Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pitty had a bad day!!

Yesterday APP was very bad to the Pitty.... Pitty had to go to the vet for her annual shots. Poor poor Pitty yipped and squealed like she was being murdered at the vets. Poor little girl had to have her blood drawn for her heart worm test. Comparing the needle to her tiny little itty bitty wittle leggie and that huge huge huge humongous needle.. I think I would cry too if I was her. Of course the vet had to grin at me when he brought her back into the room to see me... she ran right over and wanted up in my arms.... Poor little baby... but that wasn't the end of it. Pitty had to open her chompers and have toofies check and a look down her throat. So a huge ignominy for such a sweet sweet puppy. Once again say Poor Baby!!!!
Then she was weighed... poor poor thing has had too many snacky bones.. she gained 5 ozs... The Mommie got scolded... have to get the weight off!!!! That means no more laying upon the couch like a huge taco.. time to get up and let Mommie chase you around the house Pitty!!!
Lastly Doc says time to get the 4 shots... he took her to the back again and all was quite..not a peep out of her. Doc brought her back into the room and said she was a real trooper when it came to the shots. Me...... I think I would have had the fit with the 4 shots and not the blood draw!!! I brought the Pitty home and she wanted nothing to do with me.. and slept on the couch most of the day and the evening. Then when it was time for bed.. she came to bed but did not stay with me... I awoke in the nite and she was out on the couch... She was really mad a me.. but she is better after work tonite ;)
Yeah.... all of that is over until about 60 days when she has to go back in and have her toofies cleaned.. then she has to go through the blood draw again for a blood test. The vet then knocks her out to get her toofies cleaned and insertion of her micro chip :) After that she is good as new ;) Yeah a healthy happy puppy :) She will be ready for this years travels to Oklahoma and California ;)
I just have to prepare myself for her rejection.. do you think I can stand it again so soon?????

Side note..
If you still owe me for postage please send it..
I am still out of pocket several dollars..
If postage is not paid ...
I will no longer hold block swaps...
Sorry that is just the way it will have to be!


Quiltingranny said...

Poor Pitty. The grands kitty just went through all that. We are all caught up with the exception of the chip and that comes next! Amazing how much pain and love we can feel for our pets!
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The Quilting Cat Lady. said...

Poor little Pitty. Thank the dog she will get over being mad, lol.
Alda, Fl

Cheryl said...

Post the names of thhose that owe you for postage, so we know who not to participate with. Keeping the offenders anonymous doesn't help you recoup your postage $$$$$.

San-Dee said...

Our Violet is the same way, she hates the vet. We have been traveling for elder care and she won't settle down in the car until we get on the freeway-otherwise she thinks she is going to the vet. she will have to next month-it is dental health month and she has to have her teeth cleaned, too.