Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some things in Life Just make you SMILE

I know I have already posted today.. but I wanted to share this with you. I had to go into town and get a CT scan on my lungs. While I was there getting the CT I had to get a Mamo gram. (public service announcement... if you haven't gotten your yearly scan.. call and set one up today. Early detection saves lives )
On with the story
I knew my truck was just on fumes in the gas tank. I knew I had to stop and get gas before going to the Dr's. I drove into the next town and pulled into the stop and rob. There I sat out.... going about the business of getting petro in my little red truck. What do you do while your standing there filling up the tank??? Me I look at the people in the parking lot. I was standing there looking at all the people. A young man started coming toward the gas pumps. He had a little two gallon gas can in his hand. That's not strange .... there was a pump open next to me... As this young man approached.. he had this huge smile on his face that said... please let me speak to you! He got with in 10 feet of me and said hello.. of course I said hello back. Let me explain to you how this young man was dressed.... as he came walking up to me .. I thought to my self.. buddy you look silly with those pants rolled up like that in the middle of your calves and no socks on with those high topped tennies. *Looked sort of like Jack Sparrow's Pants, all rolled up like that* His hair was a jumble mess just like he got out of bed and not combed.. his t-shirt was a wrinkled dirty mess.
He didn't stop at the pump beside me but continue to walk up to me... In his politest kindness voice he said to me... I am so sorry to have to ask.. but could you spare a little bit of gas?? Several things hit me at that moment. This young man did need help and he was not just panhandling because he wasn't wanting to work. Something had went wrong!!! I told him sure I'll help.. I filled up that little red can without a second thought. As the can was filling this young man asked if I lived in the area? I said yep close to.. I then asked where he was from.. he said Texas.. he had to come up north because the family needed him. He said things had been very tough and he hoped that things would turn around for everyone soon. The can was filled by now.. and the young man told me 10 times over thank you for the help. I told him have a safe trip home to Texas. Now the silly ole lady that I am... I was 4 miles down the road before I thought to say.. hey let me fill up that tank so you can make it home safe without having to ask for more help.. but like I said .. I didn't think in time.. Too bad I didn't!!! This is one of the days that makes you feel good to be alive and Free!!! ... Random Acts Of Kindness... It didn't hurt me giving this young man 5 bucks in gas... I just hope there are others along the way that will help him and his family make it safe to their home to Texas. I hope your journey is safe.. God Speed!!


Jeni said...

hi this is the first time I have read your blog.................and you touch me with your kindness...the world needs more people like you

Kathy said...

What a heartwarming story! You are an Angel and I know the young man was very grateful to you.

CJ said...

Very sweet of you, Auntie! People are hurting all around us and I'm afraid it's not going to get better anytime soon...

Khris said...

That brought tears to my eyes...you are a special person...others would have judged that young man and told him were to go....It makes my heart smile to read what you did...this could easily be somebody we know one day even though we would never think that while things go well for us. Big hugs to you Aunt PP...hugs Khris