Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Movies at the Museum

The DD and I went to the MKJF film festival this summer.
I was invited by a dear and sweet friend to come and see the movies.
DD and I saw two very interesting and thought provoking films.

One was about a young boy learning to be a great detective like his dad. The dad was the only man able to captured the bad guy in the story. One day the dad put the boy on a train to go see his uncle. There was a note that had a clue on it. The boy was to identify a secret man. The boy thought it was his uncle. The boy was actually kidnapped by the fathers nemesis. The boy was unharmed and learned a lot how to catch bad guys. The boy was returned safely. The reason all of this happened was because of the fathers girlfriend wanted the child to know his grandparents and what happen to his mother. She wanted the boy to learn the hidden secrets. That the dad would not talk about.

The second movie was about a young woman that had downs syndrome.  The young woman was taken care of by her mother. They lived above the family shop. The young girl Anita was working in the shop when there was a bombing at the Jewish Synagogue. Several persons were killed along with the young girls mother. The young girl was hurt and taken to the hospital for treatment. Anita wondered off from the hospital. After the bombing Anita's older brother started looking for his family. His mother perished in the bombing and the sister was sort of a street person. The people that came in contact with Anita helped her. Some help was ok and other help was good. Finally she ended up with a nurse and she helped her reunite with her brother. 

Official trailer link for Anita.

If these movies are available in your area.. I would highly recommend them. They were worth the watch and read. Of course they were in subtitles for us Americans. ;)
LOL I think one was in Spanish and the other was in French. 

I really enjoyed seeing these movies and catching up with an old friend. Of course we went out for burgers afterwards :)

Monday, July 13, 2015

A whole month

Wow..... I can't believe its been whole month since I last posted here on the blog. After looking back at postings.. the recent ones were about my deck gardening. So far my little plants seem to be growing ok. The tomato plants have blooms and I am starting to get peppers. I noticed some banana peppers and some Jalapenos on the plants yesterday. I have two mystery plants. They did not have markers on them when I purchased them at the store. One appears to be a Jalapeno plant. We will have to wait and see what the vine plant is.. so far no blooms. It is still growing .. which I am happy for. I have lost about 10 of the plants that I purchased. I am so happy I have only lost so few. Some of the plants were in bad shape when they came home with me. The really bad ones surprisingly enough are doing great. The really healthy ones.. have died... crazy!

The really fun part of having this garden this year has been all the baby toads... I was on toad watch for days. I kept telling people if they came to visit.. not to walk on the side walk. I didn't want my toads squished. As time passed...all of my baby toads have moved on. It was fun looking to see if I spotted them among the plants each day. Hopefully they have remained in my yard, and they will eat the unwanted bugs.