Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Ideas for 2012

Hello Sweet Blogging friends.. I thought I would send out a post today. It seems like I haven't been on the computer much of late. I don't know if its because I have been very busy with loved ones being ill or just plain ole tired. But no matter.. I wanted to share some fun links with all of my sweet followers.

Magenetic Paper Dolls
 Here is a fun project for those little girls on  your list. You can find the post here: Make It and Love It.

Art Bags for Boys and Girls
I just love these little art bags for the little ones. You can find the tutorial to make one like this at 

 Air Fresheners
Here is a fun Idea that would make awesome gifts. You could use any type of jar for this. New ones vintage ones.. the choices are endless. You can find the how to here at Tasty Kitchen.

Icy Cold Packs
I don't know about you but one of these little cold babies would be awesome to have. You can find the tutorial here on  how to make one.  DisDressed

Hand Painted Walking Sticks

Here is a really cute idea.. I would love to have one of these. You would be the envy of all your neighbors if you were out walking with one of these awesome walking sticks......These could be made with love from your little munchkins to anyone in your family :O) Sorry no tutorial.. but I am sure you get the idea. Find the article here at Pepper Paints.

Lavender Sachets by Martha Stewart
This looks like a very fast and a bang for your buck sort of project. I love it!

Hand dyed Socks
Don't these look fun and messy to make. I just love hand dyed anything.. you can find the fun tutorial here at Craftingagreenworld

Pinecone Fire Starters
I made some firestarters for my family a few years ago and they loved them. The ones I made was using old paper egg crates laundry fuzz and wood chips.. but I like this idea best. Seems a bit faster and less messy. You can find the tutorial here at Mrs. Adventure.

Fabric Dish Mats
I really need to make a few of these for me. Nadine C has made some for her home and she says it makes washing dishes much more fun. Your can find the Post at Noodlehead. If you read the article she also provides a link to a PDF for this project.

Cat Scarf
Run over to craftster to find the instructions on how to make this adorable cat scarf. When I had my neck surgery Ms Nadine made one of these for me to use under my neck brace. The hard plastic was uncomfortable on my skin. This little kitty turned out adorable.

Speaking of gift ideas.. I love these. I want to try and make some next year for the guys and girls in my family. Run over to
 JCasa blog and you will find a link for the PDF.

Gardeners Bucket
Make your own adorable one of a kind gardeners bucket... go to Little House to get the tutorial on how to make this adorable apron for your bucket.

I hope this gives you some fun ideas to make for family and friends for Christmas this year ;O)
Happy Stitching and no Ripping ;O)


NadineC said...

Awesome stuff, APP! You are sooo thoughtful to find these great ideas for us :-)

Mistea said...

Oooh Thanks Lots of lovely ideas here.