Monday, June 1, 2015

A fun Weekend

Jacquie C. from Enid Ok came up to Ta Town for a weekend visit. Just to see me and The Pitty... wasn't that nice.... she wanted to come see little ole me???  It has been a while since I last saw Jacquie in person, that was when we went to Old Cow Town a few years back. LOL she said to me ... I wonder if The Pitty will remember me... She did remember Jacquie... Lots of tail wagging and lots of The Pittys whining going on in her chair!!  Yes Jacquie is another great on line person that I have met through my blog. Jacquie has participated in several of the swaps that I held in the past. There was talk about the olden days and the swaps and how much fun they were. 

We spent our weekend eating out, shopping for fabrics, and yes sewing. Jacquie sewed and I pressed. I felt bad because we didn't get as much sewing done as she wanted to do... we just did to much fabric shopping. So many fun fabrics and so little money!!!

We talked about Jacquie's past sewing classes and some of her awesome homemade items that she uses in her class... she has promised to make me one of her really cool travel cutting and pressing boards. It was a great idea and when I get mine I will have to share it with all my readers... If I get permission that is :)

We exchanged ideas for a new pattern design. But alas there is one already out there.. but mine is somewhat different... and more functional... so we will see if it ever comes to fruition. 

It was fun seeing Jacquie again and spending time doing something that I love .. 

Thanks for the nice weekend visit Jacquie...
 come visit the Oleo Ranch any time!!!