Monday, May 4, 2015

Its Gardening time....

This photo made me smile......

I decided now that I am retired. I want to try and plant a few things on my deck. My time was limited before with work and all of my Dr appointments. I am looking forward to seeing how much produce I can grow with a few tubs of plants and some soil on my deck. 
I want to plant two tomato plants, one cucumber plant and for decoration I want a sweet potato plant. Lastly I want to grow some lavender. 
This is a must... I want to start some herbs. I have tried my hand at growing them before ... without much success.  I am going to try again. Nadine C. in WA has a really nice herb garden. LOL Nadine would pop out the front door to the garden and pluck up a bunch of fresh herbs.  She would bring them in ... give them a good rinse, chop them, and pop them in the pot... you could really taste the difference in the fresh herbs vs dried herbs in the dishes she prepared for our meals. 
I have been gathering up old containers for my deck gardening this week... I wanted rustic looking containers for the farm and I have found the perfect ones. I have acquired three or four old galvanized buckets and tubs. LOL they have seen better days with their rust and holes.... but they will be perfect for deck gardening. I even found an old children's wagon that is going to hold my herbs. Now I just need to find a couple of old wheel barrows. My others finally lost their bottoms.
Hopefully I can go shopping in the next few days. I'll get my soil, herbs and veggie plants.  I will have to keep my eyes open at yard sales to see if I can find the wheel borrows. Keep your fingers crossed I will find some soon ;)


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