Friday, January 7, 2011

I have missed you BLOG!!

I have decided today that I have missed my little blog.. I have so many new ideas swirling around in my head... Here are some examples of the things I want to make in the up coming year!

  • New Ironing board cover for my portable board... Nadine said it was hard to press a straight line with crooked lines on the cover.
  • Finish up on my Bento Lunch bucket.
  • Make a thread catcher .. I promised to Nadine
  • I have three things in progress for three very special friends. I want to finish those soon!!
  • Make a Frankie block for a girl at work..
  • I need to make me a Pencil case for work.. to keep my supplies in.
  • I also need to finish the Annie I started for my Baby Sister.
  • I have my Halloween Annie to finish also...
  • I want to start designing patterns again.. I have missed the creativity of that!
  • Make a art portfolio bag for my Niece Shelby.. she is becoming such and amazing artist herself. She wants one just like this...

This bag was made for my nephew John John out in CA.
  • Small nephew needs some scary monsters says my Baby Sister...
  • APP wonders what the other sibling wants????
  • APP wants to put all the quilt blocks that are in this house together, Halloween blocks, Christmas blocks, Owl blocks, disappearing 9 patch blocks, set of twelve theme blocks... there are a lot of quilt tops and quilts that I want to finish this year.
  • I want to trade more siggy blocks this year... I think I traded about 60 last year.
  • APP wants to make herself a Wool Cape for next winter.
  • The Pitty needs some new clothing.. I want to start on that soon :)
  • I want to make some fabric boxes (tubs) to store sewing items in.
  • I want to purchase 2 or three used china cupboards that need to be repaired... to store fabric... I will use those in my dinning room to keep down the clutter!
  • I also want to get the rest of the floors painted in the house...
Speaking of the house it's going to get some major work done on it this year... new siding.. the deck re-stained.. a new front door .. the following is a wish list..... I am going to upgrade the down stairs bathroom .. I hope ;) I also hope I have enough money left over to put in a few new windows in the living room... lastly get the wood burner completed... its still not installed.

Having said all that it looks like my year is full already!!!


Das Quiltmonster said...

I think you have to stretch the year.... Everything sounds good of your intentions, I wish you days of 30 and more hours so there will be time enough to finish all your lovely projects!!
Love from Regina

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Oh my, I'm tired just reading that list! But good for you for writing it all down. I find that helps to keep me on track too. When I do a list, I like to find the one thing that I can complete the quickest and get it done so I can cross it off and feel that sense of accomplishment right away. Good luck to you for a year of great productivity!


The Quilting Cat Lady. said...

That´s a looong list, lol. Yes I think you need more than 24 hours in a day to do all that. I sometimes wish there were like 30 something hours in a day for when I get in the sewing zone I don´t want to stop to sleep. Hope you get everything on the list completed this year.
Alda, Fl

Unknown said...

Take your vitamins!!

CJ said...

I'm so tired after reading that list, I need to go back to bed!! lol!
Wishing you lots of luck!! :)