Sunday, April 26, 2015

Shame on Aunt Pitty Pat

Wow... its been several days since I have posted again. LOL where does the time go? I know setting in front of the TV watching KDramas... :) 
For Reals... I have been working out in the yard since the weather here in Ta Town has either been raining or at a nice sort of muggy 65-70 degrees. A lot of small trees sprouted up in the yard and I have been cutting them back. I am finally starting to see improvement with the growth and appearance. I can only working out there about 30 mins to an hour a day but its coming along nicely. 
Last night....  I spent a few hours with Bubba trying fix a clogged kitchen sink. We were unable to fix it last night so we will be starting on it again today after a parts run to the hardware shop. I am always trying to fix or repair my old farm house. Sometimes I wish I had a new fancy house but after watching my friend build a new house ... it seems like that was more of a pain in the neck.  
Speaking of Hardware store .... I love going in there because you can find fun and interesting stuff to put into your sewing studio... for example:

Nail a segment of sheetrock connector to the edge of your craft table and use S-hooks, Shower Curtain hooks, and binder rings to keep tools handy.  Idea found at Sew Many Ways

Hardware store - plastic corner protectors meant to protect your paint, 
can be used on the front of your sewing desk to catch tools and bobbins

A tool carousel
You can find these at Harbor Freight or at any Hardware shop.
Great for putting in bits and bobs in your sewing space.

A fun example of a tool carousel. 
After it was painted and embellished for a sewing room.

You can always find a tool pouch at the hardware shop. 
Great for storing your tools close by as you sit at your sewing machine. 

Plastic Paint Tray Liners 
An inexpensive way to separate and store your sewing and crafting projects.

An old picture frame.... some dowel rods and hooks 
 you have a great way to store your ribbons and papers.

Attach inexpensive 5-Pocket Waist Aprons on the wall 
(from hardware stores)
 to organize your craft supplies.

Conduit Pipe Paper Holder.
Find the tutorial at Sew Many Ways

Most of my images and ideas came from pins on Pinterest.. 
and a good deal of the pins were from Sew Many Ways blog... 
I have one final Idea that I love an want to do for myself....

A Mans rolling tool box...
Yes you see it right.. its a man tool box painted pink.
 I want to do this for myself to store all my bits and bobs.....
 isn't this awesome?
I am going to start watching 
Yard sales for the perfect box at a reasonable price ;)