Friday, January 21, 2011

It's really cold in Ta Town!!

Since it's so cold in Ta town I thought a good hot cup of Cocoa would be on my list of things to enjoy today. I found this amazing reciepe at Better Homes and Gardens... click here to see ;)
Hot Carmel Chocolate

I don't know about you but one must have at least a scone to go with this wonderful yummy cup of cocoa ;)

Of course my favorite??? Yes you guessed it.. a chocolate chip scone ;)
Run over to Buns in My Oven to check out some of her fantastic recipes ;)

Who could resist such wonderful mouth watering treats on such a cold day outside??
NOT Me!!!


Vicki said...

They both look delicious!!

Val said...

I am starving! You just had to do this!!!

Unknown said...

Oh yum!

Unknown said...

Oh, those chocolate chip scones are just AMAZING. Definitely perfect for a cold day! :)

Thanks for sharing my blog with your readers!

Cathy said...

I made the scones this weekend and they were yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe.