Sunday, May 29, 2011

Did you Know???

Did you know that you can save a copy of your blog template? I knew that :)  but I had not saved mine...since all the new changes on blogger. You can be rest assured I now have a copy of both the new APP blog and Pins and Needles in case I have issues with the site again.
Speaking of issues.. thank you everyone for all your sweet comments and emails regarding my blogs.
I really appreciate all your kind support!!
I was just heart sick thinking I lost the blogs!!!
Hugs from M and Pitty

How do you save a copy??? Go to your design tab and click on it... then you need to click on edit html... from there....  there is a box that asks if you want to save a copy before you edit... just click on that button and it will save a copy of your blog to your computer!! I will have to remember to try and back up more than every year or so now!!

If you have not already saved a copy of your blog run over and do it now!!!! Don't spend hours like I did yesterday fixing my blog...

Your photos and other items might shift around but most of your content is still there ;) All of the blog posts are there.. I am referring to the the side bars... when I say the photos will shift around.. Better to have items switched around than lost all together!!
Good Luck and Happy Saving..... 

Yes Blogger has had a lot of PROBLEMS lately!!!


NadineC said...

Thanks so much, APP! I know you had told me on FB how to save it this morning, but silly me I forgot as soon as I clicked off the site, LOL! I'm gonna go do this RIGHT NOW!

SUGAR MOON said...

Thanks for the tip. I am on my way to do that now.