Friday, January 28, 2011

Annoucment :)

Above Annie's were made by Sandy W.
How many of you would like to do another Annie Swap or an Easter Mug Rug Swap??? Please let me know on this post if you're interested. Not taking names here just sort of getting a count or a vote if you will. I know some of you are holding your breath waiting on Spring to get here...
Making an Annie or Mug Rug will help the last of the winter months fly by :)
I ask you........
What's not to love about an Annie or Easter Themed Mug Rug???

I now have the person I needed for the accessory swap..
thank you all for your interest :)

Thanks M

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Better late than never for Eye Candy :)

Here's Bubba's Quilt that I made him for Christmas. It was a tad different than Big Daddie O's. Bubba's has orange stripping and Big Daddie O's had lime green. All themed blocks were hand drawn and embroideried by APP. I was surprised and pleased at the end result. I love how both quilts turned out... I have discovered with these three quilts.... its very hard to find an appropriate place to photograph quilts.. this I might have to work on LOL. That is if I continue to make quilts.. which I see some being made into the near future also :)
Remember all the quilt blocks swaps I have held :)

I know I keep squawking about these three quilts, that I made for the family for Christmas.. but you have to realize it is a very big deal for me.. its the first time that I have completed one from start to finish.. let alone do three in less than 2 weeks.... I am still amazed I was able to get so much done on them prior to Christmas day :)

I thought I would show the wonderful fun creative Mug Rugs that I received through my Mug Rug swap. The following photo is of my mug and rug that I received from Jena G. I love the center embroridery... Love the cool winter theme. I will be able to enjoy this longer than just Christmas :) Thank you Jena!!

The following mug rug was from Bettina B from the Netherlands... I was knocked over by this lovely mug rug. Bettina has done such a lovely job of making this very special rug for me... I thought I would show you a couple of photos of each section separately.. I know I have looked and looked at all the amazing fun fabrics in this little Mug Rug.. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I have... thank you Bettina!!

Don't you just love these little angels!!! I know I am going to steal this idea.
They are sew adorable.

I am head over heals for this very cute Mug Rug. Don't you love the sweet little pocket with lace on the front of this little rug??? Isn't it cute??? Looks like the front of a sweet Christmas apron. I just love the matching and elegant Holly mug. Thank you Sue N.

I also want to mention that I received the cutest little Winter Apron... I think.. it came from Jena also... I was so busy when I pulled her swap out of the package.. I am sorry Jena.. if this cute little snowman apron was from you... I will get a photo soon and get it posted...
Thank you ladies for the wonderful mug rugs I loved each and every item I received in the swaps... Thank you as always for playing along :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's really cold in Ta Town!!

Since it's so cold in Ta town I thought a good hot cup of Cocoa would be on my list of things to enjoy today. I found this amazing reciepe at Better Homes and Gardens... click here to see ;)
Hot Carmel Chocolate

I don't know about you but one must have at least a scone to go with this wonderful yummy cup of cocoa ;)

Of course my favorite??? Yes you guessed it.. a chocolate chip scone ;)
Run over to Buns in My Oven to check out some of her fantastic recipes ;)

Who could resist such wonderful mouth watering treats on such a cold day outside??
NOT Me!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Cute Ideas to share ;)

For our December swap here on APP's we did a Mug Rug swap. It was a great success and several ladies did challenges for this swap instead of participating in the actual swap. I am sure that was due to the time factor near the Holidays! Those that did participate stated they made more than one. I know .. because I made 10 or them... they were so fun and easy peasy :) I loved all the mug rugs that were posted. They were so very clever and cute. The rugs came with pockets, spoon, buttons and you name it... Awesome ideas!!
Ladies I don't know about you ... I go in these spells when I have tons to share and then there are days and weeks my brain has nothing to recall. When I am at a loss for anything to share... I turn to blog hopping.. I love to see what others are creating. I can always find fun and interesting ideas out there in blog land. That is how the idea of the Mug Rug swap came about. Speaking of blog hopping... I was blog hopping and came across this awesome tea set... Please visit Zigzago to check out her fun and creative blog ;) Run by her blog she has instructions on how to make the cover for the mug ;)

It's always fun cruzing around blog land .. you will never know what you will find. I found this unique and cute potholder at Loft Creations... Run over she has a tutorial on how to make this fun and wonderful potholder ;)

I have always loved these little fabric baskets.. I found what looks like a very simple and easy tutorial at Meremade.. run over see what fun stuff she has to offer. I know I will be making some of these this year to store rick rack, ribbons, buttons, floss and thread spools. :)

I realize that Christmas is over.. but this is a project that you have to think ahead. One has to either save, beg or dig around in old sewing stashes to see if you can find the needed spools for this project. I love the idea.... Awesome and easy peasy :)

I don't know if I have already posted this.. I have posted so many wonderful fun ideas.. but this one is a must have for all of you that use contact lenses ;) Run over to Sew Momma Sew and the design is by Puking Palstilles. Run over check out this tutorial on how to make this compact lens kit to carry with you anywhere.

My sweet friend Nadine is always tell me .. I have to get off the computer because my hands and toes are cold.. so I decided I had to post this fun idea on how to keep those fingers nice and toasty warm while blogging or Facebooking ;) I found this fun Tutorial at Salihan Crafts. Please run by and visit her blog for this fun tutorial :)

I have now found an awesome tutorial for a foot warmer to use while sitting at the computer!! You can find the tutorial at Simply Jenna.
NoW NaDinE!!
There are no excuses why you can't stay and chat :)
LOL other than The Mr wanting to play his games on line :) LOL

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pitty had a bad day!!

Yesterday APP was very bad to the Pitty.... Pitty had to go to the vet for her annual shots. Poor poor Pitty yipped and squealed like she was being murdered at the vets. Poor little girl had to have her blood drawn for her heart worm test. Comparing the needle to her tiny little itty bitty wittle leggie and that huge huge huge humongous needle.. I think I would cry too if I was her. Of course the vet had to grin at me when he brought her back into the room to see me... she ran right over and wanted up in my arms.... Poor little baby... but that wasn't the end of it. Pitty had to open her chompers and have toofies check and a look down her throat. So a huge ignominy for such a sweet sweet puppy. Once again say Poor Baby!!!!
Then she was weighed... poor poor thing has had too many snacky bones.. she gained 5 ozs... The Mommie got scolded... have to get the weight off!!!! That means no more laying upon the couch like a huge taco.. time to get up and let Mommie chase you around the house Pitty!!!
Lastly Doc says time to get the 4 shots... he took her to the back again and all was quite..not a peep out of her. Doc brought her back into the room and said she was a real trooper when it came to the shots. Me...... I think I would have had the fit with the 4 shots and not the blood draw!!! I brought the Pitty home and she wanted nothing to do with me.. and slept on the couch most of the day and the evening. Then when it was time for bed.. she came to bed but did not stay with me... I awoke in the nite and she was out on the couch... She was really mad a me.. but she is better after work tonite ;)
Yeah.... all of that is over until about 60 days when she has to go back in and have her toofies cleaned.. then she has to go through the blood draw again for a blood test. The vet then knocks her out to get her toofies cleaned and insertion of her micro chip :) After that she is good as new ;) Yeah a healthy happy puppy :) She will be ready for this years travels to Oklahoma and California ;)
I just have to prepare myself for her rejection.. do you think I can stand it again so soon?????

Side note..
If you still owe me for postage please send it..
I am still out of pocket several dollars..
If postage is not paid ...
I will no longer hold block swaps...
Sorry that is just the way it will have to be!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wow it really snowed here!!!

What does two feet of snow look like!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Quilt and other such stuff ;)

The Pitty Say's Who Me???

Please forgive the quality of these
photos.. I enlisted help from the old people and they moved... That doesn't make for very good photos.. LOL

This green and black quilt was made for Big Daddie O.. because he collects Hearse Vehicles.
I have not taken a photo of Bubba's quilt yet sorry!

This is the lovely little Annie Quilt that I made Step Monster.. I have to tell you she was very very excited about her quilt and she loved it!

This is a little Christmas Annie that I made for my Bubba's Girlfriend. I heard she took it right home and put it in the china cupboard with her porcelain dolls.. I am so honored!!!

I will have to take photos of my Christmas blocks soon so I can post them so you can see my finished project :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Video Tutorials

These are not your normal videos.. these are informative and fun to watch videos. I discovered the Mo Star quilt Co videos on You Tube about a year and a half ago. I love them. They give you so much good information. I have provided the link HERE ... If your interested in checking them out ;) There are all sorts of videos from Beginner to intermediate sewers. Simple fun projects and tips on how to make your sewing better. I know you won't be disappointed if you run over there and take a look see ;) Enjoy your video watching!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

I have missed you BLOG!!

I have decided today that I have missed my little blog.. I have so many new ideas swirling around in my head... Here are some examples of the things I want to make in the up coming year!

  • New Ironing board cover for my portable board... Nadine said it was hard to press a straight line with crooked lines on the cover.
  • Finish up on my Bento Lunch bucket.
  • Make a thread catcher .. I promised to Nadine
  • I have three things in progress for three very special friends. I want to finish those soon!!
  • Make a Frankie block for a girl at work..
  • I need to make me a Pencil case for work.. to keep my supplies in.
  • I also need to finish the Annie I started for my Baby Sister.
  • I have my Halloween Annie to finish also...
  • I want to start designing patterns again.. I have missed the creativity of that!
  • Make a art portfolio bag for my Niece Shelby.. she is becoming such and amazing artist herself. She wants one just like this...

This bag was made for my nephew John John out in CA.
  • Small nephew needs some scary monsters says my Baby Sister...
  • APP wonders what the other sibling wants????
  • APP wants to put all the quilt blocks that are in this house together, Halloween blocks, Christmas blocks, Owl blocks, disappearing 9 patch blocks, set of twelve theme blocks... there are a lot of quilt tops and quilts that I want to finish this year.
  • I want to trade more siggy blocks this year... I think I traded about 60 last year.
  • APP wants to make herself a Wool Cape for next winter.
  • The Pitty needs some new clothing.. I want to start on that soon :)
  • I want to make some fabric boxes (tubs) to store sewing items in.
  • I want to purchase 2 or three used china cupboards that need to be repaired... to store fabric... I will use those in my dinning room to keep down the clutter!
  • I also want to get the rest of the floors painted in the house...
Speaking of the house it's going to get some major work done on it this year... new siding.. the deck re-stained.. a new front door .. the following is a wish list..... I am going to upgrade the down stairs bathroom .. I hope ;) I also hope I have enough money left over to put in a few new windows in the living room... lastly get the wood burner completed... its still not installed.

Having said all that it looks like my year is full already!!!

I love black beans and rice...

This recipe for Red Beans and rice sounds yummy.. I just might have to try it :)

Quick and Easy Red Beans and Rice
2 cans red kidney beans, (15 ounces each)
3 slices bacon
1 large onion, chopped
1/2 cup chopped celery
1 small bell pepper, chopped
2 tablespoons chopped parsley
1/2 cup chopped green onions, with tops
2 tablespoons ketchup
1 1/2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
1 jar (2 oz) chopped pimiento
1 can (8 oz) tomato paste
1 teaspoon chili powder
1/2 pound Polish sausage, sliced, if desired

In a Dutch oven, fry bacon and crumble into kidney beans. Sauté vegetables in bacon drippings, cook until vegetables are wilted. Add beans and remaining ingredients. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Serve over rice.
Makes 4 Servings

This recipe was found at Lehman's Country Life. Thanks CJ for posting the link on FB :)

Fun Idea ;)

Good Friday Morning Friends :)
I was chatting with Nadine, and she sent me this link. It's a tutorial for the cutest coffee cup cozy that I have ever seen ... and I tell you I have seen a lot of them!!! I simply loved this project idea and knew I must share it with you. Nadine if you were making these as a surprise the cat's out of the bag ;) LOL
I have to say Nadine comes up with some of the cutest ideas!!! It was her that shared a mug rug photo with me... before the Christmas Holiday swap and we knew it had to be our Christmas Swap Project ;)
Aren't these just Fab????

This fun tutorial was found at Sew For Home run over take a look see ;)

Here I go again.. I was looking at this photo.. and said ... hey why not make that center part a pocket.. so you can keep a buck in there for a refill ;)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Chocolate Addiction :)

Yummy Yummy in my tummy!

Oh my goodness I just think I might have to try out these yummy looking bars ......really really soon!! I think I can afford to eat just one..... since I have officially lost 20 lbs ;)
I found these yummy looking Cream Cheese Snicker Brownie Explosions at Bake. Pray. Love.
Run over take a look see ;)

What fun :)

I found this adorable tutorial at Dollar Store Crafts.. I thought I would share it with all of you. These would make fun pay it forward gifts.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Holly JOlly BlocKs

Holly Jolly Blocks are in the mail... the postage for APP was just over $80.00. Some of you used bar code postage ... my post office will not accept those... It would be really sweet if you would reimburse me for the postage on those too... All of my sweet swappers out of the USA know they can reimburse me via the donation button here on the blog :) I will send those that owe postage an email with your postage that is due.
Once again thank you for all your patience in this swap.... I hope you enjoy your blocks... I personally loved each and every one of them!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

APP's Next Swap :)

Sewing Machine Cover

I want one of these!!! I love it!!!! Find it here ;)

Yes girls it's the New Year!!!!
A whole new year for us to have some fun sewing projects to share with each other. I know I have been saying for the last couple of years that I was no longer going to host SWAPS.... but when you have so many wonderful nice emails and comments on how much fun and enjoyment everyone is having its hard for me to stop!!!
This year there will be less group swaps and more PVT swaps for me.... I have a lot to catch up on at the OLeo Ranch.... Your saying what is so important that you can't hold swaps??? I will give you a great example... I have to put together some Quilts ..... from blocks that I received from some very fun and exciting block swaps. I have two years worth of lovely blocks that all of my wonderful fun swappers have traded. Especially the Halloween and Christmas Blocks from two Seasons of Swaps!! They are just laying in a pile. I want to put them together this year. That way I know that I have accomplished something wonderful and fun for me this year.
I guess what I am saying...... if you want to swap with me this year... it will be more of a one on one :) I have enjoyed being your Swap Momma and am very Honored to be that person you like to participate with. To resolve my lack of the swap holding... I might organize swaps but not play in them as much. If I don't play in the swap... sorry I will not Angel. I am trying to find some me time..... :)
There will be new swap rules this year... all swaps must be insured and have delivery conformation on them this year!
That way Aunt Pitty Pat will not have to worry about Angel-ing those items that are lost in the mail. If your partner receives a claim .. your partner can remake your swap or forward the claim amount to you.
Thanks in advance for understanding this new change!!!


I do want to remind everyone this will be a medium to advanced skilled sewing project.
Now without further delay here is the project........
There will be a lot of requirements on these items... those requirements are to follow. :)
We will be making our partners the following items:

Sorry No Angel-ing on this swap... enter at your own risk!!!
No newbies for this swap... no one without a blog...
Must have swapped with me before and completed!!!
I will be checking blogs this time!!!

There are some very lovely tutorials around the net for some of these items along with patterns that can be purchased.
The Machine cover can be made anyway that you wish as long as it fits your partners machine, and is enclosed with all 4 sides.
The Machine Apron must have the pockets. This way your sewing tools are very close at hand which makes your sewing so much more fun..... knowing right were that Frogger tool is... I know we all hate to rip rip rip :)
The thread catcher must attach to your pincushion.. this way you have a place to put those pesky threads and pins when not needed ;) Besides I would think the catcher would not fall down with the weighted pincushion ;) Yeah ... none of us like to fall down!!!!
All items need to be made with either pre-quilted fabrics or hand-quilt your own for these projects.
Please use good quality 100% cotton.... quilt shop fabric for these projects!!
We want our items to look good and last a long time!

I want you to make a new friend on this project.......
You will have to contact your partner to see what size her sewing machine is so you can make the cover to fit and the machine apron the right size for your machine to sit on.
The following are examples of what machine covers, aprons, and thread catchers look like.

This nice example is a pattern found at Flying Geese Fabric.. Here :)

I love this machine cover.. it has everything organized so handy.. I found this photo at Everyday Crafty Goodness. :)

This nice machine Apron was found at With Heart and Hands.. Look Here :)

This lovely example is from Karen Anderson on Flickr.. Here :)

This is a McCall's Pattern # 5017 Sewing Machine Serger Cover Cats... I think you can still purchase it.

This sweet example was from Country Kitty on Flickr.... Check out some of her other wonderful fun stuff here :)

I have received an email .. this wonderful little thread catcher and pincushion can be found at sew momma sew :) Thank you Betty Ann for helping me out on this.... Your my hero!!! I am sure that Sew Momma Sew will be happy to have her item featured on here with her name attached ;)

This little thread catcher is made by Kquilts Studio .. its a tutorial.. check it out here :)

I will start taking sign ups now.. and will end the sign ups on the 22nd of Jan and will assign partners the 28th or 29th of Jan .
You will have until May 7th to complete your swap.. and received by your partner.
That means.. don't send out on the 7th... that means at your partners house no later than the 7th.
That is almost three months..... more than enough time to complete this project.
Please don't rush this project.. you have invested a lot of money and hopefully time in making your partner a nice set of Sewing Accessories for her sewing room.

What APP Needs!!!
Phone Number
Sorry no International shipping on this swap. (Us and Canada Only)
(Post office will not do tracking on overseas items)
If your overseas and want to play.. maybe I can find you a partner! No promises!!!
All swaps must be insured and have tracking and signature for receipt on them.
This is a must this time!!!
You have to send me the conformation number!

When you received your Partner:
Ask her the type or machine size for the cover and mat
Color or theme of item she would like to have for her sewing room.
If you want... to add in something special like a matching Serger Cover...
Ask if she could use one of those too ;)
The sky is the limit on your creations.... So have fun.. and start thinking of what you want to do.
Please use 100% cotton quilting fabrics for your projects thanks ;)

I don't expect very many swappers on this swap... I will be surprised if I have 10 of you sign up.
I will see how many sign up...
If not many.. I might hold another swap in unison for my other sewers ;)
Thanks Have fun stitching.

If your a beginner seamstress or just want to do this swap as a challenge.. please let us know when you post it on your blog.. we would love to see your lovely finished items... leave a comment so we can come over and see your project!!!