Sunday, June 6, 2010

Posted Poll to the Right :)

Here are my thoughts on some of the items listed....
Tea towel... you would get a cotton tea towel and either do an applique on it or an embroidery theme, then have a matching pot holder ;)
The Halloween Stockings... you would make stockings using Halloween fabrics and put a few fun Halloween items inside ;)
Eye mask.. I envision these like the grand ball room masks you see in all of the Victorian movies, or Marti Gras.
Up-cycled clothing item.. I see this as taking a mans suit vest and appliqueing on it a Halloween theme or stitching mofits. Up-cycling an item into something new with a Halloween theme.. you could make an apron.. but this swap must be a clothing item you would wear :) Shirt, Apron, Vest, Jacket, Jumper... but has to be up-cycled.. Items can be purchased at the Good Will or an old item you have at home. It must fit your partner too. So that means getting to know your partner by emails to get the size etc.... ;)
The rest of the items are sort of self explanatory :)
Vote for one or more.. at the end of the poll the item with the most votes win..
we will make that item :)

Lastly I want to do a down and dirty Pot holder swap while we are waiting to get started on our Halloween Project...
These can be knitted, crocheted or made with fabrics :)
So that means that my yarn loving friends can join in on the fun... so if you crochet or knit.. please make your potholder with this method ;) Any Theme :)
Of course I can't knit or crochet.. so mine will be made with fabric ;)
Send me an email if you want to play along in this swap..
I need the following information:
Phone Number
Will you ship international????
This swap is for a pot holder only.. no extras!!!
I will hold the entry open through the following dates.. Starting today and Ending the last day of June... then I will assign partners shortly after the closing date.
Please advise if you would like an international partner ;)
Thanks :)


Doris Sturm said...

First of all thanks for showing my black and white cocka-a-doodle potholder on your blog...I was surprised to see it.
Also, I can only vote once on your poll...but you said we can vote for one or more items, only it won't let me. Also, I sholdn't probably shouldn't voet because I don't sew, right? (i.e. I don't do Annnies or Aprons)

I've never participated in a swap before. Is the partner the person you exchange with? Is there a them for the potholders or just any design?

Thanks and I hope you're doing well today!
Doris :-)

Unknown said...

First off hum on the voting on the poll :( I will check into that. You are very welcome Doris.. I just love those little Rooster Potholders.. that you make...they are so darn.. cute!!
I will assign partners and that is who you will swap with :) Its your choice on what theme you want to make your pot holder :)
Yes your more than welcome to vote even though you don't sew.. maybe it might be something that wins that you can make ;)

Unknown said...

When you put in your first vote.. you can click on all the boxes you want.. then press the button that allows you to vote. You can go back and change your vote ;)

CJ said...

I voted!! yay, the fun times are coming back :)
and I signed up for the potholder swap♥ Thanks for the fun, Auntie :)

Oh, cute potholder, Doris!!

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I haven't done a potholder swap before. Sounds like fun!

Beansieleigh said...

Love Doris' work! She makes really CUTE sheep potholders too!!.. Count me in for the potholder swap! Sounds like fun! Just emailed and signed up! ~tina

gin said...

Sign me up for the pot holder swap too. I'm glad to see Doris in the swap. (Hi Doris) She is the crochet queen! Her work is fabulous.