Friday, November 14, 2014

Working Holiday

Hello sweet friends.. it seems like I never post anymore. Yes I still love my blog but so much has been happening since my last post. 

The Pitty and I flew out to Washington to help my friend Nadine during a stressful time in her life. My visit to Washington was awesome,,, what more could a person want??? Good food, sewing, friends, trees, ocean views, and good cooking. I was able to see family while I was there. We were gone from home an entire month. I didn't have my lap top only my Ipad and I hate doing blog posts on Ipad.
My trip was good until two nights before I left. I feel off the porch steps into a ditch. I broke bones and tore ligaments in my left foot. Then I fell again the next morning before I went to the ER. I can tell you it was no fun flying home two days after braking my foot. Two weeks at home... my foot is still very painful.... In fact I think I will call the DR on Monday.. the pain is in a different area of the foot. Makes me worry about a blood clot since I am not moving around very much.

I did get a bit of sewing in while I was gone.. I started a new quilt for The Pitty it is very cute with doggie prints.... the pieced top is completed.. I am going to add sashing all around the edges and then bind it. The backing needs a bit of piecing. I was a smidge short on the backing material, so that means I have to piece in other materials to make the backing big enough. Isn't that why we call it a patchwork quilting... 

A while back I purchased a cute little scarf kit.... Let me tell you the designer of the kit really needed to have a person review her work... the pattern was a mess and the finish product turned out less than desirable. The materials provided wasn't enough to finish the project... according to how the instructions read. 
Nadine and I talk at great length about the pattern and how it really needed to be improved. The grumpy person that I am.. I contacted the person that I purchased the pattern from and told her my concerns... I was really surprised she contacted me and wanted to make it right with me. I offered suggestions on how to improve her pattern. I told her I didn't want a refund.. I just want to help her in her selling endeavors. She was quite nice and gracious about my contact and comments. 
Photos of the finish project.....

I walked into the kitchen laughing about the few bits and bobs I had left over.. I wrapped the left over knit around The Pittys neck and Nadine said I should make a matching scarf for Pitty... so I did :O)

Nadine and I was laughing so hard.. it was hard to stop laughing to take the of course she snapped the photo with my mouth wide open... I guess its not anything new!!! My mouth wide open!!

OH well I bet you are tired of reading... so more sewing and WA later :O)

I almost forgot... I wanted to share a Christmas Project Idea with you...
I love this idea.. its always fun to hold a warm bowl of soup in your hands during a snow day... this is fantastic.... No more ugly potholders for me!!!

Pot Holders for your bowls...

See the tutorial Here