Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To Hot for Pots ..potholders have been received

I just received word from my swap partner she has received her potholder from me... Now I can post a photo of it and also the photo of the wonderful items I received for my partner Synnove.

Above is the potholder that I made my partner Synnove, she requested a Holiday Themed Potholder. I know I know the binding isn't too hot on this potholder. Binding is not one of my stronger points.. At least I don't shy away from it... I try! Nadine is going to give me lessons when she comes to visit ;) Hopefully I will do better in the future :) I also sent along a few other fun items.. two cookie cutters, one of them was a high heel shoe, and the other one was a cupcake. I sent along paper muffin cups, some cupcake sticky notes and I think cupcake note papers.. Darn I am getting old if I forgot what I sent only two weeks ago.. I know I have been very busy this last two weeks :) That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!
Next you will see the lovely items that Synnove made me.. she told me that the yarn was bits and pieces that she had. Some of them are from her Grandmothers Stash years ago. I love my potholder. I even received some wonderful exciting extras. Synnove also crochet me a lovely dish cloth... I just love those bright colors... Fantastic!! I can not forget to mention the awesome Fabric that I also received.. its from a local Norwegian designer called "Tilda". Lastly I received a love little spool of cloth ribbon.. I can always find ways to use that :)
Synnove thank you for all the lovely items..
and thank you for joining in on my swap!


Jindi's Cottage said...

Lucky you...that little potholder and dishcloth...too cute to use....Tilda's stuff is gorgeous, have you seen her books? Enjoy.

Mistea said...

Way cool goodies - love the pot holder.

Lucky you getting pretty fabric and ribbon too.

Your Santa was way too cute!

Synnove said...

Thank you for the lovely santa - I adore him! And the extras as well, cookie cutters like that are not easy to find in Norway. I love everything you sent for me! And I'm glad you like your items too:-)

Beansieleigh said...

Oh, I LOVE the potholder you made, M!! I do love the holidays, and your little Santa is ADORABLE!!.. Love the colorful striped potholder that Synnove made too! I may have to try to make one like that for myself!.. What a fun swap this has been! I'm thinking about the tote swap, and am trying to make up my mind if I have time for it. It sure looks like it will be lots of fun too!.. Have a great day! ~tina