)

 This stocking is for the Original Munchkin... she loves loves loves it.. I picked out the fabrics for her stocking... she will say no you didn't.. but I will say yes I did.. you wanted a fabric that looked like eyes ;O) LOL

 Each one of the stockings match the personality of each recipient.... My daughter did the hand-stitching and she and I put the blocks together. It was a hard charge to get them done in a couple of days. The nite before we went out to dinner and when we came home we started picking fabrics. The next morning we changed our minds and went on the hunt for more fabrics. Finally after two or three hours we decided on the fabrics shown. I was a slave driver. Each stocking had to be hand cut. We winged the whole project without much of a pattern. Each mofit was cut individually to fit into the stocking. 

I have to tell you the stupid thing I did.. while the DD was getting the heels and toes ready to iron on the stocking fronts I was cutting out the stocking fronts. When we had all the pieces together and ready to sew. The DD was cutting the liners. I was just whipping out the stockings nothing flat.. until I got ready to put the liners in and discovered .... Yes you guessed it!! I forgot to blanket stitch around the toes and heels... We had to do it by hand.. I was not going to take SIX stockings apart at this late stage of construction... They got stitch and the linings went in... AND I think they turned out AWESOME!!!

The stocking below is the one that I made for my partner in the 2012 Stocking swap. She loved it.. her return stocking to me is equally awesome... I still need to get a photo of it for you.... Hopefully later today :O)

Until next time...................
♥ [̲̅H̲̅][̲̅a̲̅][̲̅p̲̅][̲̅p̲̅][̲̅y̲̅][̲̅ ̲̅][̲̅N̲̅][̲̅e̲̅][̲̅w̲̅][̲̅ ̲̅][̲̅Y̲̅][̲̅e̲̅][̲̅a̲̅][̲̅r̲̅] ♥
✫˜¸¸.☆*´¸.☆ from M and The Pitty ☆.¸`*☆.¸¸✫˜”*°•.✫
. . . Wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy 2013!