Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yesterday was a big day ;)

I awoke yesterday and had to go to two doctors. Luckily both doctors were in the same building. First off I went to the Allergist. There I received 3 new meds to use. Then it was off to another doctor who said "You might have to have to have surgery". Oh well that does happen once in a while. I had to stop at the X-ray dept.. before leaving to get a chest x-ray to insure my lungs were ok.. since I have been having a coughing spell for a few months now. Cough cough cough ....... Allergist just seems to think its my allergies and asthma that is giving me problems.. he just wanted to be on safe side of the lung thing, since I use to smoke a long time ago. I am smoke free for 11 years now .. Yeah!!! You can stop smoking.. it can be done.... But the price???? For some....... is a lot of weight gain like me... but I am healthier.. just not happier with all the extra lbs!! LOL.
Then after that I when shoe shopping.. I have not purchase myself any new shoes in almost 12 years. I attribute that to purchasing good quality. I went into the shop looking for my beloved Born Shoes and they no longer carry them.. but to my surprise I found these :) Yes I did purchase both pair :)

Ladies what you are looking at are very unique special shoes... They are Earth Shoes.. we use to wear these in the 70's. These are made by the same company as back then. The shoes are still made the same way... when I use to wear them in the 70's. I loved them then and I hope I love them now. I know it will take me a tad bit of time to get use to wearing them again. The reason is they have a negative heel.. That means your heels are lower than your toes.. which makes you work your tummy, and calf muscles and stand with better posture. The concept is to touch with the heel and roll the foot to the toe with each step. The best thing about the Earth shoes are.... nicer looking legs and a tighter tummy without a lot of extra work.. I'm all for that :) lol Getting fit and trim by only wearing your shoes everyday.. yes that's a plan ;) And a good one I must say :)
Then it was off to the fabric shop to get some iron in interfacing.. and some material to make my Halloween Blocks. I have the needed materials for the appliques. I just didn't have enough material for the 12 .. 12 1/2 inch back ground squares..... so off to the fabric shop I went.. does that hurt my feelings??? Heck no :) I also purchased some more muslin for Annie's ;) I don't know how one Annie becomes 8 or 10 but my Annie list is growing again.. I must get with it and start making them :) LOL I know any excuse to fabric shop .. I'm IN :) As you can see it was a fun filled day of shopping :) I can't say much for the Doctors visit though :) lol ...


Anonymous said...

I gained weight too after quitting smoking! Wishing you good health :)

Mistea said...

Hope all those tests come back clear.

Glad there was some fun stuff after the Dr visits.

Nice looking shoes, have to see if anyone here stocks them.

Jindi's Cottage said...

You deserved a reward after being a good girl and doing the doctors thing and shoes are always a good reward...like the design of the tan one. Got to love shoes that act as an exercise programme without actually having to do anything extra except wear them.

Doris Sturm said...

I gained a lot of weight when I had my bilateral hip replacements because I was stuck in a wheelchair for over a year and now I can't seem to get rid of it - RATS!

So, I hope your lungs are ok, then? What's the surgery for? I cough and cough due to allergies all the time too. I have RAD - reactive airway disease and have an albuterol inhalor (like for asthma) but I don't use it. I suck on a Mentholated cough drop and that seems to help me more than anything. I hate having to cough so much. I sound like I smoke 2 packs a day and I don't smoke - I developed this since I moved to Georgia and my doctor told me that a lot of people have to leave this state because of the allergies. He said Georgia and Louisiana are the two worst states to live for allergies because we get everyone else's pollen - from as far away as Texas and even California - I guess it all congregates "down south" and lingers...so we can all enjoy the full benefit. I seriously am thinking of moving away from here because of this climate.

Becky said...

APP!! I too wore Earth Shoes in the 70's and have a pair now. (But I mostly am barefooted all day at home.) Bought mine at Wal-Mart a few years back. The styles are so much prettier nowadays too.