Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Wonderful Eco-friendly Trade

!!!!!!!Go Green My Little Pretties!!!!!

Look Look Look at my fabulous eco-friendly bag I traded for. Isn't it the prettiest little ole thing you ever seen? I am in love with it.. The designer was so gracious she even sent me the pattern and instructions as a gift when I was so sick recently. Wasn't that just about the sweetest thing anyone could do. Cathy knows how much I love my little bag. Once again Cathy thank you for your generosity.
I am sure you can purchase this wonderful pattern from her ... Her Etsy shop is Aunt Daisy's Cottage.. in my list......She told me she teaches others how to make these wonderful little bags in a sewing class she holds in her home state of Oklahoma. Cathy as you know I have told you several times how much I love this sweet bag. I can't wait to find the time to make more of them.
I know what some of my Green family in CA are getting for Christmas :0) .... Ok family you didn't just read that... It was a fig Newton of your imagination....LOL Allie do you remember when we use to say that to each other?

Another sweet bag with different fabrics

Here is more about these wonderful little bags. I don't know if you can see the attention to detail on my wonderful little bag... Cathy has used some great embroidery stitches on the seams of this little bag. I hope the picture shows this detail...
If not get out your glasses!!!!!
LOL I am mean!!!!

FrabricHolics'Shopping Bag Paper or Plastic?

Make mine Fabric!

Whether you're all about "going Green" or simply feed-up with those mountains of plastic bags you get with your purchases, here is another good reason to buy fabric! Make your own shopping bags. This is a cute and EASY pattern that is also fat quarter friendly.

One yard total is all it takes!