Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A week of Discovery :)

Some of you know that I have done nothing but talking about getting a Go AccuQuilt every since our Sweet Barb from Be Jeweled quilts post a write up about them. I have entered all sorts of contests to win one. I have bid on them on Ebay for weeks now without any luck in winning one. Close but no win, I always get beat out by a few dollars. But I will keep trying ;) Maybe some sweet person will feel sorry for me and I will either
win one on a contest or win one on Ebay now :)
Anyway on with the story :)
Yesterday while I was at the fabric shop in the small town north of me.. I started talking to the lady that works there. We talked about all sort of things.. from forming a Stitchers club during the day, to what fun fabrics were in the shop to make aprons out of.. and about the studio AccuQuilt that they have at their shop. I have to assume the shop has had it for awhile.. because she was not aware there was a Go model out. Anyway I was told that I could come in and use the AccuQuilt for 10 bucks and hour. Well....... my little pea brain told me that I could spend a lot of money renting their machine for that sort of money.. especially the way I like to sew. She advised that they have a lot of ladies that come in to use their professional model AccuQuilt. One thing about renting theirs they own all the current templates. I was told that one lady brings her fabric into the shop all pressed and neat on hangers to cuts her strips on the AccuQuilt. I was told that lady can cut enough strips and blocks to make 4 sets..... for 4 complete quilts in that hour. I am amazed at how fast you can cut the blocks or strips with a Go. All of my questions were answered while I was there. I am amazed at how fast you can cut on the AccuQuilt.

I just found this out!!!
I thought I would just throw this out here.. I am not usually a disgruntled player.. but this I feel needs to be known... I was following AccuQuilt on Face Book. Joining in on most of the free give-aways of the AccuQuilt Go only to find out they only keep that give away contest open only a few hours on Fridays. For those of us that work during the day can never enter!! Or if you were like me before, I would rush home to throw my name into the hat.. and not even have a chance!!! Because the contest was already closed!!! Do you think this is really a fair contest???? Me.. .I have to tell you in no minced words... this really pissed me off!!! If they are going to hold a contest.. it should be open longer than a few hours to make it fair to the entire blogging world!!! especially when people have made negative comments on how they are handling the give aways. Well yes .. it is their product .. yes they have a right to do what ever they want .. but if your going to hold a contest or give away at least be fair to everyone!!!
Having said that I am not sure I want their product any longer...
I sewed perfectly fine without it in the past and will continue to do so in the future!
Thanks ladies for letting me spout off!! Steaming APP in Ta Town!!!


gin said...

I do hope you get you one of those very soon! And I like that Santa pot holder you made for the swap, very cute..

Sonia said...

i like the accu quilt, but I hope they come out with more shapes. It seems very limited.

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I completely agree with you about the way they handle the give a-ways. Since people work on Fridays they could at least do it on a Saturday. All these give a-ways are just a way for Accuquilt to build up "suspense" and the need for their product. I did go and buy the Go! cutter (found a great deal) and have to say that it is a good product but not the most amazing thing to hit the quilting world. The Studio would be great for people who sell precut fabric but the Go! has some problems. I think it is great for cutting applique shapes. I do like the Overall Sam die. I won't buy any dies that have more than one shape (squares, etc.) on the die though because it is hard to get the fabric just right to cut the shapes out well. I cut a bunch of 6.5" squares for 2 baby quilts on the Go! and it took quite some time. I cut the alternating 6.5" squares with the rotary cutter and it went alot faster and with less frustrations. I will use my Go! because I spent so much money on it but I don't think it will be a favorite tool.

All that being said...

Sew Fun Quilts is having a Go! give a-way:

I think if you win a Go! it is worth the money otherwise it is a personal decision on whether or not it would be worth it to you.