Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How do you feel about these crosses?????? Are they honoring our Soldiers or Are they dishonoring them?

Memorial Crosses on a Hillside in Layffete California

I have seen these crosses with my own eyes and it is a very moving tribute to the soldiers who have lost their lives in the Iraq War. When I saw all these white crosses on the hillside there was only about 1200. I can't imagine how Awe struck I will be when I visit it again.. I hope this summer or fall. There has been a lot of debate about these crosses..

How do you feel about these white crosses after seeing my videos?

Do you think they should be removed?

Or should they be able to stay?

I would love to hear the views of others... This is a very moving visual on the number of lives lost in Iraq....I think the crosses should stay and show the people how many of our young people are loosing their lives in Iraq. It seems to me we are beginning to have another Viet Nam War. War brings change. But to what expense?