Monday, June 21, 2010

What does the 4th of July mean to me!

The 4th of July not only means fun family pic nicks and fire works. It means so many other wonderful things to me. I remember from the 3rd through the 4th of July it was a party at the grandparents house. My grandmothers birthday was on the 3rd and my great-grandmothers was on the 4th. I always looked forward to that time in the Summer. It was a day that family and friends gathered together for food, laughs, fireworks, and just plain catching up. We would have the old wash tubs filled with ice and Black Diamond Watermelons. Nothing better than a Black Diamond Watermelon. You ask what makes these watermelons so special? Special they were.... because my great-grandfather grew them on his own land and transported them all over the country for sale. I remember seeing the big farm trucks load down so full, I thought the sides were going to break on those trucks. Children would play so hard and get so dirty that the elders would throw us in the farm tank just to start getting us clean. Besides it was a nice way to cool off before our big dinner. Roasted Hog in a pit, roast-en ears, baked bean, potato salad, pies, cakes .. umm you name it was good food. You have to remember, back when I was a young lass we didn't have all that fast food stuff... we canned our own pickles, jams, made our own breads.. and the best of all HOME MADE ICE-CREAM!!! To this day I must have home made ice-cream on the 4th. I know it costs more to make than if you bought it at the store but there are some old traditions I hope to pass down to the young ones in my family and Home Made Ice Cream is one of them...
Having shared some of my childhood memories.. Please share some of your favorite 4th of July traditions or memories with us.

Don't Forget to remember those Soldiers that are fighting to keep our land safe and free!!!!
Here's something close to my heart... don't forget your first responders too... Firefighters, Police, and any Rescue worker this 4th of July Season. If you see them out there offer them a cold drink or something to eat.. I know they would be honored you asked :O)


Doris Sturm said...

I LOVE fireworks - the bigger the better, especially since most people don't celebrate New Year's Eve with Fireworks like they do in Germany.

I've not been to a decent Firework Display for several years (not since I moved from California) and now I just stay home with Gizzy and Middi - out of harm's way and ponder on the historical events that lead to Independence Day (I love that movie with that name too)...Happy First Day of Summer today :-)

NadineC said...

Well, I remember when I was little, my big brother and my dad would shoot off M-16s and other powerful stuff. It always scared me, but excited me as well. I was terrified even to hold sparklers! Those stupid snakes were about my speed, LOL! The best 4th I remember was actually about 8 years ago when my sons invited all their friends over to our house. We had the best party ever - tons of food and hundreds of dollars of fireworks. We joined forces with our neighbors on both food and fireworks - double the fun. Although, I do remember one of oldest son Ben's friends who decided it would be *fun* to jump off the deck...they went down below and scouted out the area (thank goodness, because there was a nasty iron pipe sticking up!) and then jumped! Why did he do that? Who the heck knows? Youthful adventure, I guess....a few scrapes and bruises and he was ok. Right now, that area is overgrown with blackberries - ouch!

I guess I'd better get busy and make some goodies for our fire department like you suggest...I've been a bit lax in that department, thinking I will make it up when I retire in August :-)