Thursday, August 6, 2015

The final mystery plant has been solved

Aunt Pitty Pat's photo.
The last mystery plant is now producing.... first one was a Jalapeno and the last one is a cucumber plant.. There are two little cukes ... 4 or 5 peppers and one Tomato in my garden... LOL not doing as well as I had hoped, by this time in the season. Oh well at least I am having fun!!! My herbs have all died excluding one sage and my lavender. I will work this fall making new wood box beds for the deck next year.... I don't think the veggies like the containers that they are in.... the flowers are growing and doing nicely in the metal containers... just not the veggies.


Tung Nguyen said...

nice ^^

thiet ke nha dep
nha xinh

C Rice said...

You may need deeper planting boxes! Don't give up-just make sure they have lots of water:) Best of luck with your gardening. Cheryl