Saturday, January 22, 2011

Better late than never for Eye Candy :)

Here's Bubba's Quilt that I made him for Christmas. It was a tad different than Big Daddie O's. Bubba's has orange stripping and Big Daddie O's had lime green. All themed blocks were hand drawn and embroideried by APP. I was surprised and pleased at the end result. I love how both quilts turned out... I have discovered with these three quilts.... its very hard to find an appropriate place to photograph quilts.. this I might have to work on LOL. That is if I continue to make quilts.. which I see some being made into the near future also :)
Remember all the quilt blocks swaps I have held :)

I know I keep squawking about these three quilts, that I made for the family for Christmas.. but you have to realize it is a very big deal for me.. its the first time that I have completed one from start to finish.. let alone do three in less than 2 weeks.... I am still amazed I was able to get so much done on them prior to Christmas day :)

I thought I would show the wonderful fun creative Mug Rugs that I received through my Mug Rug swap. The following photo is of my mug and rug that I received from Jena G. I love the center embroridery... Love the cool winter theme. I will be able to enjoy this longer than just Christmas :) Thank you Jena!!

The following mug rug was from Bettina B from the Netherlands... I was knocked over by this lovely mug rug. Bettina has done such a lovely job of making this very special rug for me... I thought I would show you a couple of photos of each section separately.. I know I have looked and looked at all the amazing fun fabrics in this little Mug Rug.. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I have... thank you Bettina!!

Don't you just love these little angels!!! I know I am going to steal this idea.
They are sew adorable.

I am head over heals for this very cute Mug Rug. Don't you love the sweet little pocket with lace on the front of this little rug??? Isn't it cute??? Looks like the front of a sweet Christmas apron. I just love the matching and elegant Holly mug. Thank you Sue N.

I also want to mention that I received the cutest little Winter Apron... I think.. it came from Jena also... I was so busy when I pulled her swap out of the package.. I am sorry Jena.. if this cute little snowman apron was from you... I will get a photo soon and get it posted...
Thank you ladies for the wonderful mug rugs I loved each and every item I received in the swaps... Thank you as always for playing along :)


Mistea said...

That sure is a gorgeous quilt you made for your family. Now to play with all those blocks you have stashed - they should keep you busy for a little while.

Lucky you - those mug rugs are truly gorgeous. Don't you just love how we all do Our own thing no matter what the size.

Now go enjoy your cuppa!

Becky said...

Well dang - you should squawk! These quilts are fabulous!

JudyCinNC said...

You have been busy APP - I have been working on a blog and trying to get it going. Just learning all the jargon of computer terms was overwhelming. Glad to see you are well and had a wonderful Christmas. Judy C in NC and - Drop in and say Hi.

Laura said...

Your Quilt is Amazing! My lil bubba would Love it!
& the mug rugs are too cute!! I have a couple of apron swaps coming up & I think I might create mug rugs for the tuck-ins...I love the "pocket" idea:)

spectrummom said...

so cute. Tell me how to join a swap. I LOVE those.

Unknown said...

Lovely work and lots of great ideas.

Unknown said...

supernana says: 1st time to see a site like this. Awesome stuff! Thank you for making me smile and laugh today.

Maria McCabe said...

Love the quilt! I had found your blog a while ago through a blog hop of some sort and then lost it - so glad I found you again - now I am a follower! Love the mug rugs!