Saturday, April 5, 2014

Good Morning sweet friends. Life is getting fantastic for me now that I have retired. I feel so much better and the step is lighter :O) First of all I would like to show you a photo of me and The Pitty yesterday when she was upset with my DD. DD had moved her blankies and this really upset the Pitty. The Pitty Stares at me when she is upset and wants something........

If I choose to not pay attention to her.  Then The Pitty climbs up on me to look straight into my face to say... HEY I am trying to get your attention!!!! Silly Puppie ;O) I have to say...... LOL look at that neck roll on APP.... I look like a huge turkey... OK OK.. yes I have been called one before!!! No Really its because the skin doesn't work properly after having the neck surgery.. .and yes old age too :O) 
Dang I think to myself how good should I look at the age of 60.

I would like to share today with you some fun project ideas for Easter that I have found on the world wide web... Please if you are a designer. Please send a note or put in comments you would like it taken down or just mention your name in the feed. People pass along things all the time without knowing the author. So Please Please let me know. I will take the item down or name the person... thank you in advance for understanding.

Aren't these Bunny and Chicks adorable... they would look so cute in a Bunny Basket ;O) Any child would love them :O)

Friday, April 4, 2014

My Return to blog land

Hello to all of My Followers here on Blog Land... I have recently retired and Hopefully I can get My little blogs back into action! I have missed my friends here on Blogger. I am so sorry I have been away so very long. It was due to health issues. Since I have retired I am feeling much better and hopefully feel like blogging a bit more. As always.... If you want to connect with me..... I am at AuntPittyPat on Face Book. Come on over and request a friend request. I also have AuntPittyPats Show and Tell and AuntPittyPats Sewing and Crafting Sales.. so come on over there and join in on the fun. 

*****PS new Lap Top helps a bunch. I was trying to make blog posts from my Ipad.. Not easy for an old gal like me to post from there....  So hopefully the task will be easier now that I have a regular computer to work with :O)

It's beginning to be spring and life looks so much more fun in the spring!
Here is a copy of a vintage pattern that I found while surfing on line ;O)