Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Cute Ideas to share ;)

For our December swap here on APP's we did a Mug Rug swap. It was a great success and several ladies did challenges for this swap instead of participating in the actual swap. I am sure that was due to the time factor near the Holidays! Those that did participate stated they made more than one. I know .. because I made 10 or them... they were so fun and easy peasy :) I loved all the mug rugs that were posted. They were so very clever and cute. The rugs came with pockets, spoon, buttons and you name it... Awesome ideas!!
Ladies I don't know about you ... I go in these spells when I have tons to share and then there are days and weeks my brain has nothing to recall. When I am at a loss for anything to share... I turn to blog hopping.. I love to see what others are creating. I can always find fun and interesting ideas out there in blog land. That is how the idea of the Mug Rug swap came about. Speaking of blog hopping... I was blog hopping and came across this awesome tea set... Please visit Zigzago to check out her fun and creative blog ;) Run by her blog she has instructions on how to make the cover for the mug ;)

It's always fun cruzing around blog land .. you will never know what you will find. I found this unique and cute potholder at Loft Creations... Run over she has a tutorial on how to make this fun and wonderful potholder ;)

I have always loved these little fabric baskets.. I found what looks like a very simple and easy tutorial at Meremade.. run over see what fun stuff she has to offer. I know I will be making some of these this year to store rick rack, ribbons, buttons, floss and thread spools. :)

I realize that Christmas is over.. but this is a project that you have to think ahead. One has to either save, beg or dig around in old sewing stashes to see if you can find the needed spools for this project. I love the idea.... Awesome and easy peasy :)

I don't know if I have already posted this.. I have posted so many wonderful fun ideas.. but this one is a must have for all of you that use contact lenses ;) Run over to Sew Momma Sew and the design is by Puking Palstilles. Run over check out this tutorial on how to make this compact lens kit to carry with you anywhere.

My sweet friend Nadine is always tell me .. I have to get off the computer because my hands and toes are cold.. so I decided I had to post this fun idea on how to keep those fingers nice and toasty warm while blogging or Facebooking ;) I found this fun Tutorial at Salihan Crafts. Please run by and visit her blog for this fun tutorial :)

I have now found an awesome tutorial for a foot warmer to use while sitting at the computer!! You can find the tutorial at Simply Jenna.
NoW NaDinE!!
There are no excuses why you can't stay and chat :)
LOL other than The Mr wanting to play his games on line :) LOL


Barb said...

Such a fun inspiring post today. Thanks for all the linkd!

The Quilting Cat Lady. said...

You always find the cutest things. Thanks for sharing.
Alda, Fl

NadineC said...

LOL! You are gonna get me to stay on that computer yet, aren't you, APP? I guess I better get busy, because right now, it's cold again here in Wa Town (hey, if you can have Ta Town, I can have Wa Town...since Oly Town doesn't rhyme as well).

P.S. I gotta make me one of those potholders! I even have those fabrics! That's one of the combinations I made an apron and tea wallet for Christmas for my DIL!

P.P.S. Hahaha, my Word Verification is "aphon" - is that an APron for my HONey?????

K-Swizzie said...

love the items to keep you warm at the computer! I have that problem as well! I love your posts that do that provide inspiration! I can never have enough inspiration!


Anonymous said...

This is a great web page! Your aprons are adorable...and the slippers!!! Too creative. I also like your attitude about dogs and cats...everyone should go the the pound for adopt.
I haven't quilted for a couple of years, looks like I want to get back into it!


Unknown said...

Johnna thanks for coming by and leaving such nice remarks.. please visit again :)
M and The Pitty