Monday, July 23, 2012

Christmas in July Part 2

I have received a lot of great comments from the items that I posted on the last Christmas in July post. I thought I would pass on some more fun stuff. I just love trying to find new and fun free things to make and give to my family for special occasions. I have found some more fun things to share with you :O)

What little girl wouldn't like this little Bear?
 Find the link HERE along with 1500 other patterns.

Here is another adorable pattern for that little girl in your life...I really thought this was cute.. it's written in Swedish.. but you could use Babble Fish to translate.

 Go HERE for the pattern. 

Flat Emelie and Matt

 I just love this little boy and girl...They remind me of those little Colorform toys.. You ask what was the toy? Sort of a paper doll if you will. It was a little card board scene that you stick the little plastic pieces on. You could dress up the people any way you wanted daughter use to play with them for hours when she was little.

Here is a great idea for those ladies that travel ... speaking of traveling.. I love to travel. You can find the pattern for these very cute personalized laundry bags at  


I always have trouble trying to find fun projects to make for little boys.. I think this is the most clever idea yet. A little car caddy with a little city street on it.. run over to  

Just Another Hang Up 

to see the pattern.

I can see the following item made for either a guy or a gal. Good project for those people in your life that own an Ipod and are active in sports... You can find the tutorial at  


Awesome idea for those little ones in your life. This would also work well for those of us that have to take our lunch to work. Just throw a few in the clean and then toss them in the dirty to know which to use or not use. You can find these very cute pouches at  

The Silly Pearl.

What a cute grab and go tote. Of course it would have to be a favorite of mine because it's made from Up-cycled Jeans. You can find the pattern at  


Here is a cute idea to keep the little ones busy while your driving in the car or waiting on dinner at your favorite restaurant. It might even be fun to give to and older child of yours. ;O)

You can find a PDF for this tic tac toe board at 

Lark Crafts

I love this idea. I try never to put clothing on wire hangers. This creative project takes care of that problem.You can make these out of any fabric. Not just vintage sheets or pillow cases.  To find the instructions for this very nice gift idea go to  

Cherished *Vintage.

As everyone knows I just love aprons. I have found another fun project from Lark Craft an adorable apron. It is also one of those projects after my heart it's made from up-cycled men's shirts.

Here is another amazing idea .... A Christmas Present to yourself... You could also make one for your sewing friends they will marvel at your brilliant gift. When I first saw this.... I ran right out and purchased what I needed to make this awesome fold away ironing board. I haven't made mine yet .. its on the list of things to do... but I love the idea ;O) 

Photo from Texas Freckles... Tutorial is at 

Oh, Fransson!

Do you ever need two pot holders to take something out of the oven. Well I do.. but I am a goof and use a folded up paper towel most of the time... and yes its still hot hot hot on the ole fingers. Well my problem is now solved.. here is the cutest potholder I have seen in a long time. You can find the tutorial to make this fun potholder at  

A little Gray

Do your hands get cold in the winter??? Mine freeze. I found a very cute functional Neck scarf with pockets. Yes I said pockets.. this would be a perfect gift item for your friends and family. You can find the tutorial at  

Delia Creates

I been on a trip to the 70's and I have came up with a very fun idea... Craft Knife has provided a tutorial to make some Tie-Dyed Socks... I think they are fantastic.. I am sure it will be messy.. so be prepared :O)

I wanted to post more fun.. but the notebook has given me trouble all night.... I have been working on this project for about 4 hours now... I guess the notebook is still loading up all the updates it didn't get when I could not get on line... It has taken way to long to do this post... maybe there will be a part 3.... Thanks for letting me share.. I hope you like the projects.. and if you try some out.. let us know.

Maybe it wasn't the notebook computer.. blogger is doing some strange things with my fonts... 


Das Quiltmonster said...

Hi, thanks for sharing!!! Christmas always comes so suddenly.... Nice ideas, I think it's the right time to start!!!

San-Dee said...

It;s so nice to see all these ideas! I have been MIA from blogland due to lots of eyeball trauma and family issues, and to see these fun things to do has really made me smile!

You are so good to post all these wonderful things, and I hope to be able to make a few!