Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another day in Ta Town

I have been shed shopping for 6 months now.. I have finally came to a decision on what type I want. I keep thinking I want something nice so I can use it for a studio when I get the funds set aside to do the needed additions. I am going to be doing this one stage at a time. Building, then finish interior, floors, add heating and air unit.. and so forth. It will take a while to get all the funds together for this project. I will continue to plod along and put my pennies in the bank. I have a its something worth while to work for.
This little gem comes in 3 sizes.
The biggest size is a 12X16

I have so much to do before the 3rd of Oct .. ... .. When Nadine, Sandy and CJ arrive for Vacation. They are going to be staying here at the OLEO Ranch I don't know where to start first. I think the first place I will start is clean up the utility room a smidgen so I can put some of my sewing materials, sewing patterns and lace in there so I don't have to put them in the basement. I don't want to toss them in the old musty basement. That is why I was looking for a nice shed for storage. All really nice ones are out of my budget right now. I saw one that I liked but it was about 5 grand. I have a few more pennies to save. It's really nice it looks like a little log cabin with a loft in it. Later on I could possible use it for a studio :) The one I really want is the one below. It is in the $8000.oo range. Like I said I can put a window unit and one of those wall heaters in there and turn it into a sewing studio down the road. But right now I need the storage. These come in all sizes.. they refer to these as portable buildings.

The biggest you can get in this is a 12X40. That's almost as big as my house.
This little building comes in 9 different sizes. It gives suggestions for it to be used as a cabin, on your lake property.
This is what I'm talking about when I say I want a nice outdoor shed :)
LOL it would be the nicest thing on the place.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Just a quick note...

Invites for the new Pins and Needles site was resent... Please check your spam folders. If you do not want to join in .. just send me an email and I will take your name off the list :) I sent invites out to those that were active on the old Ning Pins site. If you wish to be a contributor to the new Pins and Needles site please send me an email and I will send you out and invite :) We already a have several wonderful posts and a large amount of followers. Please join in on the fun we would love to have you :)

Owl Sock Friends

I found this very fun project at Fave Crafts. They have provided a tutorial on their site to make these cute Owls. So run over there and check out this very adorable fun project.
Project excerpted from Socks Appeal: 16 fun & funky friends sewn from socks by Brenna Maloney published by C&T Publishing.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pincushion Crazy At Texas Freckles

Aren't these little pincushions awesome... I found the tutorial and Pdf at Texas Freckles.
I love how she made the center a storage area for your scissors, fabrics, threads, seam rippers ((shhhh don't use that word)), tape measures and any little ole thing you want to put in them. I love the large round shape so they won't tip over. These are so fun so run over there to Texas Freckles and get the low down on how to make these fun pincushions ;)

I just noticed that there is book you can purchase for the pattern.
It's called... Seams to Me: 24 New Reasons To Love Sewing.
It can be purchased at Amazon Books.

Monday, June 21, 2010

What does the 4th of July mean to me!

The 4th of July not only means fun family pic nicks and fire works. It means so many other wonderful things to me. I remember from the 3rd through the 4th of July it was a party at the grandparents house. My grandmothers birthday was on the 3rd and my great-grandmothers was on the 4th. I always looked forward to that time in the Summer. It was a day that family and friends gathered together for food, laughs, fireworks, and just plain catching up. We would have the old wash tubs filled with ice and Black Diamond Watermelons. Nothing better than a Black Diamond Watermelon. You ask what makes these watermelons so special? Special they were.... because my great-grandfather grew them on his own land and transported them all over the country for sale. I remember seeing the big farm trucks load down so full, I thought the sides were going to break on those trucks. Children would play so hard and get so dirty that the elders would throw us in the farm tank just to start getting us clean. Besides it was a nice way to cool off before our big dinner. Roasted Hog in a pit, roast-en ears, baked bean, potato salad, pies, cakes .. umm you name it was good food. You have to remember, back when I was a young lass we didn't have all that fast food stuff... we canned our own pickles, jams, made our own breads.. and the best of all HOME MADE ICE-CREAM!!! To this day I must have home made ice-cream on the 4th. I know it costs more to make than if you bought it at the store but there are some old traditions I hope to pass down to the young ones in my family and Home Made Ice Cream is one of them...
Having shared some of my childhood memories.. Please share some of your favorite 4th of July traditions or memories with us.

Don't Forget to remember those Soldiers that are fighting to keep our land safe and free!!!!
Here's something close to my heart... don't forget your first responders too... Firefighters, Police, and any Rescue worker this 4th of July Season. If you see them out there offer them a cold drink or something to eat.. I know they would be honored you asked :O)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Need a better way to store Ribbons?

I found this fun and quick way to store all those pesky ribbon spools. I thought I would share it with you. I for one need to have a quick and easy project. I am an instant gratification sort of gal theses days. I think that is why I do so many small easy projects when it comes to sewing any more. In My Own Style had this posted up on her blog. She says you need the following items to make this quick and easy project.

2 equal lengths of chain

Cafe style curtain rods

2- S Hooks (2 eye hooks to screw into a ceiling or wood shelf if you don’t have wire grid shelving shown in the photo)

A close up view on how the rods go into the chain.

I can't imagine that this fun project would cost very much. The little lamp chain is very reasonable and so are the cafe rods ;) Besides if you had to you could do this project in stages. buy the chain.. a couple of rods and then add on as you got a few pennies together ;) So run out there and make your self a nifty way to hang up those pesky ribbon spools.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Block of the Month Block

I have finally finished my blocks for the Ning Pins and Needles site.
I joined in on the block of the month swap...
My blocks are now completed .... just in time to send off to the hostess... prior to Ning closing.
I had a really good time making these blocks.. but for some reason I was having a time of trimming them to the proper size. So I just cut all of them a tad big. That way the participants can cut them when its time. Usually a block will get frayed in transport and sorting this way the block will have nice and crisp edges when its time to sew them together..... After the final trim.
There were twelve of us in this block swap... Each person was assigned a month...
Mine was Oct :) Yes my favorite time of the year!!
I guess???? I should stop writing and show all of you what I came up with :)
Here is my Block for the Month of Oct ;)

Surprises abound :)

This week in the mail I received my newest addition of Gooseberry Patch Christmas #12. It has lots and lots of fun and amazingly fresh ideas. There are ornaments, aprons, felting, pin cushions, napkin rings, decorations, stitching, gift ideas, stockings, and great recipes for your holiday fun.
I have been collecting these books for may years.. I always enjoy looking and looking at them. There is so much inspiration in them. The photos of the projects are wonderful and I have to mention the fun little black and white drawings.. I just love those... someday I am going to attempt to do some hand stitching of those cute drawings ;)
But for now I will just drool over the tasty recipes!

Today while working on the New Pins and Needles group here on blogger.. My door bell rang... it was my sweet neighbor boy Matt. He came to see me, he brought a picture that he drew of me... I look very smart in the photo.. he has me standing under a rainbow. Hum I wonder if that means he likes me... I am always leaving surprises for Matt and his younger brother during the Christmas Holiday Season. Matt moved into the house two doors down when he was just a toddler. I use to find him standing out by the fence feeding my old Gillee Girl apples. He really loves petting and playing with the horses. I think he is now possibly in the 3rd grade. My how fast the children grow up. Its always fun when he comes to visit. I really enjoy each time he drops by. Sometimes I drop by his house when he is out playing in the yard... just to say hello. I try to be a good neighbor... I think he feels safe with me, because he knows where I work. I would hope that if he ever needed help he would come here. Well in fact I know he would his mother has needed my help in the past... so I am sure she has told him ... come to my house in case he needs help.
It's awesome to be held in such high esteem :) Its a very warm fuzzy feeling when you hold so much trust :)
Its a great honor... or at least I think so :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do you remember When????

Do you remember last year when APP's held the disappearing 9 patch block swap?? We had over 45 ladies that participated in it... and it took me all afternoon to sort out all of those wonderful blocks.... and Yes we all received some beautiful blocks. When I introduced the disappearing 9 patch..... There were a lot of us that had never heard of that block. Well I found another disappearing block... its called the Disappearing Log Cabin Block.... It looks like a lot of fun and I just might try it really soon :)
Here is the link to find the instructions:

The author provides a fun tutorial on how to make these blocks ;) I have to tell you it sort of looks like the Bento Box to me.. but I am not up on all of the new and modern blocks... But this looks easy, fast, and fun... now those are the key words for us working girls that love to quilt... :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Snickery Squares

Now doesn't this cookie bar look delicious??
I know this bar doesn't have a huge amount of chocolate in it.. but it still has just enough for us chocolate lovers.
To get the recipe run over to Culinary Concoctions by Pea Body to get it :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Posted Poll to the Right :)

Here are my thoughts on some of the items listed....
Tea towel... you would get a cotton tea towel and either do an applique on it or an embroidery theme, then have a matching pot holder ;)
The Halloween Stockings... you would make stockings using Halloween fabrics and put a few fun Halloween items inside ;)
Eye mask.. I envision these like the grand ball room masks you see in all of the Victorian movies, or Marti Gras.
Up-cycled clothing item.. I see this as taking a mans suit vest and appliqueing on it a Halloween theme or stitching mofits. Up-cycling an item into something new with a Halloween theme.. you could make an apron.. but this swap must be a clothing item you would wear :) Shirt, Apron, Vest, Jacket, Jumper... but has to be up-cycled.. Items can be purchased at the Good Will or an old item you have at home. It must fit your partner too. So that means getting to know your partner by emails to get the size etc.... ;)
The rest of the items are sort of self explanatory :)
Vote for one or more.. at the end of the poll the item with the most votes win..
we will make that item :)

Lastly I want to do a down and dirty Pot holder swap while we are waiting to get started on our Halloween Project...
These can be knitted, crocheted or made with fabrics :)
So that means that my yarn loving friends can join in on the fun... so if you crochet or knit.. please make your potholder with this method ;) Any Theme :)
Of course I can't knit or crochet.. so mine will be made with fabric ;)
Send me an email if you want to play along in this swap..
I need the following information:
Phone Number
Will you ship international????
This swap is for a pot holder only.. no extras!!!
I will hold the entry open through the following dates.. Starting today and Ending the last day of June... then I will assign partners shortly after the closing date.
Please advise if you would like an international partner ;)
Thanks :)

Whats up this week???

Bad to the Bone!!!

I have to say ... my cable line was loose and I was having trouble with the net... that and other things in why no recent posts ...... Not much up this week. Mostly lots of phone calls back and forth to Momma Bear. She will think of something and call and see what I think or pick my brain for police knowledge. I am very happy to help her with what I have learned over the years at my job ;) I have made suggestions to the family on what to do .. and they have been very grateful for the help.
Me...... I almost have the Halloween blocks done for the swap.. also ... I have been doing another hand stitchery... it is an Angel.. I was going to make it into a pillow for Momma Bear and put her daughters name on it.. but I spoke with her son last nite on the way to pick up our dinner and he said he felt it would not be a good time to do that for her... I hold his opinion in high regard so I will finish the stitchery and set it aside and know that one day I will finish it for Momma Bear. When she is ready ....... I will give it to her then ;)
Other than that trying to catch up on the normal daily stuff around the house and trying to get in touch with my own Mom. I finally got her on the phone last nite ..... Everything is going ok in Ca.. but Grandma Peachy's kidney stones are back.. I just hope she doesn't have to make another trip to the hospital. That is so rough on her.. she would rather be where she is at. So its meds and plenty of water for her now ;)
Other than that .. I'm ok and the Pitty is her same mean little ole self ;) she is such a pest ;) But a good pest... I wouldn't have it any other way :)
Thank you readers for visiting :) and leavings such wonderful sweet support... and your wonderful prayers for my friends.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prayer request is requested.

Some of you hear me talking about Momma Bear and Papa Bear and how good they are always to me.. and how they are like my adopted family. My heart goes out to them today.. I received a phone call about 1:30 am it was their son Malcolm and he was telling me they had a family tragedy. His sister had perished in a house fire along with her seven year old adopted grandchildren on her husbands side of the family. Momma Bears grandson tried to help save their lives and has received burns, cuts and smoke inhalation... He is still in the hospital tonite for more care. Please say a little pray for my dear friends... to help ease the sorrow and pain in their hearts ... Thank you sweet friends for answering this request.