Sunday, June 13, 2010

Surprises abound :)

This week in the mail I received my newest addition of Gooseberry Patch Christmas #12. It has lots and lots of fun and amazingly fresh ideas. There are ornaments, aprons, felting, pin cushions, napkin rings, decorations, stitching, gift ideas, stockings, and great recipes for your holiday fun.
I have been collecting these books for may years.. I always enjoy looking and looking at them. There is so much inspiration in them. The photos of the projects are wonderful and I have to mention the fun little black and white drawings.. I just love those... someday I am going to attempt to do some hand stitching of those cute drawings ;)
But for now I will just drool over the tasty recipes!

Today while working on the New Pins and Needles group here on blogger.. My door bell rang... it was my sweet neighbor boy Matt. He came to see me, he brought a picture that he drew of me... I look very smart in the photo.. he has me standing under a rainbow. Hum I wonder if that means he likes me... I am always leaving surprises for Matt and his younger brother during the Christmas Holiday Season. Matt moved into the house two doors down when he was just a toddler. I use to find him standing out by the fence feeding my old Gillee Girl apples. He really loves petting and playing with the horses. I think he is now possibly in the 3rd grade. My how fast the children grow up. Its always fun when he comes to visit. I really enjoy each time he drops by. Sometimes I drop by his house when he is out playing in the yard... just to say hello. I try to be a good neighbor... I think he feels safe with me, because he knows where I work. I would hope that if he ever needed help he would come here. Well in fact I know he would his mother has needed my help in the past... so I am sure she has told him ... come to my house in case he needs help.
It's awesome to be held in such high esteem :) Its a very warm fuzzy feeling when you hold so much trust :)
Its a great honor... or at least I think so :)


carla said...

AW!!! That is wonderful that he has you!!! Very sweet!!!! Wish all little people had someone so sweet to help watch over them!!! hugs

Doris Sturm said...

I love Christmas books too - I used to have one with old timey stories and recipes and poems and then I moved and somehow it got left behind...I miss it!
That's nice you get visits from Matt and vice versa. It's good that the children have a safety net in you. And I too think it's an honor to have their trust ... it means a lot.

CJ said...

I ♥LOVE♥ Gooseberry Patch books, well... Gooseberry Patch anything! I like it when the new Christmas books come out too. Sooo inspiring :)
Glad you have a sweet lil' neighbor, kids can be so funny, can't they?