Friday, January 7, 2011

Fun Idea ;)

Good Friday Morning Friends :)
I was chatting with Nadine, and she sent me this link. It's a tutorial for the cutest coffee cup cozy that I have ever seen ... and I tell you I have seen a lot of them!!! I simply loved this project idea and knew I must share it with you. Nadine if you were making these as a surprise the cat's out of the bag ;) LOL
I have to say Nadine comes up with some of the cutest ideas!!! It was her that shared a mug rug photo with me... before the Christmas Holiday swap and we knew it had to be our Christmas Swap Project ;)
Aren't these just Fab????

This fun tutorial was found at Sew For Home run over take a look see ;)

Here I go again.. I was looking at this photo.. and said ... hey why not make that center part a pocket.. so you can keep a buck in there for a refill ;)


San-Dee said...

these are way too cute! I think I may have to try some! also, just catching up on blogs-have been computer-less for a week or so-and read about the PVT swap. If you are still taking swappers, I'd love to join in-definitely a project of fun, and stuff I could use....let me know.xxooxx for the new year!

Barb said...

Those are cute!!

Jen Sue Wild said...

I made 6 with out the cute ruffels yesterday. The ruffels really do make them look sweet.

Unknown said...

They are cute, but I'll have to get more practice in before I tackle them!

CJ said...

Those do look sooo sweet!! and I'm really lovin' my mug cozy that Nadine made me with the mugrug swap - it does help keep your drink hot longer♥
And ... Ms Sue!!! Just jump right in, you can make these!!! Only a few months ago you were struggling with apron patterns and look at you now!! You did it. Time to try something else♥ You can do it!!