Thursday, February 3, 2011

We have the results...

Yeah.. it looks like it's almost a unanimous vote to have an Easter Mug Rug swap :) I'm all for that myself :) I really enjoyed the Christmas Mug Rug swap.. so ladies put your thinking caps on and lets start this swap.

The Rules of the swap ;)
One Easter themed Mug Rug (at least a 8X10 in size)
One Coffee Mug to match..
One Sweet treat for Easter... (Egg filled with jelly beans, Chocolate Bunny, Peeps etc)
One hot drink (Tea, Cocoa, Coffee)
**Optional** one cookie or quick bread recipe

International swappers welcome :)

Your swap needs to be sent to your partner no later than March 19th.

What APP needs from you:
Phone number
Ship International

Sign ups will begin today and end Feb 18th... Please send email to

You don't have to wait until you get your partner to start your project... So have fun and create. Also if you want more than one partner.. (Please a Limit of 3) let me know when you sign up.. I will assign you more than one.. if we have enough that sign up requesting more than one partner.
We had some new comers last swap that did not complete.. please send references of other swaps you have participated in .. if your new to my swaps.. thank you!!!

Link to tutorial for a Mug Rug at Pleasant Home.


Val said...

Oh I would love to do this but I have never made one before so I will wait until the next time. So now I have to get busy and practice.

Cathy said...

oh goodie goodie I had already started looking for my mug Val, Christmas was my first swap and if I must say so myself I was quite prond of it, so come on and join!

Anonymous said...

prond ha ha I meant to say proud

Mary Grace McNamara said...

I just sent my email! This will be fun!


Laura VanVleet said...

Wow! This sounds like fun. But I've only been in one other swap. No reference. Darn.

BettyAnn Maki said...

Maria and I are waiting for the Easter Mugs to go on sale. Have to wait until Valentine Day is over.

linda mc said...

love your blog it's nice to have new friends...loved doing the easter mug rug such fun where do we post pictures??? my pal did a great job was such a good day when my package came...whats next??

Unknown said...

Linda you can post a photo here ;)