Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CT scan report is in...

Aggg if its not one thing its another... Some of you know that I have been having a terrible cough., for several months now. I just figured it was allergies.... How would you know that.. because you have either talked to me on the phone or on Skype. I decided a couple of weeks ago to go to the Allergist to have a check up. They did a lung function test on me and the results was good. They sent me home with some new drugs and I was to come back in for a two week check up. That was last Tuesday... of course everyone read about that. The day after the X-ray the doctors office called and said you need a CT. I asked them why and they sort of hem hawed around, never really telling me anything. Some of you know the history of my Mom only having one lung after having one removed from cancer. My doctors are very aware of that fact too... so anyway I went yesterday to get the CT scan done. Today I received a call from the Doctors office.. and the Nurse said "The lesion they were concerned with is only pneumonia. Nothing to worry about we will send you out some meds and in two weeks we want you to get another X-ray". Now I don't know about you.. but when they told me CT scan.. I didn't think it was very good... I have to say I am very shocked that I have pneumonia because I don't have a productive cough. The nurse did say there are all types of pneumonia... I was telling mom all about it tonite and she says that I will get pneumonia very easily now... and my lung tissue is damaged from the pneumonia. Yeah just what I wanted to hear!! Oh well I feel fine except I get very winded..... I can also say I am one lucky lady :)
The big guy upstairs is watching out for me once again :)
Thank you ... My sweet Lord!!!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Good news M! Perhaps what you have is what they call walking pneumonia. No fun, but sure beats cancer! Now you just keep getting better, ok?


Sharon said...

I'm new here, but so glad that your CT scan showed something other than cancer.
My mom and I both had a dry cough for months and the doctors kept saying it was allergies. Finally, my mom's Dr did some tests on her and said it was due to acid reflux. He told her to quit eating and drinking dairy products. She did and she got better!!! So, when the coughing happened to me a couple years later, I remembered that and cut out dairy and I quit coughing! I was coughing so much that I was so weak and would sometimes vomit.
If for some reason, you don't get better with the meds they give you, try cutting the dairy out of your diet for a while and see if it helps. May you get better soon!!!!

San-Dee said...

hi, M, I am so glad to hear the docs did not find cancer. Pneumonia isn't always that much fun, but at least you can start dealing with healing right away! Take care of yourself or Miss Pitty will be giving you a lecture. Let me know if I need to send some chicken soup.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

First of all, thank God is right. I agree with your Mom, the first time I had pneumonia was in November of this year after the Swine Flu. I have had a very non-productive cough for the last six weeks also. Meds, nothing helped. Now he says I had pneumonia and now it is a form of asthma. More meds for a month, so far, not helping. I do not know about you but I only sleep an hour or so at a time in the night. Man I am pooped. We now also have to give up one of our dogs because we think that may be part of the proble. She is 1.5 and a good girl, so we are giving her to the bull-dog rescue society. I just cannot get rid of both of them. We have always had dogs, so I hope down to one will help.
So, now that I left a ten minute comment, I am thrilled you will be feeling better!!

Jindi's Cottage said...

Not good that you have pneumonia but way good that it isn't something worse...take it easy, eat chicken soup, stay away from dairy and take your medicines...I had pneumonia last time when I was 15 and I coughed continuously afterwards for 12 months...but so far I haven't had it again...mind you, this week my asthma decided to rear its ugly head again, grrrrrr...oh and give the Pitty a hug 'coz that will certainly be good medicine. Take Care. Hugs A.

Unknown said...

Good news!

EmileeHope said...

Sorry to hear you have pneumonia, but glad to hear it wasn't cancer!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Thank goodness it turned out to only be pneumonia. I had walking pneumonia before for a couple months without realizing it. I think when someone has allergies it can be easier to pick up different ailments in the lungs.

angiesraggedypatch said...

whew! Close one!
Thank goodness, but you cant think of it as "just" pneumonia. Make sure you take care of yourself or it could get ug-l-y.
So happy for you sweetie!
... I cant believe I just said I was happy you had pneumonia lol...

CJ said...

I know pneumonia is not a fun, but better that then something a lot worse. I was a little concerned about your cough!!
Living with a hubby with lung problems, I'm always in tune for those symptoms. He has a partially collapsed lung and can get pneumonia as quick as a flash if not very careful.
Time to get serious with some good herbs and supplements to boost up your immune system now, Auntie!! :)

Sherry said...

I had walking pneumonia many years ago. At that time my dr. said that I would be prone to lung ailments due to the damage from the pneumonia. . .and I get bronchitis an average of 2 times a years. . .at the most I had it 4 times a couple of times.

So, don't be surprised if you get other "fun" things in the future.

Glad you are feeling better & hope that the meds do their thing quickly.

Sherry V.