Sunday, January 2, 2011

APP's Next Swap :)

Sewing Machine Cover

I want one of these!!! I love it!!!! Find it here ;)

Yes girls it's the New Year!!!!
A whole new year for us to have some fun sewing projects to share with each other. I know I have been saying for the last couple of years that I was no longer going to host SWAPS.... but when you have so many wonderful nice emails and comments on how much fun and enjoyment everyone is having its hard for me to stop!!!
This year there will be less group swaps and more PVT swaps for me.... I have a lot to catch up on at the OLeo Ranch.... Your saying what is so important that you can't hold swaps??? I will give you a great example... I have to put together some Quilts ..... from blocks that I received from some very fun and exciting block swaps. I have two years worth of lovely blocks that all of my wonderful fun swappers have traded. Especially the Halloween and Christmas Blocks from two Seasons of Swaps!! They are just laying in a pile. I want to put them together this year. That way I know that I have accomplished something wonderful and fun for me this year.
I guess what I am saying...... if you want to swap with me this year... it will be more of a one on one :) I have enjoyed being your Swap Momma and am very Honored to be that person you like to participate with. To resolve my lack of the swap holding... I might organize swaps but not play in them as much. If I don't play in the swap... sorry I will not Angel. I am trying to find some me time..... :)
There will be new swap rules this year... all swaps must be insured and have delivery conformation on them this year!
That way Aunt Pitty Pat will not have to worry about Angel-ing those items that are lost in the mail. If your partner receives a claim .. your partner can remake your swap or forward the claim amount to you.
Thanks in advance for understanding this new change!!!


I do want to remind everyone this will be a medium to advanced skilled sewing project.
Now without further delay here is the project........
There will be a lot of requirements on these items... those requirements are to follow. :)
We will be making our partners the following items:

Sorry No Angel-ing on this swap... enter at your own risk!!!
No newbies for this swap... no one without a blog...
Must have swapped with me before and completed!!!
I will be checking blogs this time!!!

There are some very lovely tutorials around the net for some of these items along with patterns that can be purchased.
The Machine cover can be made anyway that you wish as long as it fits your partners machine, and is enclosed with all 4 sides.
The Machine Apron must have the pockets. This way your sewing tools are very close at hand which makes your sewing so much more fun..... knowing right were that Frogger tool is... I know we all hate to rip rip rip :)
The thread catcher must attach to your pincushion.. this way you have a place to put those pesky threads and pins when not needed ;) Besides I would think the catcher would not fall down with the weighted pincushion ;) Yeah ... none of us like to fall down!!!!
All items need to be made with either pre-quilted fabrics or hand-quilt your own for these projects.
Please use good quality 100% cotton.... quilt shop fabric for these projects!!
We want our items to look good and last a long time!

I want you to make a new friend on this project.......
You will have to contact your partner to see what size her sewing machine is so you can make the cover to fit and the machine apron the right size for your machine to sit on.
The following are examples of what machine covers, aprons, and thread catchers look like.

This nice example is a pattern found at Flying Geese Fabric.. Here :)

I love this machine cover.. it has everything organized so handy.. I found this photo at Everyday Crafty Goodness. :)

This nice machine Apron was found at With Heart and Hands.. Look Here :)

This lovely example is from Karen Anderson on Flickr.. Here :)

This is a McCall's Pattern # 5017 Sewing Machine Serger Cover Cats... I think you can still purchase it.

This sweet example was from Country Kitty on Flickr.... Check out some of her other wonderful fun stuff here :)

I have received an email .. this wonderful little thread catcher and pincushion can be found at sew momma sew :) Thank you Betty Ann for helping me out on this.... Your my hero!!! I am sure that Sew Momma Sew will be happy to have her item featured on here with her name attached ;)

This little thread catcher is made by Kquilts Studio .. its a tutorial.. check it out here :)

I will start taking sign ups now.. and will end the sign ups on the 22nd of Jan and will assign partners the 28th or 29th of Jan .
You will have until May 7th to complete your swap.. and received by your partner.
That means.. don't send out on the 7th... that means at your partners house no later than the 7th.
That is almost three months..... more than enough time to complete this project.
Please don't rush this project.. you have invested a lot of money and hopefully time in making your partner a nice set of Sewing Accessories for her sewing room.

What APP Needs!!!
Phone Number
Sorry no International shipping on this swap. (Us and Canada Only)
(Post office will not do tracking on overseas items)
If your overseas and want to play.. maybe I can find you a partner! No promises!!!
All swaps must be insured and have tracking and signature for receipt on them.
This is a must this time!!!
You have to send me the conformation number!

When you received your Partner:
Ask her the type or machine size for the cover and mat
Color or theme of item she would like to have for her sewing room.
If you want... to add in something special like a matching Serger Cover...
Ask if she could use one of those too ;)
The sky is the limit on your creations.... So have fun.. and start thinking of what you want to do.
Please use 100% cotton quilting fabrics for your projects thanks ;)

I don't expect very many swappers on this swap... I will be surprised if I have 10 of you sign up.
I will see how many sign up...
If not many.. I might hold another swap in unison for my other sewers ;)
Thanks Have fun stitching.

If your a beginner seamstress or just want to do this swap as a challenge.. please let us know when you post it on your blog.. we would love to see your lovely finished items... leave a comment so we can come over and see your project!!!


Wonky Girl said...

You may still find lots of older craft patterns at eBay. I purchased the cat sewing machine cover pattern last year. And at a very low price might I add ;)

Enjoy reading your blog, looking forward to what you are up to in 2011.

CJ said...

Woohoo!!! Let the fun begin :)
Thanks for all the research you did to find all these wonderful patterns, Auntie!!

The Quilting Cat Lady. said...

This looks challenging and I love a good challenge. All the pictures look so cute too I think I have to sign up for this swap, ;-).
Alda, Fl

Unknown said...

Too advanced for me, but once you host a easy swap, I'll be first in line! Can't wait to see what everyone makes though!

Reyes ♥El telar de mi abuela♥ said...

Ohhhh... Thank you very much!!!
I am charmed with knowing that you have liked it fuses her that I have done for my sewing machine.
An enormous embrace from The Canary Isles.

Unknown said...

First I was sad because I wouldn't participate on this swap because of the baby that is almost arriving at our family, in this first months of his life I decide I will not compromise myself with anyone because I'm not sure I my life will be. And than I see I couldn't swap because I will have to ship internationally. But I was thinking that I could virtually participate and I could be my own partner, because I need a machine cover, so I will do it for myself. Tanks for the idea!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Thank you for featuring my Sewing Machine Mat (apron) with caddy pockets and scrap bag....the ones with the white Husquevarna Viking Sapphire. I have lots and lots of free sewing room accessories at my link..come over for a visit and then join Auntie's lovely challenge. Super idea!

Crazy Amy said...

I've done one swap with you so far - the Christmas Mug Rug swap and I loved it. Can I do this one too? the Timing is perfect!

I'll send an email too with my dets.

Madelyn said...

This project has been on my to do list for awhile. So I think I'm going to do this as a challenge. Thanks for the motivation :-)

Crazy Amy said...

i found this at tipnut.

grandmarockton said...

I want to do it but found it TOOOOO LSATE please ??