Thursday, January 3, 2013

Taking a Break

Hello my sweet blogging friends.... It's already the New Year and it seems like life still hasn't slowed down one little bit for me. I need to catch up on some honey do projects now that I am feeling better. I just fixed my sink that was broken since Ms Nadine C was here in Aug. I have several more house hold projects that need to get done. Can't be doing those if I am on the silly computer or sewing all the time.
I have given this a great deal of thought.. BUT........
I am sorry to inform all my sweet blogging and swapping friends......
I have decided to take a break for a while from Hosting swaps. The last few swaps I have posted, there hasn't been much interest. Don't get me wrong..I love swaps.. but it seems like swaps are becoming a thing of the past over this last year. Several swap mommies have stopped hosting swaps, due to lack of participation.
I will see what the year ahead brings.. I have not ruled out swaps entirely.
Having said that thank you everyone that has joined in on my swaps in the past. I have really enjoyed meeting you and seeing all of your wonderful projects!!
I am still always up to one on one swaps.. send me a post and give me a suggestion.
Happy Stitchin and No Rippin :O)


Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I've noticed that there are fewer bloggers hosting swaps lately. I love to swap but between buying the fabric and paying shipping both ways it can get expensive. I've seen more stay home round robins and quilt alongs popping up lately too. People can join in without worrying about shipping costs or deadlines. Plus, there is no worry that your sewing/applique skills are good enough.

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and can tackle some of those boring household chores.

Calicojoan said...

We thank you for all your time in organizing swaps for us. Maybe I will make use of your time off to actually do something with the swap blocks I have collected. :-)