Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Having Fun :) It's not just another siggy block!

APP is so honored and excited to be a part of a very special sewing project. Becky owner.. at PatchworkPosse.... . has asked me to hold a siggy swap for her sewing group. I was invited a long time ago to hold a swap in Aug.. and as usual I got busy and forgot all about it until sweet Becky reminded me. I have written up the rules and Becky is going post the swap on Patchwork Posse soon :) If your a member and want to play along run over there and sign up :) If your not a member you can simply click the button and join up. Becky does have a membership fee for the group.. but its minimal. There is always something fun and exciting happening there!! You will receive brand new patterns before they are published from the designers. Fun informative posts and well....... just good ole fashion fun.

I guess I got a bit off what I was going to say... We were going to do the usual triangle and sq blocks for the swap . Until.......I received this post from Becky about a block.. I loved this block the minute that I saw it. It's called a Butterfly Block. I knew right then we would have to use this block for our siggy swap! It looks very fun to make and just enough challenge to make it interesting!! It also has that little center strip that the ladies can use to sign their names on. I did see on Mrs Schmenkman's blog where she has a siggy quilt posted on it using this very block.

Mrs Schmenkman Quilts has an awesome tutorial on how to make this fun and exciting block. Mrs Schmenkman advises she originally saw this fun block at Choccybangles.
I was looking at all the wonderful fun work that Mrs Schemnkman has done on her flickr account. If you want to see some very fun inspiration and exciting ways to use your fabrics and scraps run over to her page and have a look.


Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I keep seeing these butterfly quilts all over blogland. I think they are all gorgeous! This will be a fun block for a siggy swap :)