Saturday, February 19, 2011

APP has a Birthday very soon!

Like most older ladies I was hoping this Birthday would come and go sort of un-noticed. I think once you go over the 55 year mark.. you just don't want to be reminded another year has passed. I suppose I should look at this in a positive manner... one year closer to retirement!!
I had to get a new drivers license this year and it really reminded me .... how truly old I am getting. I compared the photos from the last DL to this one and Oh my Goodness!!! There was only 6 years in between. I had a few grey hairs 6 years ago.. but in this years photo.. I almost look totally grey!!! Not to mention those dreaded words ... added on pounds!!! Yes I am like 35% of the ladies out there.. I lied about my weight on my DL. :) I know bad APP!!!
Having gotten over the shock and realization that I really am getting older.... I have sort of come to terms with being older. I look back and remember my young self saying I am never going to have wrinkles, grey hair, and extra pounds....
What I have to say about that now my sweet friends...
My wrinkles must be from too many smiles and lots of laughs with family and friends!
My grey hair ... Natures way of frosting my hair without having to pay for it in a salon!
My extra Pounds... Good meals with family and friends.. besides more of me to love!!!

Having said that .... what this post is really all about is the love... my friends have for me!!
My Dear Sweet Friend CJ... remembered my Birthday in the Biggest way!!! Here is what she handcrafted with love just for me!!

Annie's little face is so sweet!!!

Love those stripped stockings!!!

My little girl has a very special tote~
You will see in photos below ;)

Not hard to see the love in this little girl :)

Here is that special little tote bag... look its me and the Pitty!!!

I don't know about you .. but this is one of the cutest little Annies I have ever seen and she made me tear up when I pulled her out of the gift box....
CJ you have made my heart sore with your love and friendship... Thank you so much for making this year's Birthday so special!! I love my pretty pink Annie~~~~


Das Quiltmonster said...

Hello, some special greeting from over here (Germany!)! i wish you all the very best: lots of friends, health for more than the next year, yards and yards of fabric and time enough to get all our ideas accomplished!!!
And besides: the Annie is so cute and nice, best one I've ever seen!!!
All the very best for you from Regina

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Lots of happy birthday wishes coming your way from cold snowy New England! I hope you have a wonderful crafty creative healthy and prosperous year!

Your birthday Annie is too cute! I love her eyes! And her awesome tote bag too!


Pamela Kieffer said...

That Annie is just adorable.
I am quite proud to let people know my age...not many make it to 78.
Hope you had a great birthday and some yummy cake. Pam K

Soggibottom said...

Ah, babes, happy birthday :-)
Nah, your only as old as you think you are :-)
Grey hum... cover it.... :-)
Except don't go pink that is far too ott. :-) Have a very, very happy birthday my friend. Born in 195 hummmmmmm well, I won't tell. Be cool about your age and be proud of it... only another five to go and you'll be 60 :-)
Have a very happy birthday age is all in your mind. :-) x x x

Mistea said...

Lucky APP she is such a sweet Annie who has come to celebrate your special day and make you happy all year long.
Enjoy you celebration and the whole year through.

Laura VanVleet said...

Well, Happy Birthday! What a terrifically cute Raggedy!!! Lucky Dog!

Barb said...

Happy Birthday, glad it didn't go unnoticed...what a lovely doll.

Sherry said...

Hope your birthday will be as wonderful as you are! What's a few grey hairs and extra pounds between friends! That's what I keep telling myself - lol.

Your birthday doll is soooooo sweet and I love her little personalised bag too!

CJ said...

I'm so glad I gave you a "lil' spot of joy" Auntie!!!♥♥ You deserve it, my sweet friend :)
A very happy birthday to you and if you are old ... then I am ------ hum .... not going to say that!! Anyway, I will always be older then you, so I can say "been there, done that"!!! It's no biggie!! You CAN do it!

Doris Sturm said...

What a sweet Annie doll - she looks absolutely adorable and happy and is sure to cheer you up and forget about getting older - just remember that there is just one alternative to growing older and that one is no fun at all!

Happy Birthday to you and all the best and much health for the coming year.

Very Happy Returns!

Val said...

She is absolutely beautiful and so are YOU! Happy Birthday!

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday my dear Thang1!!! MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Beeshebags said...

Hopefully it's still your birthday APP....Happy Birthday M...hope you had as good a birthday as I did. Hugs Naomi

Jindi's Cottage said...

Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes coming your way across the oceans...I am behind, I missed the day, I am so sorry...hope it was a wonderful day and you have a fantastic year full of everything you wish for...
and Pink Annie...too cute!