Tuesday, August 3, 2010

App is a head of the game ;)

Since I have sponsored so many swaps of late.. I have been working on the easy stuff. I almost have me Halloween Tote completed! The only thing left is to sew in the lining.. Everything else is done... Yeah.. One swap almost completed. What a nice feeling to be ahead of the game!!! I will sew in the lining tomorrow then I am done. I also finish a Siggy Block that I needed to send out last week. I just need to stuff it in an envelope and mail it out tomorrow.
I have picked out the Annie pattern I am going to use in the Little Dirt Lane Annie Swap. I have also entered into a PVT Christmas Annie swap. I will make that one when I am making the one for Little Dirt Lane ;) I think I will try and cut those dolls out tomorrow after I get the tote finished...... I have to figure out what block I want to use in the Halloween Block swap. Then I need to figure out what Block I am going to use in a PVT Christmas Block swap. I think I might use the Santa I used for Synnove's Potholder swap. I really like how that little guy worked up. Pretty fast, easy, and fun :) He looked cute also :)
The some time this week I have to go to another fabric shop and see if I can find the right purple and green for my 4 patches that I want to do for Lisa :) Remember the blocks that I am donating to Jane :) I looked at one fabric shop today. I didn't find anything that I liked there .. and I ran out of time to go to another shop. I had to get home and do some house work... LAUNDRY.... I HATE THAT STUFF!!! I will drop by the fabric shop that is close to work on evening this week :) Other than that having a fun time sewing!!


Pam Marshall said...

Can't wait to see you Annie's. Do you have a special pattern that you use?
As usual I'm sure it will be beautiful as is everthing you do.

CJ said...

Wow! Auntie,
You are sooo busy you are making my head swim just trying to read about it! lol!!! :) But indoor "busy" is good in this dreadful heat, keep the mind off of it!