Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Nite.. reflections of the week :(

Hello ladies its Sunday Nite and we are having a huge storm. The hail made it look like it snowed see the attached photos!

Now I am dodging Tornadoes... aggggggggg SPRING sort of weather here! Although it is cold 37 degrees!!!

What has everyone been up to? Me just trying to get back on line after a virus wiped out my computer and my modem... Yes ladies that was an expensive fix ...Now I can stay in touch with all my sweet friends that I have met through my blog and on FB.
But alas.. the computer man said the bad virus most likely came from FB.. so that means very limited FB for me. Sorry if you have gotten use to see me on there. I can hardly afford, every-time I turn around to repair the computer. I have had two viruses in less than a year... I've had my computer for over 5 years before I got my first bad virus, where it could not be clean by the virus protector. Then I just got this one this weekend.. and both of them ... I think came from FB... Anyway... ladies please watch out.. Beware of the things you look at on face-book.
If I have you on Skype please send me an email with your Skype address again please ;)

SEWING ... what's that???
I went three weekends in a row and have finally found my Easter Mug for the Easter Mug rug swap. I have to tell you finding that mug was a challenge in itself ;) I am very pleased with the mugs. They should work out lovely with me rugs.
I finished a tote.. but alas I can not show it yet its a Pay it Forward!
I have my applique pattern picked out for my Easter Mug Rug... yeah .. I guess I have been sewing a bit.. just not like I would like to :)
Maybe this coming weekend...
Hopefully no running to the computer shop three or four times over the weekend ;)
Have a Fabulous Day sweet friends!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

APP has a Birthday very soon!

Like most older ladies I was hoping this Birthday would come and go sort of un-noticed. I think once you go over the 55 year mark.. you just don't want to be reminded another year has passed. I suppose I should look at this in a positive manner... one year closer to retirement!!
I had to get a new drivers license this year and it really reminded me .... how truly old I am getting. I compared the photos from the last DL to this one and Oh my Goodness!!! There was only 6 years in between. I had a few grey hairs 6 years ago.. but in this years photo.. I almost look totally grey!!! Not to mention those dreaded words ... added on pounds!!! Yes I am like 35% of the ladies out there.. I lied about my weight on my DL. :) I know bad APP!!!
Having gotten over the shock and realization that I really am getting older.... I have sort of come to terms with being older. I look back and remember my young self saying I am never going to have wrinkles, grey hair, and extra pounds....
What I have to say about that now my sweet friends...
My wrinkles must be from too many smiles and lots of laughs with family and friends!
My grey hair ... Natures way of frosting my hair without having to pay for it in a salon!
My extra Pounds... Good meals with family and friends.. besides more of me to love!!!

Having said that .... what this post is really all about is the love... my friends have for me!!
My Dear Sweet Friend CJ... remembered my Birthday in the Biggest way!!! Here is what she handcrafted with love just for me!!

Annie's little face is so sweet!!!

Love those stripped stockings!!!

My little girl has a very special tote~
You will see in photos below ;)

Not hard to see the love in this little girl :)

Here is that special little tote bag... look its me and the Pitty!!!

I don't know about you .. but this is one of the cutest little Annies I have ever seen and she made me tear up when I pulled her out of the gift box....
CJ you have made my heart sore with your love and friendship... Thank you so much for making this year's Birthday so special!! I love my pretty pink Annie~~~~

Friday, February 18, 2011

Something fun to share ;)

I found these adorable pincushions at Stamping with Blue moon Creations. Anne has provide a wonderful informative tutorial on how to make these fun sewing accessories ;)
Anne also offers scrap booking inspiration.

Can you help this reader out??

Hello: can any one help me locate a pattern for a baby quilt called a "day / night quilt" on one side is a mouse in a field. there is a sun in the sky and the back ground is hills. most of the fabric was calico, on the reverse side was the mouse and the same field and hills at night. instead of the sun there is a moon. The green hills are now navy calico's and the night sky is now dwwp indigo with stars..
I had this quilt in the 80's for my kids. now I would like to make or purchase it for my grandchildren.
any help would be appreciated.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fabric dying question.

My sweet friend Debi Birkin from England closed her blog, but has since opened up a little web store for all her amazing patterns. If you love to knit run by check out her shop. On her old blog there were easy to follow instructions on how to hand dye fabrics using color markers. Does anyone know how to do the whole fabric piece.. not tye dying!... The instructions were easy and fun... now they are gone into the great nothingness. I am so disappointed that I did not write them down.
I have sent Debi an email.. I don't know if she will get it or even respond.. she lives on a long boat in the water canals there in Europe. There are weeks that go by after emailing her before I get a return post... I am always happy to hear from her.. even if it has been several months.

These boats are like the type that Debi and her husband purchased to live on. She talked about this for almost a year to me about one day she would be living on one.. and sort of being like a gypsy girl.... Wouldn't this be an exciting fun way to live??? She says they just pull up to dock ... get supplies and off they go again. This is a station for them to charge their batteries. Debi doesn't have internet out on the boat so she has to stop at a pub or a coffee house to be able to get on the inter-net. She says at least once a week because she does have her and her husbands little businesses .... Their little businesses is what keeps their little long boat a float ;)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tables are turning :)

My sweet friend Nadine is always tell me .. I have bad luck..... but I keep saying if I didn't have bad luck .. I wouldn't have any luck at all....
I think I posted recently about my well pipes freezing up and being without water for four days. I was unable to repair them any sooner because my helper had to work. My helper was my sweet sweet brother Bubba. I tell you he must really really love me. He showed up at the house at noon and worked on the plumbing until 10 o' clock pm. Bubba says to me.. "you can not go another day without water. I am not going home until this is fixed" Now that is true love if you ask me to be out in the cold and snow getting wet and dirty .. just to help little ole me!
The plumbing project was going along just perfect!!! NOT!!! Every pipe and every item that we worked on was broken. In fact the pressure tank that makes the water come in to the house even broke. Agggggg
The only thing to do was go to town and look for a new pressure tank. We stopped at three stores the biggest tank we found was 56 gallons not big enough for my two story house. I have to tell you I about fainted when I saw the price on the 56 gallon one it was 400 dollars. I hated to see what the 85 gallon was after seeing the price on the 56 gallon. I was saying to Bubba when we got to Lowes.. it was getting late and he had already been with me for 3 hours and I said lets just get the 56 gallon one... Bubba said lets think about this for a bit and just get the other piping and joints that we need. While we were getting the items that were needed a friend of Bubba's happened by. Bubba chatted with them a while and we finished up and checked out. On our way out the door there was this big fancy Hummer parked along the sidewalk. Bubba says people just think they own the world. Then Bubba says the man we saw in Lowes owns one of those fancy Hummers. Bubba wondered if it was his friend's.. so he called him to play a joke on him. The guy answered and Bubba says there was this big huge fancy Hummer parked along the sidewalk.. just to show those jerks for parking there I put a huge scratch on the hood of their car!!..... Oh my goodness.. Bubba could not keep it together .. he spoiled his own surprise.... Of course he told his friend he was only kidding after he found out it was for sure his car. The friend asked why we were there and Bubba explained about the well. Then I heard Bubba say great ask how much he wants and give me a call back. About 5 mins later the phone rang... Bubba said great.. how much does he want?? Then I heard an Ok. Then Bubba hung up. Bubba looked at me and said we found you a pressure tank. I asked how much.. That is when Bubba said.. its yours free.. all I have to do is loan him my tractor tiller this spring.
Now ladies and gentleman... I have to tell you this man is my angel... I don't know how much that pressure tank would have cost me.. An expense that I really could not afford right now. Afford I had to.. I needed water!! All I know for sure... is the tank would have cost a pretty penny after seeing the price of the 56 gallon tank. When we went to pick up the 85 gallon tank it looked brand new... I asked Bubba why they were getting rid of it... he said because they just got city water at their house and no longer needed the tank.
This is just an example of paying it forward in my book.. and I truly believe that the good Lord looks out for us when we need it most..... Blessings to that family, and Praise to our wise and loving Lord!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

APP coming to terms with the snow.

I thought by the end of this weekend ... I started a new profession... A plumber with butt crack included. The temps have been subzero with the snow here in Ta Town. I have lived in my house for over 18 years and this has never happened. As it was so smartly pointed out to me.. the temps are breaking new records here.
My Bubba and I spent all day yesterday putting my water well back together after it froze up and the pipes broke. I have to say that is not a job that I can do or would like... It's cold and its a dirty back breaking job. Nope not for me!!! I have to say my Bubba was a trooper .... he worked on my plumbing for almost 10 hours to get water for me because the house has been without it for 4 days... the 4 legged hay burners needed a drink.. not to mention the rest of the out door creatures....
I was trying to melt snow in buckets in the house.. I did learn something from that experience...
#1 It still takes a long time to melt snow even if your using a blow dryer.
#2 A 13 gallon trash can of melted snow yields about 3/4 gallon of liquid.
#3 It takes all day to get enough containers of water to flush the toilet!

Other than that ladies my weekend was uneventful :)
Happy Stitching!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I just had to share this with you.

I was hungry for a pizza for supper last nite. I called in to my local Pizza Hut to order my pie. I got up and around... Went out in the cold and snow to go get the pie. Came home and started to eat the pie and here is what I found... Nothing ugly like a rat in the pie.. but a great disappointment. My mouth was all watering from the joy of eating something that you have loved from a child. The anticipation was so over whelming. I could not get a bite of the pie fast enough.. But alas....
You will see by the following statements as to what happened..... I sent in a survey to the company regarding my poor experience .....
Here is what I wrote to them....
First off I have to say the store was very clean and the employee's were awesome and friendly. Could not have asked for better service.
Now on to the pizza.... A grocery store Frozen Pizza would have tasted better than the one I received today.
Where was the sauce, cheese, and meat???
I understand cutting food costs.. but the cardboard box would have tasted better. I could not put enough hot sauce on it to give it flavor today. One slice and the rest went to the trash.
I remember when I use to eat your pizza...the sauce would ooze out and the cheese would string from your mouth to the pie. Today truly was like chomping in to the box. The pie was so dry it didn't even make a grease spot on the bottom of the box. Nothing.. now that's just wrong!!! I have to be honest no more Pizza's from you. Papa John's or Papa Murphy's is a better choice over yours. Sorry.. you have to do some real changing before I come back.. Thank you for your time for listening to me in this matter.. Good Luck!
If your like me I love Pizza Huts thin and crispy pizza's.. but until us ladies and gentlemen unite.. Pizza Hut will not change.... If you receive a bad pie from them please fill out a customer survey to get them to change.... The above photo is how our pizza's should be!
I have found over time the squeaky wheel gets the grease.. and grease is what we want with our pies :) thanks for listening to me today regarding the down fall of an icon in the pizza industry.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

We have the results...

Yeah.. it looks like it's almost a unanimous vote to have an Easter Mug Rug swap :) I'm all for that myself :) I really enjoyed the Christmas Mug Rug swap.. so ladies put your thinking caps on and lets start this swap.

The Rules of the swap ;)
One Easter themed Mug Rug (at least a 8X10 in size)
One Coffee Mug to match..
One Sweet treat for Easter... (Egg filled with jelly beans, Chocolate Bunny, Peeps etc)
One hot drink (Tea, Cocoa, Coffee)
**Optional** one cookie or quick bread recipe

International swappers welcome :)

Your swap needs to be sent to your partner no later than March 19th.

What APP needs from you:
Phone number
Ship International

Sign ups will begin today and end Feb 18th... Please send email to

You don't have to wait until you get your partner to start your project... So have fun and create. Also if you want more than one partner.. (Please a Limit of 3) let me know when you sign up.. I will assign you more than one.. if we have enough that sign up requesting more than one partner.
We had some new comers last swap that did not complete.. please send references of other swaps you have participated in .. if your new to my swaps.. thank you!!!

Link to tutorial for a Mug Rug at Pleasant Home.