Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am so thrilled :)

I would like to tell everyone of my lovely win from Crocheting in Georgia. Doris held a contest on her blog again this month and I entered it and won!!! I am so thrilled .... you ask why??? I won one of her very very cute Rooster Potholders!! I just love these little things, and I am very thrill that I now own one of her lovely creations.
I have to tell you ... if you don't know Doris from Crocheting in Georgia you better click my link and go meet her. She is the sweetest, kindest, funnest and generous lady you will ever meet.. and her blog is awesome. She is always posting something interesting and fun.. so run over have a look see and give her a shout out... tell her I sent you by :)
Doris thank you again for such a lovely give away prize.. you Rock!!!
Pitty says pats back to the Gizzy :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A very interesting day...

I have to say my day at work was different to say the least. ;) My Station opens at 7:00 am for the walk in public. I was checking messages before the station opens, and there was a call from another city. I had to return a call to them about a warrant on a guy. I was talking to the dispatcher on the phone not more than 3 mins after 7:00 this morning, to give her the info on the warrant. . I was talking to the dispatcher about sending an officer out for this persons arrest with extradition... Then!!!!! I said to the Dispatcher.. I've got a problem here!! I started laughing and said .. I've got a fire... She said where??? I said outside the the building...by now I am really laughing because one of the Officer's behind me.. and I quote.. "Do you want me to piss on it to put it out???" I don't think he believed me either when I said we have a fire. I told this to the dispatcher and she said your just joking around.. I said no.. I really have a fire!! Then she said ... I'll send 10's to help you out.. this is the fire station right across the street! I can see it now.. whistles sounding bells going off and the big long fire truck pulls out of the station... drives East less than two house lengths.. pulls into drive just to put out a small fire!!!! I really started laughing then and told her.. keep those men across the street in their own house we can take care of this ourselves ;) About that time one of the officer's came around the corner with a pail... now you would think bless his heart he would have went into the men's room to get the water out of the sink.. But oh no he had to get the water out of the cooler type water fountain that just sort of trickles...By now me and the dispatcher are laughing hysterically.... Of course I am telling her all about the chain of events unfolding before my eyes ;) The Sgt that was setting in his car has realized that there is a fire outside. I see him walk up to the cigarette receptacle and take a look at it.. There is smoke.. lots of smoke and flames coming out of the receptacle... by now the officer's are all piling out the building to see whats going on and to help put out our small fire. I was still laughing when the Sgt walks in the building.. I said to him where were you when I needed to be rescued from the fire??? He says very disgustedly stern... I quote... I was pouring my 3 dollar bottle of filtered water on the fire.... Of course I had to pop off and say what ?? I just sent officers out with a bucket of water... He says YES we needed that too!!! By now the Dispatcher is cackling like a hen.. and I am coughing out of control because of laughing too hard!! That is what happens when you have Asthma... you cough when you laugh too hard ;) Lastly there was an officer behind me.. and I say wow that small fire really made the place stink.. he says yep.. I would set here 30 mins.. go get the boss tell him the odor has made me sick to my stomach and I would go home.. I laughed and laughed.... because this officer gets merit awards for never missing days of work... He just cracked me up saying that!!!!! Because I knew better :) The rest of the day was just as crazy as the morning.... but nothing as fun and exciting as the fire ;)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tote Bags

Yeah..... Halloween Tote Bag Partners are now assigned.. if you have any questions please feel free to send me an email...
Now on to other good stuff .... Please notice there are only two spaces left in the Christmas block swap... Hurry Hurry get off the fence and decide.... Lets get the list filled and close the sign ups ;)

What has APP been up to the last two days on her days off???
App has been up to tons of stuff...
Moved some furniture around the house....
Took more tubs with sewing to the attic storage.
Made the kitchen more user friendly. Changed somethings around in there ;)
I also cut and sewed up my 12 Butterfly Siggy Blocks for the swap that I am hosting on Patch Work Posse.
I have entered into a PVT Christmas Annie swap.. so I chopped out 4 Annie bodies sewed those parts and tea stained them.
To night I might stuff them :)
I need to get that done soon, so I can start painting on the stockings and shoes.
One of the extra Annie's is for Little Dirt Lanes Swap.
I also promised my Baby Sista a Red, White and Blue Annie Doll :)
That leaves an Extra... I want to make myself a Halloween Annie :)
Like the one that I made for Sandy S.. in last years Halloween Annie Swap :)
So ladies that is where the 4 Bodies are going to :)
Tried to decide on what apron pattern I am going to use in Sue Neitzel's apron swap...
No luck on that one.....
I also started on my Halloween Blocks.. I have all the fusible webbing on the selected fabrics..
Some of the pieces are cut out and just a few others to trace around and cut.
Then its tack them down on the fabric blocks.
I started.... and finished an applique Block for my 2nd tote bag too...
So you can see APP was sort of a lazy soul this weekend!!
Oh yes forgot put out a new dog feeder for the Tonk Tonk Ba Donka Donk :)
His old one rusted through... so this time
the Mommie put it up on one of those stone pavers
hoping to save this one from rusting out ;)
The other one only lasted about 3 years.. That's not good some of the feeders around here....have been around for almost 15 yrs. I know part of the problem with Tonk's feeder.. he is always playing in the water making the ground wet and muddy... things never seem to dry out in his kennel.
OH no that mean ole APP... say's get back to work!!!
I guess the break is over!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010


I have had several people in the recent past have questions about the Moniker of Aunt Pitty Pat. Their question is always the same how did I come up with the name. Everyone loves the name and they say it makes them smile :)
So how did I come up with the name...
First off everyone knows the famous movie Gone With The Wind.

I just love that movie.. its one that I watch yearly along with the movie Wizard of Oz.

Both movies are such good classics... Anyway if you recall there is a character in there that is called Aunt Pitty Pat. The story is told that when Scarlett visited Atlanta she always stayed with Aunt Pitty Pat.

During those visits, Aunt Pitty would prepare only her best recipes. I always thought Pitty Pat was such a cute name. I was a young girl when I first saw the movie and the name just sort of stuck with me all these years.. Then ... when I was about 20 I went to Birmingham Alabama with my oldest friend to see her grandmother Me Me for a few weeks. We decided we would take a weekend trip to Atlanta Georgia. Just outside of Atlanta we stopped for gas and asked what was fun to do in town. We were told we needed to go to Atlanta Underground. I don't know if this place is still there... but it was a lot of fun when we visited. This place was sort of like Brick Town in Ks City, Old town here in Ta Town.. and I am sure some of you have those old warehouse districts that have been renovated into fun places, that have clubs, stores for shopping, restaurants, apt's, condo's and so on.
Any way when we were at Underground Atlanta we ate a restaurant that was called DB Coopers. Awesome place to eat... Menu were so funny.. it had crazy names for drinks and sandwiches... sort of like this name.. Mooka Puka Choo Choo.. that was a coffee chocolate shake :) We spent most of the day looking at all the shops and all the restaurants and there it was as big as life....a restaurant and it was called????

Yes you guess it .... PITTY PAT'S PORCH. It is a fine elegant Southern Restaurant. When I saw the Restaurant... I giggled and I grinned and said one day I am going to own a little dog and I am going to name her Pitty Pat.. because every time I hear that name or see it... I smile!
So this my sweet friends is how I came up with the name Aunt Pitty Pat... by the way.. I understand Pitty Pat's Porch is still open in Atlanta Georgia all these years down the road.
This is Pitty Pat :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CT scan report is in...

Aggg if its not one thing its another... Some of you know that I have been having a terrible cough., for several months now. I just figured it was allergies.... How would you know that.. because you have either talked to me on the phone or on Skype. I decided a couple of weeks ago to go to the Allergist to have a check up. They did a lung function test on me and the results was good. They sent me home with some new drugs and I was to come back in for a two week check up. That was last Tuesday... of course everyone read about that. The day after the X-ray the doctors office called and said you need a CT. I asked them why and they sort of hem hawed around, never really telling me anything. Some of you know the history of my Mom only having one lung after having one removed from cancer. My doctors are very aware of that fact too... so anyway I went yesterday to get the CT scan done. Today I received a call from the Doctors office.. and the Nurse said "The lesion they were concerned with is only pneumonia. Nothing to worry about we will send you out some meds and in two weeks we want you to get another X-ray". Now I don't know about you.. but when they told me CT scan.. I didn't think it was very good... I have to say I am very shocked that I have pneumonia because I don't have a productive cough. The nurse did say there are all types of pneumonia... I was telling mom all about it tonite and she says that I will get pneumonia very easily now... and my lung tissue is damaged from the pneumonia. Yeah just what I wanted to hear!! Oh well I feel fine except I get very winded..... I can also say I am one lucky lady :)
The big guy upstairs is watching out for me once again :)
Thank you ... My sweet Lord!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some things in Life Just make you SMILE

I know I have already posted today.. but I wanted to share this with you. I had to go into town and get a CT scan on my lungs. While I was there getting the CT I had to get a Mamo gram. (public service announcement... if you haven't gotten your yearly scan.. call and set one up today. Early detection saves lives )
On with the story
I knew my truck was just on fumes in the gas tank. I knew I had to stop and get gas before going to the Dr's. I drove into the next town and pulled into the stop and rob. There I sat out.... going about the business of getting petro in my little red truck. What do you do while your standing there filling up the tank??? Me I look at the people in the parking lot. I was standing there looking at all the people. A young man started coming toward the gas pumps. He had a little two gallon gas can in his hand. That's not strange .... there was a pump open next to me... As this young man approached.. he had this huge smile on his face that said... please let me speak to you! He got with in 10 feet of me and said hello.. of course I said hello back. Let me explain to you how this young man was dressed.... as he came walking up to me .. I thought to my self.. buddy you look silly with those pants rolled up like that in the middle of your calves and no socks on with those high topped tennies. *Looked sort of like Jack Sparrow's Pants, all rolled up like that* His hair was a jumble mess just like he got out of bed and not combed.. his t-shirt was a wrinkled dirty mess.
He didn't stop at the pump beside me but continue to walk up to me... In his politest kindness voice he said to me... I am so sorry to have to ask.. but could you spare a little bit of gas?? Several things hit me at that moment. This young man did need help and he was not just panhandling because he wasn't wanting to work. Something had went wrong!!! I told him sure I'll help.. I filled up that little red can without a second thought. As the can was filling this young man asked if I lived in the area? I said yep close to.. I then asked where he was from.. he said Texas.. he had to come up north because the family needed him. He said things had been very tough and he hoped that things would turn around for everyone soon. The can was filled by now.. and the young man told me 10 times over thank you for the help. I told him have a safe trip home to Texas. Now the silly ole lady that I am... I was 4 miles down the road before I thought to say.. hey let me fill up that tank so you can make it home safe without having to ask for more help.. but like I said .. I didn't think in time.. Too bad I didn't!!! This is one of the days that makes you feel good to be alive and Free!!! ... Random Acts Of Kindness... It didn't hurt me giving this young man 5 bucks in gas... I just hope there are others along the way that will help him and his family make it safe to their home to Texas. I hope your journey is safe.. God Speed!!

Good Morning Ladies ;)

I know its too soon or still summer.. but fall will be upon us before we know it.... I'm on bended knee ... once again I am begging for Quilters to help complete out my first group on the Halloween Swap. If I can just fill the last three or four spots I will be so Happy :) There are only a few days more for sign ups.

I have also sent out invitations for a Christmas block swap......If you would like to join in on a Christmas block Swap let me know... I have about 10 openings left on that too.... I sent out emails to the ladies that have played along in my quilt block swaps before. But......... if your new to my blog and would like to play let me know.. It's first come first served on sign ups.... I really would like to get Group one of Halloween Block swap filled and all of the Christmas block slots filled.... So ladies if you know anyone that would like to join in on the fun.. give them my email address and the link to see what the rules are :)
I have received some very lovely blocks in the past..
I really enjoy seeing others finished items
and how their creative minds work :)
If your interested just give me a shout!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hello ladies I have just been informed by Carmen she is having a special auction to auction off some of her very fun and whimsical Feather Tree Ornies....
Here is what.. Carmen has to say :)
I am donating to Make a wish for Children 25 percent of the sale. The bid starts at only a penny. This cause means a lot to me. I am so thankful that I have 4 healthy children. When my little one was born I was terrified. His platelets were low and they had to keep him. They had me so scared telling me that he might have cancer. Thank God within a week his platelets went up on their own. To this day I baby him and get afraid something will happen. I hope you bid and tell your friends. If this goes well next week I will donate 100 percent!

Just click on the photo to go to Ebay to bid on this little guys... a percentage of the profit goes to help out the Make A Wish Foundation :)
My sweet Followers don't forget to pass this on... we really need to get the word out ;)
Thank you in advance for helping to spread the word of this auction!

I know I shouldn't have!!!

There are just times in your life when you just have to say to heck with it.. I want this and nothing or no one is going to stop me from getting it.... Today was one of those days.. its like when your walking down the mall commons and you stop to admire a pair of shoes...... yes these particular shoes are sensible.. they are low flats.. can be worn anywhere.. but your eye is drawn to those glorious red stiletto heels.. you know you must have those and nothing will stop you until you have them on your feet. Well ladies this little item is one of those items that could not be turned down by your lovable APP:..........


Isn't this bracelet awesome it is a one of a kind from
Spooky Hollow Folk Art.
You have never visited Carmen????
.... you should run over and check her shop out.
When you stop by tell her I sent YOU!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Blocks for Lissa

I just received word from Jane she has received my 4 patch blocks from Lissa... ladies there is still time to donate to this cause. You can either make blocks or send the following, quilt backing material, batting, or thread. I know there has been a lot of women say they will help .. lets show Lissa what quilters are all about.. If you don't have time to make blocks or send products.. Please send Jane a donation (every little bit helps) toward the needed backings, thread, and battings. Go forth ladies, and do your
Aunt Pitty Pat proud... you rock :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


2/3 cup coconut
2/3 cup nuts
2/3 cup chocolate chips
1 box chocolate cake, ingredients as necessary
8 oz cream cheese, softened
1 lb powdered sugar
1 cube butter, softened

Preheat oven to 350*

To get the directions for this yummy cake go to:

Yesterday was a big day ;)

I awoke yesterday and had to go to two doctors. Luckily both doctors were in the same building. First off I went to the Allergist. There I received 3 new meds to use. Then it was off to another doctor who said "You might have to have to have surgery". Oh well that does happen once in a while. I had to stop at the X-ray dept.. before leaving to get a chest x-ray to insure my lungs were ok.. since I have been having a coughing spell for a few months now. Cough cough cough ....... Allergist just seems to think its my allergies and asthma that is giving me problems.. he just wanted to be on safe side of the lung thing, since I use to smoke a long time ago. I am smoke free for 11 years now .. Yeah!!! You can stop smoking.. it can be done.... But the price???? For some....... is a lot of weight gain like me... but I am healthier.. just not happier with all the extra lbs!! LOL.
Then after that I when shoe shopping.. I have not purchase myself any new shoes in almost 12 years. I attribute that to purchasing good quality. I went into the shop looking for my beloved Born Shoes and they no longer carry them.. but to my surprise I found these :) Yes I did purchase both pair :)

Ladies what you are looking at are very unique special shoes... They are Earth Shoes.. we use to wear these in the 70's. These are made by the same company as back then. The shoes are still made the same way... when I use to wear them in the 70's. I loved them then and I hope I love them now. I know it will take me a tad bit of time to get use to wearing them again. The reason is they have a negative heel.. That means your heels are lower than your toes.. which makes you work your tummy, and calf muscles and stand with better posture. The concept is to touch with the heel and roll the foot to the toe with each step. The best thing about the Earth shoes are.... nicer looking legs and a tighter tummy without a lot of extra work.. I'm all for that :) lol Getting fit and trim by only wearing your shoes everyday.. yes that's a plan ;) And a good one I must say :)
Then it was off to the fabric shop to get some iron in interfacing.. and some material to make my Halloween Blocks. I have the needed materials for the appliques. I just didn't have enough material for the 12 .. 12 1/2 inch back ground squares..... so off to the fabric shop I went.. does that hurt my feelings??? Heck no :) I also purchased some more muslin for Annie's ;) I don't know how one Annie becomes 8 or 10 but my Annie list is growing again.. I must get with it and start making them :) LOL I know any excuse to fabric shop .. I'm IN :) As you can see it was a fun filled day of shopping :) I can't say much for the Doctors visit though :) lol ...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yeah its the weekend for me ;)

I am so happy I have my 12 four patch blocks done ... They are the ones that I am making for Lisa.. they are completed and now all I have to do is make my siggy block to send along.. I hope some of you other wonderful women have chosen to help Jane with her endeavors to make quilts for Lisa :) I know it only took me one 30-45 min trip to the Hobby Lobby after work one nite.. and a couple of hours this evening to do these lovingly donated blocks for Lisa... so what are you waiting for??? One block or a dozen any will help ;) Jane has also said she could use other donations like batting :) Maybe some backing fabric also :)
Tomorrow is a Dr day but when I get home I am going to work on my Halloween blocks a tad :)
APP has to start working on the blocks.. I am in three block swaps and my tote swap and two Annie Swaps.... So the APP is busy busy busy sewing away!! Then really really soon... we will be doing another challenge on Pins.
I will be hosting the next one also.. Looking forward to finding something fun for all of us to do :)
Did I also mention I have been working on Bubba's and Big Daddy O's Christmas presents. I am hand stitching some of the blocks.. There are 12 hand stitched blocks per quilt. I have 6 of the 24 completed. Pretty good for only working on them a week or so during my down time at work :) Which is not often... Sunday is my slowest day.. but for some reason today was busy busy busy!
I am hoping to have all the hand stitched blocks done by the first of Nov... because I will probably need a couple of months to get all the quilt blocks put together and quilted. I have 3 blocks to finish hand stitching for Step Monsters Quilt... Yeah.... I have promised my self I will do 6 of the guys and one of Step Monsters until all blocks are completed. Step Monsters blocks are the most fun :) I will try and post a photo of some of them soon :) I am having a really fun relaxing time hand sewing these blocks ;) I just hope my family loves them as much as I have loved making them :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A week of Discovery :)

Some of you know that I have done nothing but talking about getting a Go AccuQuilt every since our Sweet Barb from Be Jeweled quilts post a write up about them. I have entered all sorts of contests to win one. I have bid on them on Ebay for weeks now without any luck in winning one. Close but no win, I always get beat out by a few dollars. But I will keep trying ;) Maybe some sweet person will feel sorry for me and I will either
win one on a contest or win one on Ebay now :)
Anyway on with the story :)
Yesterday while I was at the fabric shop in the small town north of me.. I started talking to the lady that works there. We talked about all sort of things.. from forming a Stitchers club during the day, to what fun fabrics were in the shop to make aprons out of.. and about the studio AccuQuilt that they have at their shop. I have to assume the shop has had it for awhile.. because she was not aware there was a Go model out. Anyway I was told that I could come in and use the AccuQuilt for 10 bucks and hour. Well....... my little pea brain told me that I could spend a lot of money renting their machine for that sort of money.. especially the way I like to sew. She advised that they have a lot of ladies that come in to use their professional model AccuQuilt. One thing about renting theirs they own all the current templates. I was told that one lady brings her fabric into the shop all pressed and neat on hangers to cuts her strips on the AccuQuilt. I was told that lady can cut enough strips and blocks to make 4 sets..... for 4 complete quilts in that hour. I am amazed at how fast you can cut the blocks or strips with a Go. All of my questions were answered while I was there. I am amazed at how fast you can cut on the AccuQuilt.

I just found this out!!!
I thought I would just throw this out here.. I am not usually a disgruntled player.. but this I feel needs to be known... I was following AccuQuilt on Face Book. Joining in on most of the free give-aways of the AccuQuilt Go only to find out they only keep that give away contest open only a few hours on Fridays. For those of us that work during the day can never enter!! Or if you were like me before, I would rush home to throw my name into the hat.. and not even have a chance!!! Because the contest was already closed!!! Do you think this is really a fair contest???? Me.. .I have to tell you in no minced words... this really pissed me off!!! If they are going to hold a contest.. it should be open longer than a few hours to make it fair to the entire blogging world!!! especially when people have made negative comments on how they are handling the give aways. Well yes .. it is their product .. yes they have a right to do what ever they want .. but if your going to hold a contest or give away at least be fair to everyone!!!
Having said that I am not sure I want their product any longer...
I sewed perfectly fine without it in the past and will continue to do so in the future!
Thanks ladies for letting me spout off!! Steaming APP in Ta Town!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

App is a head of the game ;)

Since I have sponsored so many swaps of late.. I have been working on the easy stuff. I almost have me Halloween Tote completed! The only thing left is to sew in the lining.. Everything else is done... Yeah.. One swap almost completed. What a nice feeling to be ahead of the game!!! I will sew in the lining tomorrow then I am done. I also finish a Siggy Block that I needed to send out last week. I just need to stuff it in an envelope and mail it out tomorrow.
I have picked out the Annie pattern I am going to use in the Little Dirt Lane Annie Swap. I have also entered into a PVT Christmas Annie swap. I will make that one when I am making the one for Little Dirt Lane ;) I think I will try and cut those dolls out tomorrow after I get the tote finished...... I have to figure out what block I want to use in the Halloween Block swap. Then I need to figure out what Block I am going to use in a PVT Christmas Block swap. I think I might use the Santa I used for Synnove's Potholder swap. I really like how that little guy worked up. Pretty fast, easy, and fun :) He looked cute also :)
The some time this week I have to go to another fabric shop and see if I can find the right purple and green for my 4 patches that I want to do for Lisa :) Remember the blocks that I am donating to Jane :) I looked at one fabric shop today. I didn't find anything that I liked there .. and I ran out of time to go to another shop. I had to get home and do some house work... LAUNDRY.... I HATE THAT STUFF!!! I will drop by the fabric shop that is close to work on evening this week :) Other than that having a fun time sewing!!

Must have Chocolate.. too much work on this blog!!!

It's It... A San Francisco Treat:
shows us a user friendly tutorial on how to make this wonderful ice treat.

I have went to San Francisco for years.. I read the article with the recipe and had no idea that there was such a famous treat as these delicious ice-cream sandwiches..I know all about Sea's Candies.. but not these frozen treats. One must not forget sour dough bread either.. Yummy !!! When I travel to Ca again to see my family. One of these babies will be high on my list of things to obtain.. Ride BART...go to the City check..and get tasty ice treat check :)

To Hot for Pots ..potholders have been received

I just received word from my swap partner she has received her potholder from me... Now I can post a photo of it and also the photo of the wonderful items I received for my partner Synnove.

Above is the potholder that I made my partner Synnove, she requested a Holiday Themed Potholder. I know I know the binding isn't too hot on this potholder. Binding is not one of my stronger points.. At least I don't shy away from it... I try! Nadine is going to give me lessons when she comes to visit ;) Hopefully I will do better in the future :) I also sent along a few other fun items.. two cookie cutters, one of them was a high heel shoe, and the other one was a cupcake. I sent along paper muffin cups, some cupcake sticky notes and I think cupcake note papers.. Darn I am getting old if I forgot what I sent only two weeks ago.. I know I have been very busy this last two weeks :) That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!
Next you will see the lovely items that Synnove made me.. she told me that the yarn was bits and pieces that she had. Some of them are from her Grandmothers Stash years ago. I love my potholder. I even received some wonderful exciting extras. Synnove also crochet me a lovely dish cloth... I just love those bright colors... Fantastic!! I can not forget to mention the awesome Fabric that I also received.. its from a local Norwegian designer called "Tilda". Lastly I received a love little spool of cloth ribbon.. I can always find ways to use that :)
Synnove thank you for all the lovely items..
and thank you for joining in on my swap!

Halloween Block Swap Announcement :)

I received emails from several of my swappers asking me to hold a Halloween Block Swap. If I hold this swap ..... You will not have enough time to get your quilts completed prior to Halloween. I don't know about you but I still like doing the swap even if I can't get the quilt completed on time.

So here is what I am going to do....
There will be two weeks for sign ups....
Starting today and ending Aug 22nd
Only two groups of twelve this time.. When those slots are filled that is the end of sign ups which ever comes first..... Due date or filled slots. You can only sign up for one group at this time. If you want to play in more than one group.. advise in your email... If I need others I will have your name on a waiting list for an open spot. If I get enough for a third group ... I will add one more.. but first lets get the two filled.

1. There will be twelve people in each group.

2. You will make 12 blocks/ Plus one for the hostess if you wish as a thank you for holding the swap :)

A. UNFINISHED 12 ½ inches
B. Halloween colors up to you and each block can use different fabrics.
C. You will need to pick a theme. Only one theme per group. If I have too many of the same theme I will request you to choose another one ;) Or I will suggest one to you :) Please look to see what has already been spoken for in that group and choose another fun theme.
D. I have chosen " Unk I will have to think on this one ;) ”
E. So I will make 12 UNK finished blocks size 12 ½ inches using any fabrics I wish, they will not all be the same.
F. Use any technique you want, some ideas; pieced, paper piece, appliqué, embroidery, fusing, whatever makes you comfortable.
G. Some ideas; Ghosts, Witch Hats, Black Cats, Frankies, Spooky Houses, Witch shoes, monsters..... The list could go on and on.
H. SIGN your THEMED blocks on the FRONT any way you would like, I will have to write because I do not have a machine that can embroider.
Oz, Kansas
That’s, all you need to do any more is fine and up to you.

3. I am trying to stay away from traditional blocks, I want this to be an “out of your box” swap.
4. Blocks are DUE not mailed... by DUE Oct 18th, you only have a couple of months to work on your blocks.

5. US residents can send their blocks to me any way they want but they MUST go back to you in your self address stamped Flat Rate Priority Envelope, it is 4.95. Your postal inspector will know what a Flat Rate Priority Envelope is, so no worries.
International participants, we can talk about shipping later. Most of my International participants pay via Pay Pal after I get the total due for return postage :)

In order to join YOU MUST E-mail me @
Please email to the above email account.

Please email the following:
Your full name
Blog link
Phone Number
And your Halloween theme (MUST be included) This is a first come first serve basis on the theme, so do not wait to long!!
I know this is a lot of information; I am always here to answer any questions.
I look forward to another wonderful fun Halloween Block swap!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Agg its hot and I am finally home from PT!

Another Hidden Jewel in the little town next to me!

One of Ken's Long Arm Machines :)
I was driving home from PT.. when I decided to stop at this little shop that is called KenQuilts Manufacturing and supply. I have driven by this little shop over and over again. I always say when I drive by it...... I really need to stop in there and see what the little shop is all about :)
I did just that~~~ I took time out today to stop and see what was up with the little shop that has been there for about six years. I always thought it was one of those little shops that you could rent by the hour for quilting your quilts. NO that wasn't it at all .. It was a whole world of wonderful stuff for us quilters!! Although the owner thought that was an awesome idea if they do more expanding :) Having rental machines and frames :)
I have to tell you the shop owner is so amazingly sweet. She gave me the 25 cent tour and I loved it. She showed me several of the continuous line patterns for long arm, medium arm, and short arm quilting machines. Continuous line patterns are used with a laser light or stylus and your quilting frame. Those make some awesome quilting designs for your finished quilts. She also sells threads, needles, pre-wound bobbins, batting, full backing materials for quilts, and of course custom made long arm quilting machines.
While I was in the work area.. this gentleman was working on the most amazing long arm machine.. it was a beautiful royal blue color. He told me he was up grading it. It was amazing watching him work on these machines. I told Ms Ken that I was having friends coming to visit in Oct and would she mind if I brought them into her shop for a look see... she told me she would be happy to give them a 50 cent tour when they came :)
To my understanding .. this little shop will repair and service any machine :) So if your looking for some quilting items, long arm machine.. just pop on over to KenQuilt web site.
Here is the fun little ITEM I purchased today
while I was having the 25 cent tour :) I am shocked.. this little baby was less than $7.oo in price!! I have seen these on Ebay sell for as much as $35.00. Let me know if you need one and I will get one for you and ship it too you... surly it would cost less than $35.oo including the shipping cost!
This sweet little cone thread holder has a cast iron base so it will not pop over like its plastic cousin. I don't know about you but I love to purchase thread when its in the cones on sale. Seems like the thread goes further for less money :)
Any way run over and check out the KenQuilt site ;)

I'm Having Fun :) It's not just another siggy block!

APP is so honored and excited to be a part of a very special sewing project. Becky owner.. at PatchworkPosse.... . has asked me to hold a siggy swap for her sewing group. I was invited a long time ago to hold a swap in Aug.. and as usual I got busy and forgot all about it until sweet Becky reminded me. I have written up the rules and Becky is going post the swap on Patchwork Posse soon :) If your a member and want to play along run over there and sign up :) If your not a member you can simply click the button and join up. Becky does have a membership fee for the group.. but its minimal. There is always something fun and exciting happening there!! You will receive brand new patterns before they are published from the designers. Fun informative posts and well....... just good ole fashion fun.

I guess I got a bit off what I was going to say... We were going to do the usual triangle and sq blocks for the swap . Until.......I received this post from Becky about a block.. I loved this block the minute that I saw it. It's called a Butterfly Block. I knew right then we would have to use this block for our siggy swap! It looks very fun to make and just enough challenge to make it interesting!! It also has that little center strip that the ladies can use to sign their names on. I did see on Mrs Schmenkman's blog where she has a siggy quilt posted on it using this very block.

Mrs Schmenkman Quilts has an awesome tutorial on how to make this fun and exciting block. Mrs Schmenkman advises she originally saw this fun block at Choccybangles.
I was looking at all the wonderful fun work that Mrs Schemnkman has done on her flickr account. If you want to see some very fun inspiration and exciting ways to use your fabrics and scraps run over to her page and have a look.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Halloween Tote Sign Ups Start Today

Just a short sec before work.. Halloween Tote Swap sign ups starts today click photo to go to link to tell you the swap rules.. more on this post after work :)

Here is a refresher on what is required of this swap :)
Sign ups start today :)
Aug 1st - Aug 21st.
The projects need to be
received not sent to your partner no later than
Sept 25th.

The requirements in this swap:
1. One Halloween tote bag made with Halloween fabrics. Please make your bag at least a 13 X 14
2. 3 little Halloween goodies... exp candy bar, pack of gum, life savers... etc or even sewing notions.
3. 3 Halloween FT Qts and one spool matching thread.
4. One surprise gift... inexpensive!!!! I stress inexpensive!!! Exp: cookie cutter, Halloween decoration you make, old Halloween recipe book you already have... or even fun recipes on card stock. Remember inexpensive.

Ladies try to use your stash for this project..
or even up-cycle your material for this item.
You could use vintage buttons, old lace,
old sequins, old tulle anything your
little ole heart desires :)
Be creative and have fun!!

If your not into Halloween and want to play along..
let me know you want a fall tote and I will see if I can find you a partner! I can't promise but I will try :)