Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Halloween Block Swap Announcement :)

I received emails from several of my swappers asking me to hold a Halloween Block Swap. If I hold this swap ..... You will not have enough time to get your quilts completed prior to Halloween. I don't know about you but I still like doing the swap even if I can't get the quilt completed on time.

So here is what I am going to do....
There will be two weeks for sign ups....
Starting today and ending Aug 22nd
Only two groups of twelve this time.. When those slots are filled that is the end of sign ups which ever comes first..... Due date or filled slots. You can only sign up for one group at this time. If you want to play in more than one group.. advise in your email... If I need others I will have your name on a waiting list for an open spot. If I get enough for a third group ... I will add one more.. but first lets get the two filled.

1. There will be twelve people in each group.

2. You will make 12 blocks/ Plus one for the hostess if you wish as a thank you for holding the swap :)

A. UNFINISHED 12 ½ inches
B. Halloween colors up to you and each block can use different fabrics.
C. You will need to pick a theme. Only one theme per group. If I have too many of the same theme I will request you to choose another one ;) Or I will suggest one to you :) Please look to see what has already been spoken for in that group and choose another fun theme.
D. I have chosen " Unk I will have to think on this one ;) ”
E. So I will make 12 UNK finished blocks size 12 ½ inches using any fabrics I wish, they will not all be the same.
F. Use any technique you want, some ideas; pieced, paper piece, appliqué, embroidery, fusing, whatever makes you comfortable.
G. Some ideas; Ghosts, Witch Hats, Black Cats, Frankies, Spooky Houses, Witch shoes, monsters..... The list could go on and on.
H. SIGN your THEMED blocks on the FRONT any way you would like, I will have to write because I do not have a machine that can embroider.
Oz, Kansas
That’s, all you need to do any more is fine and up to you.

3. I am trying to stay away from traditional blocks, I want this to be an “out of your box” swap.
4. Blocks are DUE not mailed... by DUE Oct 18th, you only have a couple of months to work on your blocks.

5. US residents can send their blocks to me any way they want but they MUST go back to you in your self address stamped Flat Rate Priority Envelope, it is 4.95. Your postal inspector will know what a Flat Rate Priority Envelope is, so no worries.
International participants, we can talk about shipping later. Most of my International participants pay via Pay Pal after I get the total due for return postage :)

In order to join YOU MUST E-mail me @
Please email to the above email account.

Please email the following:
Your full name
Blog link
Phone Number
And your Halloween theme (MUST be included) This is a first come first serve basis on the theme, so do not wait to long!!
I know this is a lot of information; I am always here to answer any questions.
I look forward to another wonderful fun Halloween Block swap!


Sherry said...

I am very very sad becayse I can not join this swap due to working. I will not be able to read any more of your blog because every time I see you talking about this swap I will be very very sad. SO for now I will ahve to pass you blog so I don't get to sad. Just kidding I will have to learn to get over it I can't join everything. Hopefully your next one.