Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another fun list of Gift Ideas

Everyone has young children, teens and adults on their Christmas list.. I have been saving ideas throughout the year to share with you. I hope you come up with some wonderful fun handcrafted items for your family and friends. By sharing these tutorials and ideas,.. you will be able make those extra special handcrafted gifts :)
I will post some more Ideas before Christmas if time allows:)

LoL every time I talk with Nadine in Washington she is always telling me how cold her tootsies are ... well I found this fun and wonderful idea I thought I would share with all of you for those cold winter months.. This item Warm and Cozy Toes would also make a wonderful Christmas gift ;) You will find the tutorial for this idea at Quilt Fabric Delights Creative. Speaking of cold tootsie.. I could use one of these right now in my chilly old farm house ;)

Anyone could use a nap sack.. so run over All About You and look at this very fun back pack.. I have had this little tutorial for quit a while now and plan on making myself one right after the Holidays are over ;)

I don't know about you.. but I hate a seat belt to chew into my neck.. here is a very fast and fun idea for anyone on your Shopping list this Holiday Season. You will find the tutorial for these easy and fast Potholder seat belt covers at Obsessively Stitching.

What about that little guy on your list.. here is a very fun and useful way to make and apron for him.. make his own tool belt just like dad :) The tutorial for this fun project can be found at One-Hip-Mom.

Every once in a while you need to have a high chair for your little one and there is not one available. I have found the perfect solution .. take one with you.... were ever you go. This very clever and useful idea was made by .. This Mama Makes Stuff.. it's a fabric travel high chair... All you moms of toddler really need on of these ;)

What person on your list could turn down one of these wonderful useful Bible book covers? You will find the tutorial at Fussy Monkey Business. I could also see these use for any avid reader to keep and carry their books around. Enjoy this fun project :)

I have found some very cute ideas on A Lemon Squeezy Home... here is one such item.. she has made this very useful and creative Bike Basket... run over to her blog and check out some of the other clever ideas she has ;)

Anyone on your Christmas list could use one of these little lunch money cuffs. I could see the jogger in your family using one of these each time they leave the house to go run. Great way to store those few dollars for a cool drink and a house key. This very practical and useful little item can be found at A Lemon Squeezy Home :)

Do you want to give jewelry for Christmas.. I have found the perfect idea on what to make your teens.. Wear your Jeans! I found this fun tutorial at Mich L. in L. A. I can see these little bracelets made with all sorts of materials.. great idea.. and so cleverly cute!!!

Do you have that itty bitty baby girl in your family that needs an extra special Holiday dress? I have found the cutest little Onesie... take a look I found it at Crafting with Intention. I could see this little dress made in all sort of bright colors... for butter cream yellows to Robin's egg blue, and everything in between.. have fun with this one ;)

Here is a cutie for sure.. I know I would love one of these.. little gems.. Isn't this little bag adorable? It's called a featherweight purse.. I can really see where it gets its name.. so small and smart looking.. run over to Blue Primrose and take a look see ;)
I could see this little purse made with satin and laces to make it that special nite out bag... Have fun with this one ;)

Does your tween like to look different than her peers?? Then here is the perfect idea for her. You could make several of these wonderful fun skirts in several different colors... I found this wonderful exciting tutorial on Sneezerville. Heck you don't even have to be a teen to want to have one of these.. I just wish I was this thin to pull off this awesome skirt!! I don't know about you but .. my thinking is .. make one of these for each of the important holidays with fabrics to depict that special day ;)

I just love making softy toys and these very cut and adorable dolls can be found at Gwenny Penny.. these little guys are called Niblet and Biscuit ;) Aren't they fun?

Here is a very clever idea of those little girls on your list.. in fact it could be modified to keep those little racer cars or hot wheels in ;) You will find this fun project at UK lass in Us.

Isn't this little doll house as cute as it can be.. Yes I could see this made into a garage for all those little boy cars too :) Add in a little road mat map and your all set for an afternoon of fun filled games :)


Birdena said...

Thanks for the wonderful gift ideas. There are a couple I would like to make if time allows.

West Michigan Quilter said...

What a great list of wonderful ideas. I'm sending my readers your way. Thanks for sharing.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

What a refreshing blog to visit! Just love the cute gift ideas! blessings,Kathleen