Sunday, June 6, 2010

Whats up this week???

Bad to the Bone!!!

I have to say ... my cable line was loose and I was having trouble with the net... that and other things in why no recent posts ...... Not much up this week. Mostly lots of phone calls back and forth to Momma Bear. She will think of something and call and see what I think or pick my brain for police knowledge. I am very happy to help her with what I have learned over the years at my job ;) I have made suggestions to the family on what to do .. and they have been very grateful for the help.
Me...... I almost have the Halloween blocks done for the swap.. also ... I have been doing another hand stitchery... it is an Angel.. I was going to make it into a pillow for Momma Bear and put her daughters name on it.. but I spoke with her son last nite on the way to pick up our dinner and he said he felt it would not be a good time to do that for her... I hold his opinion in high regard so I will finish the stitchery and set it aside and know that one day I will finish it for Momma Bear. When she is ready ....... I will give it to her then ;)
Other than that trying to catch up on the normal daily stuff around the house and trying to get in touch with my own Mom. I finally got her on the phone last nite ..... Everything is going ok in Ca.. but Grandma Peachy's kidney stones are back.. I just hope she doesn't have to make another trip to the hospital. That is so rough on her.. she would rather be where she is at. So its meds and plenty of water for her now ;)
Other than that .. I'm ok and the Pitty is her same mean little ole self ;) she is such a pest ;) But a good pest... I wouldn't have it any other way :)
Thank you readers for visiting :) and leavings such wonderful sweet support... and your wonderful prayers for my friends.



Doris Sturm said...

Well, I'm all for the potholder swap (I left a comment) and just found a really nice pattern I want to, let's do it, Auntie Pitty Pat ;-)

Glad to hear you and Pitty are doing well, but not happy about your grandma Peachy's kidney stones. I will pray for her.