Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello My sweet bloggers... I thought I would write a post to you. Wow where does the time go? It's been three weeks yesterday since the surgery, and it only feels like a week. Ms Nadine has returned home and her family is so happy to see her! Me? I am sad..I miss her so much... but I am so very thankful that she was able to come and stay with me as long as she could. Her family is very understanding to give her up for three weeks. I don't know how I could have managed without her. Not only the great meals that she fixed for me... she also drove me all over town for meds, dr's appointments... and yes ladies we did get some fun in while she was here... JUST load me up with pain drugs and I was good to go :O) I have three more weeks before I go to the Dr. I am still having good days and bad days. I still can't sleep in my bed and my lower back is screaming at me to lay down. I attempted to lay down in bed yesterday... I had a 3 hr nap... that's as long as I could take it. I will continue to try sleeping in the bed. It's the hard plastic brace it has no give so it puts pressure on my neck. 
Speaking of Nadine... When she cooked our dinner meals she made extra food for me, to put in the freezer for the next three weeks so I don't have to fix anything.. or try to go out to eat. Yes she made delicious good meals for me!!
Driving is still sort of iffy... Big Daddy O has purchased a panoramic view mirror for me so I don't have to twist my neck so much. That should arrive later this week. Then he will probably install it next week for me.
I hope I am feeling better in the next week or so to get my own Halloween Blocks completed. Nadine worked on hers and got them completed while she was here. Sorry can't show they are a surprise :O) Nadine did get a lot of sewing in.. she sewed a large amount of hexies while here... she also sewed the following: 12 Halloween Swap Blocks, two pinkeeps/ with hexies, two tote shopping bags/with hexies, one pencil case/ with hexies, one blouse, one cute neck scarf for me, cut out an additional blouse, change her mind on sewing it and started one baby quilt (almost completed) and completed one large carry on tote with hexies for the airplane. I say she did a fair bit of sewing while she was here. I know she enjoyed the time she had to sew!
I had the best time while Nadine was here.. I hope her visit taking care of me was not to bad!!!

Some of Nadines Projects:

This is the large Tote she took home on the plane.

Here are the two very cut Hexie PinKeeps that she made us.

The following is sort of funny... We were eating breakfast out and Nadine had just emptied her jelly container... She say's hummm what can we make with this. We took them home and I made ring pinkeeps. 
Well that didn't work out so well because I used crushed walnut shells and fiberfil.  They were a bit heavy once they were completed. They did not want to stay up right on our fingers. So we took out the elastic band and put a small flower shaped piece on the bottom to cover up the hole ;O) This made a small pinkeep to sit beside you while you sewed watching TV. 
This was our first try... we didn't find the time to do the second try. 
Both of us thought they were pretty cute for trial and error ;O)

The Keep on the left is Nadine's and the one on RT is mine ;O)

I was bad and didn't get a photo of the shopping totes or Nadine's blouse, pencil case or baby quilt. Maybe she will be kind and send me photos.... I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to sewing and sharing with you again :O)


NadineC said...

LOL! Now I'm plumb tuckered out just reading all the stuff we did while I was there ;-) I was happy to come and help you out, my sweet friend. I'll send you the pics I have that you don't in the next day or so. I made lasagna yesterday, at my daughter-in-law's request - she's newly pregnant and I have declared she is The New Queen of the House, and she should get whatever she wants :-) Hope you will be enjoying YOUR lasagna leftovers in the freeezer soon. I showed hubby and son, Ben, the empty grape jelly tins...uh...they said something like I shouldn't be allowed out on my own... Glad to hear Daddy-O ordered you that mirror - yay! Hugs and smooches to you and The Pitty!

luv2quilt2 said...

Glad to hear that you're on the mend and doing well. It's good to hear from you.

Calicojoan said...

It's great to have such a good friend isn't it? :-) Sounds like Nadine spoiled you just the right amount!! Can't wait to see what she made for the Halloween swap. Take care and don't over due for awhile. Hope your on the mend can back to your new and improved self soon! :-)

Jindi's Cottage said...

Certainly sounds like Nadine was the perfect recuperation companion, so fabulous she was able to come and take care of you...take care...

Shawnee said...

You two are such good friends! Love it --- hope you are 100% super fast.