Sunday, April 27, 2008

My New Baby


Yepppppppiiiiiiiiiiiie My new Baby is here and isn't she a beauty.

I purchased a very nice accessory case for her too.
Isn't the accessory case for the presser feet just a wonderful addition to my little girl. It is in fantastic shape. I thought wow what a find. I know I paid more for it than I should have. But I saw it as a complete set. Which would give it a higher value.

I have been so busy at work I haven't even had time to plug her in to see if she really works... I just love her... she is in very good condition. The carring box is in great shape. It still has the tray that goes in it for carrying your goodies. Her decals are a bit worn on the front. Where fabric has slid across her for those handmade items. That just tells me that the little girl got used quite a bit from her other owner. Wow the stories this little girl could tell. My little baby was made in the good ole US of A.. But I would like to try and purchase one from Britain. I like the White colored little Feather lites also.. I just might keep and eye open for one of those too. If I can get it for a nice price.

Ok girls calm down and stop turning green!!!!! I have been wanting one of this little girls for over 10 years now.. I finally broke down and purchased one. I had to wait to get her until I got my baby lock...which I did last year... Speaking of Baby lock she is a jewel for being a use machine. This is not the machine that I purchased...but mine is just like this one. Only mine has had the upgrade on her. She sews like a dream.. I just love her.

I don't know the tradition ... does one name their sewing machine? If you do help me find a great name for 3 of my machines... my new baby and the baby lock and older singer. I also have a baby lock serger that needs a name too....

If you come up with a great name leave me a comment.. thanks all for letting me share my sweet machines with you.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Did you say you needed a lot of Battries? An interesting way to get them inexpensively...

I received this very interesting video concerning AA Batteries... Watch it and learn something very interesting. You can also save a ton of money. This is my kind of information :)

A Unexpected Surprise Gift

Look at My wonderful little book bag... for all my small project sewing needs.

Wow look at this fantastic Surprise Gift I received in the mail from Sewsewsuckurtoe...It is an awesome book bag. I just love it... as you all know I am a country type gal... with jean material and cotton handles this sweet book bag suits me to a T.... Quite sturdy with lovely printed retro cotton. I just love the jean side pocket embellished with the sweet buttons..

***** Probably from buttons she purchased from me :o) *****

Inter-net Friendships:

I meet new friends all the time.. Like my new friend Cathy that I received that very nice eco-friendly bag and pattern from. That I have posted about on my blog. She has also invited me to a wonderful web site that has over 300 members.. they are women that love aprons. If you are interested in aprons give me a shout and I will send you and invite to join.

This getting to know other sewers has been wonderful for me... as I live alone... I have gained a group of wonderful and special sewing friends on the inter-net... we have chatted so often it seems like we live in the same town.. We are always trading things we need to make projects.. or sometimes we just send things to each other we find ...As just a because... your my friend.

Let me tell you some about my sewing friends

Kate... she is my inspiration on all up-cycled items.. she is a dear heart... I love the fact she is a stay at home mom... and is sewing to help supplement her families needs.

I know that Erin uses wonderful wool fabrics for her little wallets she makes. So I keep and eye out for wonderful little skirts or pants for her recycled upscale items.

Lorrie from Swanky dog fashions.. was my very first Etsy friend... I think we both started the site about the same time and struck up a wonderful friendship.... we have encouraged each other with small posts and admiration's.. I have purchased some very pretty puppy dresses... for the Pitty Pat from her... I just love her designs...

There is Debi that has given me those wonderful little shoe patterns.. I just love chatting with her.. she is from England.. and they have such a funny sense of humor. Check out her blog I laugh everytime I read it... She can always put a smile on my face. What a wonderful person to call friend.

Last but not least.....there is my dear friend Trish from Sweet Blessings Boutique......she is my very first sewing friend on the inter-net... we are always sharing wonderful ideas and trading items when we need something the other one doesn't have. We also send each other little care packages once in a while just to say I am thinking of you and I care about you..... Small little gifts put a smile on each others face.. It's always wonderful to get a surprise gift in the mail.

I find its more cost effective to trade things back and forth... it also falls under my Green way thinking... As you know us sewers have tons of items in our stashes. I think it is wonderful to find such giving and sweet people to share your dreams and ideas with. I just love the fact I am able to put their wonderful creations up here on my web blog to share with others. I hope posting their wonderful items on my blog.. gets them tons of sales in their great shops. We are just a group of women who sew... trying to share ideas and make a few dollars for our families along the way. I hope I have encouragaed you to do sweet little things for your internet friends.. They are wonderful to have and should be charished.

A Big Thank you all for Being in My Life, I am very honored that you consider me a friend!!!!!!

One last little item: I also would like to tell you I have gain some other dear friends on the net that purchase or have purchased my pet apparel from me ...

Debbie and her 5 wonderful fur Babies from NY a big hug to you my sweet friend.

Beth and Allie from CA who sends me wonderful little ecards in the mail just when I need a boost. You are a joy to have in my life..Thank you.

~~~~~~~~~ To all of my sewing fiends I think we should do a swap... post me and let me know what you think... They can be small items or they can be bigger items.. its up to you. Or we can choose an item to make for each other.. If we have six people that want to participate...we have to make six items... one for each person ... wouldn't that be fun???? I know I feel like I am always working... so this would give us a break and get some very nice handcrafted items that we can share with others, if we chose to give them away as gifts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My Wonderful Eco-friendly Trade

!!!!!!!Go Green My Little Pretties!!!!!

Look Look Look at my fabulous eco-friendly bag I traded for. Isn't it the prettiest little ole thing you ever seen? I am in love with it.. The designer was so gracious she even sent me the pattern and instructions as a gift when I was so sick recently. Wasn't that just about the sweetest thing anyone could do. Cathy knows how much I love my little bag. Once again Cathy thank you for your generosity.
I am sure you can purchase this wonderful pattern from her ... Her Etsy shop is Aunt Daisy's Cottage.. in my list......She told me she teaches others how to make these wonderful little bags in a sewing class she holds in her home state of Oklahoma. Cathy as you know I have told you several times how much I love this sweet bag. I can't wait to find the time to make more of them.
I know what some of my Green family in CA are getting for Christmas :0) .... Ok family you didn't just read that... It was a fig Newton of your imagination....LOL Allie do you remember when we use to say that to each other?

Another sweet bag with different fabrics

Here is more about these wonderful little bags. I don't know if you can see the attention to detail on my wonderful little bag... Cathy has used some great embroidery stitches on the seams of this little bag. I hope the picture shows this detail...
If not get out your glasses!!!!!
LOL I am mean!!!!

FrabricHolics'Shopping Bag Paper or Plastic?

Make mine Fabric!

Whether you're all about "going Green" or simply feed-up with those mountains of plastic bags you get with your purchases, here is another good reason to buy fabric! Make your own shopping bags. This is a cute and EASY pattern that is also fat quarter friendly.

One yard total is all it takes!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If Stephanie Plum novels became a movie

Who do you think would make great characters for this movie if it were to happen? Who would you cast in the roles? I have discussed this topic at length with friends that read Janet Evanovich books.
I think the following people should be in the roles.
Stephanine Plum: This klutzy girl has to be Sandra Bullock.
Joe Morelli: Christopher North or David Doreanaz the Man who plays Booth on Bones.
Lula: Hands down has to be Queen Latifah. She is way funny in her movie roles.
Ranger: I could never make up my mind on this actor. I need some help on this one... too many great men to choose from for this part.
Grandma Mazur: The little grey haired mother on the Golden girls would have made a great grandmother.
Uncle Vinnie... Has to be played by Danny Devito (sp) Little short growley guy.
The Mother: Never gave it much thought... Maybe Raymond's Ramono's mom.
Connie: She would have to be someone with big hair and long finger nails. The rest of the characters I haven't really given much thought..
Sister, Brother in law, the children,Tank ...he would have to be a huge man in size.
If I forgot someone in the book and you think and actor would play the part great... give me a post.

My girlfriend sent me the following insert through my regular e-mail. I would like to share it with everyone.. It has some really good suggestions for the parts of my Stephanie Plum Movies.
I think I have the secretary nailed on the Plum novels. Remember Carol Burnett when she played the secretary who filed her nails constantly and walked with her aaah rump sticking out in that tight skirt? The sister could be brainy goth scientist (Abby) on NCIS with husband John Candy as lawyer Kloun. The young Olsen girls would have been good nieces with crazy imaginations. And the 2 cops that always come to the rescue after laughing their heads off would be the old detectives on Law and Order. I see Tank as the guy who played the wonderful prisoner on death row with Tom Hanks in the Green Mile.

M., I think we would have a great cast as we have played this game for a couple of years! Love the blog! V