Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Story of My Life :o)

Hello My Name is aka Pitty Pat .. Smudge Pudge is my paper name, I also go by Pudja, Princess,
and Lastly sweetness.

Yeah I just turned 2 this month. So Wish me a big happy Birthday.

Pitty Pat 8 Weeks old.
This picture was taken before I came to live with Mommie. I was suppose to be this beautiful blue (grey) and white spotted baby. But alas I turned into a blue sable instead. Mommie loves me all the same :) even though I changed colors on her.

I'm a pocket pup. That is what Mommie called me when she brought me home. I fit in her Jean shirt pocket. I was only 1# when I came to live with her. I now weigh 5#'s and have filled out nicely. I am too heavy Because Mommie feeds me too many Scoobie Snacks.

Pitty Pat her first day in her new home.
She was 9 weeks old. Don't I look so sweet sleeping with my toy that is bigger than I am. This toy is now half my size.
I think Mommie thought I would get bigger...
LOL NOT!!! she knew I wouldn't get bigger... Tee Hee Heee

Pitty Pat 12 weeks of age. She is playing with baby rattles. That is how small she was at the time. See me I am smiling for the camera. Say Cheese :o)

Pitty Pat at One Year. Isn't she a real camera ham. She looks so poised and regal. I have the life of Riley sitting here in my new King sized puppy bed. Don't I look like a lady with my string of beads around my neck? I have several necklaces that Mommie made me to wear with my clothes, that she makes for me or buys from some of our favorite seamstresses.

Pitty at one Year. I just love my new Shabby Chic bed Mommie got me for my Birthday. I sleep in it all the time when I am not sleeping on Mommie. Of course there is St Francis behind me watching over all the little creatures in this house hold.

Here is my very first Halloween. Don't you like my new skull coat? I think I look rather smashing in it. Don't you?
Thank you Swanky Dog.

This is the first harness dress Mommie made me. Isn't it sweet with the little bear on the back. I just look like I got off the cat walk in New York showing off my high fashioned look.

Here I am Last weekend modeling for Mommie again. I am wearing one of her handcrafted dog dresses. It has fIaming skulls on it... what a wonderful goth dress. I will look too cool riding in my Uncle Mick's Hearses with him. Most of my family owns Dead Sleds.. and goes to hearse rallies all the time. I will fit right in. :)
Uncle Mick likes to take me with him.. all the chickies have to stop and ask about me.. He tells them I am a New York rat when they ask if I am a tea cup size. LoL that is one way to pick up the chickies :0) Take me along.

"I am so sorry this posting is so hard to read. I have spent at least 4 hours trying to post this darn thing. I can't seem to get the items to a line. I am so Sorry I hope you enjoy it anyway."


CathyJean said...

Cute little "model" you have there!!