Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Nite.. reflections of the week :(

Hello ladies its Sunday Nite and we are having a huge storm. The hail made it look like it snowed see the attached photos!

Now I am dodging Tornadoes... aggggggggg SPRING sort of weather here! Although it is cold 37 degrees!!!

What has everyone been up to? Me just trying to get back on line after a virus wiped out my computer and my modem... Yes ladies that was an expensive fix ...Now I can stay in touch with all my sweet friends that I have met through my blog and on FB.
But alas.. the computer man said the bad virus most likely came from FB.. so that means very limited FB for me. Sorry if you have gotten use to see me on there. I can hardly afford, every-time I turn around to repair the computer. I have had two viruses in less than a year... I've had my computer for over 5 years before I got my first bad virus, where it could not be clean by the virus protector. Then I just got this one this weekend.. and both of them ... I think came from FB... Anyway... ladies please watch out.. Beware of the things you look at on face-book.
If I have you on Skype please send me an email with your Skype address again please ;)

SEWING ... what's that???
I went three weekends in a row and have finally found my Easter Mug for the Easter Mug rug swap. I have to tell you finding that mug was a challenge in itself ;) I am very pleased with the mugs. They should work out lovely with me rugs.
I finished a tote.. but alas I can not show it yet its a Pay it Forward!
I have my applique pattern picked out for my Easter Mug Rug... yeah .. I guess I have been sewing a bit.. just not like I would like to :)
Maybe this coming weekend...
Hopefully no running to the computer shop three or four times over the weekend ;)
Have a Fabulous Day sweet friends!


Laura said...

These dang viruses! I just had to use malware to clean my computer up! I couldn't even pull up a website! I had over 260 infections...after computer is running faster than ever:)

I haven't had a chance to sew was winter break here for the kiddos. maybe this week I can get some sewing in:) stay safe during the storms!!

Barb said...

computer trouble is no fun....and wow....that is some hail.

Cathy said...

While you have been sewing less I have been sewing more (more than I usually do) I finished my postage stamp quilt top;lovely it is. And I finished a punchneedled chair pad. I thought it was for the kitchen chair but it looks strange there so I am looking for the perfect home. Perhaps an wooden ice cream chair that I just stuck a cover on so it would have a cover. Hope you have a perfect day!

K-Swizzie said...

yes, I avoid all the applications on facebook as well. we use it strictly messages and photos, etc to keep up with family who aren't near us! glad you got it fixed!

Jennifer said...

My husband was talking with one of the tech guys at work. He was shocked the military has opened up FB on all their computers. Before this no one could get into anything like that. Anyway, the tech guy was mad they did it because all the "-ville" games have spyware in them.

I'm actually not sewing right now. Yes, I bought stuff for baby blankets, but that same night (Thursday) the dr called to say my HCG numbers weren't as high as they should be. Basically he's questioning the viability of the pregnancy. I can't handle working on the blankets right now. I haven't even washed the fabric. I had another test on Saturday that I'm waiting on the dr to call me about.

The baby isn't wait made me avoid my craft room though; it was my MOPS group. I do the crafts for my Mother's Of PreSchoolers group and goodness they can burn me out. I like to sew and create for the fun of it, but because I have to.

Val said...

I had a virus about a year ago and found out that it was cheaper to go get another laptop after that go round. I hate that. Glad you are back. Easter mugs are hard to find. I have been looking too. I finally found mine.