Friday, April 4, 2014

My Return to blog land

Hello to all of My Followers here on Blog Land... I have recently retired and Hopefully I can get My little blogs back into action! I have missed my friends here on Blogger. I am so sorry I have been away so very long. It was due to health issues. Since I have retired I am feeling much better and hopefully feel like blogging a bit more. As always.... If you want to connect with me..... I am at AuntPittyPat on Face Book. Come on over and request a friend request. I also have AuntPittyPats Show and Tell and AuntPittyPats Sewing and Crafting Sales.. so come on over there and join in on the fun. 

*****PS new Lap Top helps a bunch. I was trying to make blog posts from my Ipad.. Not easy for an old gal like me to post from there....  So hopefully the task will be easier now that I have a regular computer to work with :O)

It's beginning to be spring and life looks so much more fun in the spring!
Here is a copy of a vintage pattern that I found while surfing on line ;O)


carla said...

Hi!!!! Welcome back!!!! Good to see you!!!! You have been gone for awhile!!!! You have been missed!!!! Spring is a good time to start or start over a lot of things!!!! I am glad you got a lap top!!!! They are wonderful things!!!! I don't tag mine along with me often but the option is nice!!!! Hope your health keeps improving!!!! hugs

Diane-crewe said...

good to see you back xx I was thinking of you last week as I ... at long last .. started to put my Halloween swap blocks to-gether x

Unknown said...

I am bad...I have to confess. I spend most of my computer time on Face Book. For Some reason it is easier to share and visit and chat with my friends. Please if you have and account there .. come on over and friend me. One of my dear and oldest followers did that just yesterday when she saw I was active on the computer.

Calicojoan said...

"Sew" glad to see you back online with us! :-)