Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If Stephanie Plum novels became a movie

Who do you think would make great characters for this movie if it were to happen? Who would you cast in the roles? I have discussed this topic at length with friends that read Janet Evanovich books.
I think the following people should be in the roles.
Stephanine Plum: This klutzy girl has to be Sandra Bullock.
Joe Morelli: Christopher North or David Doreanaz the Man who plays Booth on Bones.
Lula: Hands down has to be Queen Latifah. She is way funny in her movie roles.
Ranger: I could never make up my mind on this actor. I need some help on this one... too many great men to choose from for this part.
Grandma Mazur: The little grey haired mother on the Golden girls would have made a great grandmother.
Uncle Vinnie... Has to be played by Danny Devito (sp) Little short growley guy.
The Mother: Never gave it much thought... Maybe Raymond's Ramono's mom.
Connie: She would have to be someone with big hair and long finger nails. The rest of the characters I haven't really given much thought..
Sister, Brother in law, the children,Tank ...he would have to be a huge man in size.
If I forgot someone in the book and you think and actor would play the part great... give me a post.

My girlfriend sent me the following insert through my regular e-mail. I would like to share it with everyone.. It has some really good suggestions for the parts of my Stephanie Plum Movies.
I think I have the secretary nailed on the Plum novels. Remember Carol Burnett when she played the secretary who filed her nails constantly and walked with her aaah rump sticking out in that tight skirt? The sister could be brainy goth scientist (Abby) on NCIS with husband John Candy as lawyer Kloun. The young Olsen girls would have been good nieces with crazy imaginations. And the 2 cops that always come to the rescue after laughing their heads off would be the old detectives on Law and Order. I see Tank as the guy who played the wonderful prisoner on death row with Tom Hanks in the Green Mile.

M., I think we would have a great cast as we have played this game for a couple of years! Love the blog! V


Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with David Boreanaz as a Joe Morelli, but also actor Eddie Cibrian would be good. I think Antonio Saboto Jr for Ranger. Stephanie is hard but I was thinking Kate Hudson or Rachel Weisz