Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'M Home

My neck surgery was a huge success. I now have the feeling back in my fingers...The lightning strike pains that were running from the back of neck down to the tips of my fingers seem to be gone..... I did one over nite the day of the surgery. The nurse was also thinking I would have to stay another night If I couldn't eat without geting sick to my stomach. A motion sickness patch was put on behind my ear and a couple hours later the being sick to the stomach stopped. I was finally able to eat some scramble eggs for breakfast... Yeah I got to go home after that ;o) 
I am so surprised that I don't hurt anymore than I did prior to surgery. It seems to be about the same level  prior to surgery. I figured the pain would be worse.. but it isn't with the use of meds....Yeah for me... No additional pain. I think..... Everyone has been surprised at how well I am doing including myself ;O) I am having trouble swollowing. It is my understanding that can be a usual out come from the surgery. The Doctor cut through the front of my neck.. They had to move the esophogus around to get to the spine. Meds and throat spray are really helping. I will be off for 6 weeks before I see the doctor. He will determine at that time if I have to take more time off from work. 
I just wanted to let all of you know that I am doing ok.... and to thank you for all the sweet Wishes and Prayers.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm Wanting Cooler Weather!

I love the Fall it brings one of my favorite Holidays ... Halloween.
Speaking of Halloween.. there are still two openings in the Halloween Block Swap... 
Please help me get those two slots filled... 
Thank you in advance... 
First come first on the list.. Email on Posting of swap :O)
I have been surfing the web and have found some awesome things to share with you.

Here is an adorable treat bag for those little ones.
You can find the tutorial at Cluck Cluck Sew.

 Speaking of treat bags here is another fun tutorial at

 I saw these little treat bags and thought wow these would make a great
totes if you made them just a bit bigger and added a handle... they would be great to carry all of those tasty treats.. you will find the tutorial at Sharon Sews.

I just love these little shrunken Heads in Cider from Martha Stewart.

Even your house plants should get into the fun... Horrific Houseplant
Costumes. You will find the tutorial at Indestructibles. 

Here is a fun thing to do with your ice during the Halloween Season ;O) You will find the post at Fahrenheit 350.

The following speaks for its self.. I just love me some Holiday Apples ;O) You will find funny tutorial at Cookingcomically.

Aren't these adorable.. you can make them with any type of jar.. you will find the instructions at Seasonal Home Decorating Blog... Scroll down... you will find them a little ways down.

I love this make your own Ghosts from Be Different act Normal.

I have some very cute Glass Blocks that I use for Christmas Presents under the Christmas tree... why not for Halloween .. you will find the instructions for these at Crafts Direct Blog 

Make your own fun Halloween Decorations with Pumpkins from Better Homes and gardens. You will find other fun things made from punkins on this site.. run by take a look :O)

I laughed and laughed when I saw these little legs... run over to Design Dazzle and get the instructions on how to make a set of your own :O) Whimsical Witch Legs